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Equilibria Starfinder – 5

Following the events of Equilibria Starfinder – 4, the Androids made it out of the broadcasting center, after successfully sabotaging. Knowing they are in dire danger, they hastily go back to their space shuttle, to head back to their cargo holder, and finally begin the smuggle operation into the Moon City.

Scene 13

ProposalThe Androids head back on their shuttle to their Cargo Holder and plan to smuggle
AlterationProceeds normally!
DesignPlot opposition – Endurance – or else – Social – Particularly difficult
InterpretationSomeone intercepted their Cargo Holder and set up a trap for the Androids

(🎲 Perception DC16: Both Succeed) The androids approach on their shuttle, and can tell that their Cargo Holder seems off. Not only the left sided window indicates a turned off light, but also the position of the spaceship seems rotated. Normally these ships can’t be stolen, since they have a tracer and a drive blocker, but that doesn’t mean someone can’t occupy them or try to raid them.

Xenon slowly approaches the shuttle sideways to one of the entrances of the Cargo Holder, and connects the transfer bridge to it’s boarding port. Fluorine takes the lead, wearing her android-adapted spacesuit, as she enables her Solar Armor, Xenon prepares his pistol and keeps some distance.

(🎲 Does a Trap trigger upon reaching the first door? No) Fluorine slowly opens the first door to the pressure chamber. (🎲 Is there a trap here? Yes. Fluorine tries to spot it, DC16. 22 Success). A shockwave trap is seen by Fluorine. Not only someone was here, but also knew they were Androids. (🎲 Is someone observing or waiting? Yes. Do they act now? Exceptional Yes)

“One step forward, and you are dead” (🎲 Which NPC is this? → Hobgoblin Troopers). Xenon comes nearby and opens the commlink to their frequency. “We already knew you were here. Don’t try to outsmart us. We’ll give you only and exactly one chance, to get the hell out here, or we’ll rip you apart with auto-detonators.” (🎲 Intimidation DC11 → Fail). “Oh yeah? What about we make a deal?”. “The only deal we are willing to accept, stars be witnesses, is that we let you go, you leave your belongings behind, and keep your clothes. What say you?”. Fluorine starts to reveal her stellar manifestation and her eyes start to glow (🎲 Diplomacy DC12 → 23 Success). “Alright, damn you androids. We’re coming out”. “And you better disable this trap of yours.”

Scene 14

ProposalThe Androids follow the instructions of their smuggler contact and go for the location where the Special Container could be found at the given coordinates.
Alteration🎲 → Scene altered! 🎲 Something – Sabotaged/Captured/Taken
DesignPlot opposition – Combat! – or else – Craft – Provides advantage
InterpretationIt appears someone is one step ahead of the Androids, and the Special Container needed for smuggling has been taken.

(🎲 Is it protected? → No. 🎲 Was it sabotaged? → Yes. 🎲 Does the container found fit the description given by Yitir? → No)

The androids realize something is wrong about this container holder, as indicated in the coordinates, this holder is not carrying the containers described by Yitir. “Did he lie to us?” Ask the Androids themselves. As they open a communication bridge to reach out to Yitir (🎲 Does he respond to the commlink? No). “Of course. What do we do?”. The Androids turn off their Spaceship and remain drifting for a while. The Androids wait for about an hour or so, and try again. This time, Yitir answers the call: “What’s going on? I thought you would be long gone by now.”. “Well, the containers are not where you told us they would be Yitir, what the hell do we do now?” The Androids reply, obviously not happy.

(🎲 AI Assisted) → Yitir has a look of panic in his face and tells the Androids: “Xenon, Fluorine, please understand one thing. I am not at all interested in harming or tricking you. I did my best with the limited options that I had”.

“Alright. We believe you, but we really need a plan B. Have you got any ideas who could have taken our container? Or do you have any other container like the one you promised, elsewhere?”

(🎲 AI Assisted) → “I’m sorry. I do not. I only have one container like that, and it is with me. I can not help you further.” Yitir answers.

(🎲 Scene Designer said there would be combat or craft. Is anyone attacking now? Likely → Yes)

Scene 15

As the Androids were communicating with Yitir, two interceptors approach in attack stance and surprise them. Fluorine takes the Pilot controls as Xenon enables the defending guns. They have to plan for an escape!

Fluorine manages to turn the spaceship and target an escape route, as Xenon opens fire with the heavy laser cannon, which are bigger and more powerful than the attacker’s Gyrolaser. As Fluorine tries to scan the sensors, she learns that these are guards of the Freighter, so definitely this smuggling plan has to find another way.

They manage to escape.

Scene 16

ProposalThe Androids reach out to Yitir to setup a plan B.
Alteration🎲 Scene interrupted! NPC Positive (Beste, a human Rogue that is looking for her family) Neglect Plans
DesignTrait or edge helps – Social – Provides advantage
InterpretationA rogue, called Beste, shows up with an attacker spaceship and threatens the escaping Androids, although an opportunity may arise.

“Yitir, Do you know someone who can help us smuggle the Super Computer into the city? A trader or someone at the military.”. “Yes, I know someone, he is a trader, lives in the city itself, he might help you”.

At that time, a Kevolari Venture medium exploration spaceship shows up on the Androids route. “My, my… what have we here. Someone got the best of you, eh?”, says with a challenging, playful voice.

“Who is that?” Asks Fluorine. “We are not looking for trouble, leave us alone”. Finishes afterwards.

“You are not from around… (🎲 What does she want right now? Overindulge Advice). I can help you out. I know you were looking for the Lazio-14, a special type of container cargo. Unique, very rare, very… illegal… My name is Beste”.

“How do you know all that? Do you know what happened to it?”

(🎲 Does she? Yes. What happened to it? Desert Portals). “Oh yeah, but why would I share that with you? Intel is expensive… oh! You want to get something into Qwasia”

The androids remain silent.

“Well… if you are willing to do a favor for me, I can get you into Qwasia. If you help me find my brother, or what happened to him, I’ll tell you how to get into Qwasia unnoticed. I’ve done it myself a few times already. I am just not very welcome there, so I don’t do it as often as earlier, but it still works.

“Where is your brother?”

(🎲 → Farmer|Careless|Fear. Is it an Alien? → Yes. Where? → Dimly|Magnificent. Worlds Story Descriptors → Celebrate Emotions, Icy and Cold.) “He is on a small planet in this system, called Sorth-9. Damn cold it is. But there are some ancient alien ruins which my foolish brother insisted checking out. (🎲 What happened there? Delay War) We found various native factions waging war on each other, and they thought we were spies or something. Captured my brother during our escape, looked for him for weeks afterwards, until I gave up.”

“How do we trust you? How do we know your method works?”

“Well, for starters, I’ll go with you to find my brother. And second, I have access to the encrypted communication signal of Qwasia, I was once an Enforcer. And I will also go with Qwasia with you… So you’ll see me for a while.”


To be continued…


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