Tuesday Jun 06, 2023

Equilibria Starfinder – 7

Following the events of Equilibria Starfinder – 6 the Androids entered the Icy planet Sorth-9. We need to do some building and preparation for the exploration and search of Berta’s brother, plus Berta’s character sheet.

🎲 Faction 1 → Protector|Crude|Find → A nomadic faction that has a primal kind of living, yet adopting and finding and scavenging technologies from other inhabitants of the planet, they protect their land and customs. Are they aggressive? → No. Name → Khaliit. Race → Shirrens

🎲 Faction 2 → Combatant|Fastidious|Official → Originally from this planet, or at least settlers, are the ones fighting for the full official control of the planet. Name → Zaedar. Race → Lashuntas

🎲 Planet Descriptors → 1d100: 64 Used as a resource by another culture. 1d100: 27 Unusual shape.

Scene 20

Location🎲 Expected, None, Special → 1d100: 65 Return
Alteration🎲 Scene altered! → Enemy – Sick/Hazardous/Poison/Toxic
Design🎲 Positive world event – Endurance/Resistance/Toughness – Particularly difficult
InterpretationPCs might be able to identify some toxins in the air, likely impacting the inhabitants.

(🎲 Engineering DC15 → Xenon 20 Succeeds. Is the Toxin harmful to Androids? No with Random Event! NPC Positive Disrupt Fame. NPC is Krypton, an Android Friend in Qwasia.) Xenon makes a reading of sensors and learns that the air in the atmosphere is harmful for biological beings, also learns that this has to be a recent change in the atmosphere.

Fluorine remembers Krypton, a friend Android of them, saying that this planet had beautiful sights and peaceful feeling. Well, now we know Krypton is not to be fully trusted, unless this changed recently. Beste adjusts her suit to this new condition, although she may be impacted (🎲 Fortitude DC10 → 19 Success), but nothing at least for now that is noticeable by her.

🎲 Travel duration → 1d4: 2h. PP → 1-1-1

Scene 21

Location🎲 Expected, Special → 1d100: 79 Common Ground, Descriptor → Active|Light
Alteration🎲 Proceeds normally!
Design🎲 World building – Combat! – Particularly difficult
InterpretationThe PCs are misled to an open field, in which they find themselves in danger.

(🎲 what kind of alien life-form threatens the PCs? Looks → Jovially|Ugly. Creature → Weapon|Constructed|Fight. Is it a genetically created species? Yes)

A fierce battle. A herd of Akatas, fierce genetically designed hunting monsters, rushed into the PCs without much notice. One possible explanation for them, thought Xenon, was that the Zaedar designed them to taunt and hunt the natives on this planet.

Fluorine was foolish, she rushed with her greatsword and the Akatas flanked her starting biting her to pieces, as Beste gave fire support with her Sniper, Xenon tried his best sneak-attacking the demoniac Akatas to disable them slowly. Fluorine eventually rushed her solar powers and exploded her photonic powers.

They take a break to recover. 🎲 Travel duration → 1d4: 2h. PP → 2-0-2

Scene 22

Location🎲 Special (1d100: 19 → Add Element)-Alien World Encounter (Killer Hailstorm, raining of blocks of ice.) – Special (1d100: 30 → This is Bad! → 🎲 “Bits of Data 2” → “Audio recording of someone important”.
AlterationProceeds normally!
DesignPositive world event – Combat! – Yields useful information
InterpretationWell… this is bad. Falling blocks of ice, “objects” indicate some sort of terminal or location that contains information. Combat is against nature this time, and information could be on that audio.

(🎲 Reflex saves DC16! → Xenon (21), Fluorine (25), Beste (24)) A terrible ice spike storm stars falling from the sky as the Androids were traversing the eternal snow plains of Sorth-9, at first it just looked like a normal ice-storm… but things got heavy.

The Androids and Beste start running as fast as they can, dodging some of the falling deadly ice spikes, until they find an abandoned camp of research container like rooms. They look quickly for an open door (🎲 Perception DC14 → 18 Success) and enter one of them, finding a safe spot, for now.

(🎲 Anything inside? → Exceptional No) Fortunately empty, except for an old terminal. Still functioning. Xenon attempts to gain control of it (🎲 Computers DC16 → 20 Success). An audio recording. (🎲 is it from the Zaedar? No), apparently from the natives. Xenon figures the recordings were done unintentionally, as most of it is white noise. (🎲 Is the language recognizable? Very Unlikely No. How does it sound? → Meaningfully Dry) Whatever it is, it sounds important, as if giving instructions or indicating an operation. The Androids will have to dedicate some time interpreting the meaning of this foreign, alien language.

To be continued…


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