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Equilibria Starfinder – 6

Following the events of Equilibria Starfinder – 5, the Androids have met Beste, a rogue lone-wolf on space that offered them a way to smuggle into Qwasia. In exchange, she asked for help finding what happened to her brother in planet Sorth-9. Beste had been following the Androids for a while now.

The Androids travel with Beste for 🎲 1d6+2: 5 Days. Each day will be a small chance (Very Unlikely) of a random encounter. The first 24 hours will be peaceful, so they recover 2HP per level.

Day 2: 🎲 No
Day 3: 🎲 Yes → Space Encounters (d300) → 1d300: 94 → Frontier Station: Space station that controls the entire sector of space, operated by a merchant company.

Scene 17

ProposalThe PCs will take the chance for a break, recover and resupply in this space station
Alteration🎲 Proceeds normally!
Design🎲 Negative setting event – Endurance – Provides advantage
Interpretation🎲 I will call Sporadic commlink interceptions thread, but first need to ask if by chance it was Beste, who is now working with the Androids? → No.

(🎲 What is going on in this Frontier Station? → Trust Balance) A neutral establishment, fortunately for the Androids, who land and offboard their ship, do the standard bureaucracy and go looking for shopping area and resting area. (🎲 What is the overall look of the station? Enclosed, Lonely) The space station is overall quiet, and peaceful. There is regular security, workers and civilians, and even some other Androids. Culturally diverse.

The Androids go shopping and buy themselves a Grappler, a few Healing Serums, and Fluorine enhances herself with a Dragon Gland, allowing her to literally breathe fire. How cool is that. Afterwards, they rest for 24 hours, and they leave the station to continue their journey.

Day 4: 🎲 No
Day 5: 🎲 No

Scene 18

ProposalThe Androids arrive to the orbit of Sorth-9, an Icy small planet, and start investigating where to land exactly.
AlterationProceeds normally!
DesignFlaw or weakness exposed – Athletic – Requires assistance
InterpretationA feature of Sorth-9 is its thick atmosphere, that produces a shock to all entering spaceships into it. Since the team gets together in a lightweight shuttle, this small vehicle is particularly impacted.

(🎲 Does Beste remember the atmospheric feature? No. Does she have specific coordinates? Yes. How does the landing area look like? Open|Colorful)

The Androids launch probes and use their spaceship sensors to scan the planet (🎲 Computers sensors DC15 → 21 Success. 🎲 Perception sensors DC15 → 24 Success). And fortunately, they learn about the thick atmosphere. Xenon studies the atmosphere to learn the right spot to walk it through (🎲 Engineering DC15 → 27 Success) and prepares for landing (🎲 Piloting DC15 → 24 Success) which turns out to be a very smooth atmospheric entrance.

Scene 19

ProposalThe Androids fly intra-atmospheric into the landing zone and land in the coordinates spot, safely scouting the area.
AlterationProceeds normally!
DesignPlot opposition – Combat! – Provides advantage
InterpretationAs the Shuttle approaches the surface, anti-air forces of planetary faction will lock-on and open fire.

The alarm of the Androids’ Wanderer Shuttle starts ringing, as a lock-on from an enemy HE Ground Missile Launcher targets it. The Lock on was successful (🎲 Attack 17 vs TL15), so Xenon tries an Evade stunt right before (🎲 Stunt (Evade) DC16 → 27), as Fluorine tries to help him with directions (🎲 Diplomacy DC15 → 11 Fail). They succeed and manage to dodge the missile, which explodes in the air, calling the attention of likely others in the planet.

Xenon drives the shuttle towards the East, where he asks Fluorine to actively look for a safer location. (🎲 Is there any other attacker to the west? No) They find a clearing, although farther away from the proposed coordinates by Beste, who was getting ready in the crew room.

To be continued…


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