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Equilibria Starfinder – 8

Following the events of Equilibria Starfinder – 7, the Androids and Beste, the human rogue, find themselves exploring the remote, icy planet of Sorth-9. Impressed and surprised by alien life and extreme weather conditions, they cannot stop thinking about the unlikely chances that Beste’s brother could still be alive. Looking for him, in exchange for Beste showing the Androids how to enter and smuggle into Qwasia Moon City.

Location Crafter for Sorth-9

Scene 23

ProposalAfter the Ice-Spike Hailstorm started, the PCs found shelter in an old container, with an Alien recording. They will want to study it while the storm passes, and take a break.
AlterationProceeds normally!
DesignTraits or edges help – Social/Charisma/Intimidation – Leads to valuable object
InterpretationAlright, so if the PCs successfully study the Audio recording, they may uncover a powerful item location. Since a trait or edge help, I am going to emphasize Fluorine’s stellar revelation to read beyond it.

Luckily, it is warm inside. The Androids recharge batteries, take a break and Beste recovers her breath, after the Hailstorm made them run for their lives. Strong crackling and breaking ice can be heard outside and against the roof of the heavily fortified abandoned container.

“Can anyone understand what they are saying…?”. Asks Xenon
“No”. Says Beste.
“Does it mention by chance the name of your brother? How is he called?”
“Thadeon” (🎲 is it called in the recording? Very Unlikely Yes)

They hear the audio three more times.

“I believe they do…” Says Beste, worried. “How old can this recording be?”
“That is impossible to say… Fluorine, any ideas?”
(🎲 Fluorine to check Charisma DC12 → 7 Fail) “I can feel remnants of… dark-matter… (🎲 Vague Estimation of how old 1d12: 10), it seems… quite old, 1000 thousand hours, at least. But not sure. By their tone, it could be like they might be looking for Thadeon”.
“By any chance Thadeon’s voice is heard?” (🎲 No way → No)
“No. He is at least not heard, maybe not with them”.
“That’s… a relief. He might be actually alive…”

8 Hours pass as they rest, as they will continue their journey.

Scene 24

Location🎲 Ruins, None, None
AlterationScene altered! → Someone – Delayed/Timed/Wait
DesignFlaws or weaknesses exposed – Perception/Intuition/Survival – Failure has consequences
InterpretationSince the PCs are taking shelter as the Hailstorm passes. This scene will be a risk of the PCs assessing the right time to go out. If they fail, they will be caught by another Hailstorm.
Fluorine anti-matter orb

“Can we go out now? I don’t like this place” Indicates Fluorine.
“It looks like the Hailstorm calmed down, hold on, I need to take a look. Better safe than sorry” Responds Xenon.

(🎲 Survival DC18 → 22 Success) Xenon takes a look outside, very carefully perceives the movement of the skies and carefully listens to the wind, takes some mathematical measures as well.

“We’ll have to wait some more… It is still not yet clear, winds are unpredictable. Too risky. But I could see outside… looks like we are in the middle of a ruin. This is the only container that seems to be standing in good shape, we were lucky”.
“Xenon, we can’t wait much longer. My brother could be somewhere out there!”
“There is no point in hurrying up, we’re not going to find him if we die in the attempt because of killer ice-spikes”.
“Ha, ha. Very funny. And I thought Androids couldn’t sarcasm”
“I wasn’t.”
“He wasn’t” – adds Fluorine, as she plays with an orb of dark matter.

Later on, Xenon’s forecast turns to be correct. The Hailstorm continues for (🎲 → 1d4: 3 hours). After waiting for the second wave of Hailstorm to pass, the team leaves the container and moves forward towards Beste brother’s supposed last coordinates.

PP → 4-2-4.

Scene 25

LocationCave, Special → Common Ground (PP-2), Xenoarcheological Find → Glass lens that, if held to the eye, shows shimmering auras around people.
AlterationProceeds normally!
DesignPlot progress – Endurance/Resistance/Toughness – Brings to unique location
InterpretationDang. I am back to Encounters PP 0. We may never find Beste’s brother. The unique location is redundant to Cave. That is good. But this is a common grounds area, basically the PCs are lost.

The path is not simple. Dodging open areas, hills and lakes, the Androids and Beste find themselves in a caves area, that does not seem to allow moving forward where they want to go. The cave entrances even seem to point in another direction, other than the one marked by their navigators. They are indeed lost.

“So either take those caves and hope that they lead to where we want to go?”
“I do think we are making progress, but the geography in this planet is not making any sense”
“And I am freezing to death” – finishes Beste, the only human in the group.

A shimmering aura appears around Beste, just after she speaks.

“What is that?” Asks Fluorine
“What? Are you looking at me?” Responds Beste, confused
“You are glowing…” Says Xenon
“What do you mean I am glowing?” Beste looks at her own hands, but doesn’t find anything strange.

(🎲 Perception DC14 → Xenon 10. Fluorine 25 Succeeds) “Xenon, it is not her… there is something in between us” – explains Fluorine

A strange figure, glass like, almost ethereal, seems to be floating between the Androids and Beste, as if a coincidence. They are standing there, in the middle of snowy plains in the foot of icy mountains.

(🎲 Intelligence DC12 → Xenon succeeds) “Point it towards the caves, I think this is empowering lights. Can you move it, Fluorine?”
“I think I can, indeed”

Fluorine seems to be able to utilize her graviton powers to manipulate it without touching it

Graviton Power

After a few minutes, as they walk towards the cave, Fluorine starts getting agitated
(🎲 Fortitude DC14 → 7 Fails. Does she give up? Yes. 1d8: [3] = 3 Stamina Damage)

“I can’t continue… it’s too strong. I need a break”
“Can’t we help you anyhow?”
“Fluorine… this is important. If this can hold the answer to my brother… you have to give that extra mile… Please, I beg you” – Asks Beste, very persuasively (🎲 Diplomacy DC 10 → 11 Success)
“Alright… I can try again” (🎲 Fluorine gets to try Fortitude DC16 with +1 Bonus → 25 Success!)

Fluorine gathers all the graviton power she can get, the strength and power of the stars, the dark-energy and the dark-matter of the universe, despite knowing that she has miles to traverse… she pulls all the gravitational power she can get to push this Ethereal Glass towards one of the cave entrances…

Fluorine seems to be able to walk almost like levitating, she is driven by the force of this mysterious ethereal glass, which leads her to one of the caves.

Going to give a Bonus +2 PP to the Locations Track because of this stellar revelation! PP looks like 6-2-6, with high chances of hitting Complete before we find Beste’s brother.

To be continued…


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