Friday Jun 21, 2024

Equilibria Starfinder – 0

The Premise

Starfinder. The premise (Random plot hook: Smuggle something to a core planet), is about the PCs smuggling a super computer into a planet with a dictatorial and very restrictive planetary government, that will allow conducting a propaganda system (Abuse|Art), that not only will weaken the current powers, but also increase the perceived status and power of the Refugists of the AAF (Androids that colonize asteroids, becoming a faction, sending agents everywhere, fight slavery).

The Characters

I will be playing two randomly generated PCs. After getting Android as a race, I decided to make them both so, belonging to the Android Abolitionist Front (AAF)
→ Random Race: Androids (Constructs with soul and consciousness)
→ Random Theme: Priests (Dedicated and knowledgeable adherent to a philosophy)
→ Random Classes: Operative (Stealth) and Solarian (Solar Power)


An operative of the AAF. He’s on a mission to Fargate-Moon-32 to smuggle a super computer that will allow a local faction to deploy a gigantic propaganda campaign, since the planetary government as well as the regional government seem to have been getting used to hide Android Slavery practices to keep the economy and industry going.

Xenon is an infiltration expert, an agent of many skills, mostly oriented towards stealth, intimidation and acrobatics.



An operative of the AAF as well, but she is there to ensure the smuggling mission arrives not only in the right hands, but with the right message. The goddess Triune must be well represented, and a careful touch is required.

Flourine is a special agent of the AAF, one of their newest, most promising joiners. She has been touched by the power of the stars, a trait very rare among androids, indicating her power and synchronization with the universe with a unique android-organic configuration.


The Location

Planet Liavara

What about it? → Gaseous Planet (38). We’ll play in one of its moons.
What is going on? → Experiencing a crisis or catastrophe at the moment (48)

Moon Fargate-32 will be experiencing Atmospheric EMP discharges of different magnitudes, as well as powerful storms, and toxic gas winds that began not long ago.

City of Qwesia – Moon Fargate-32

Which city do we care about? → Highly congested metropolis (9)
What else? → Unusual color palette of the buildings and place (71)
How is it doing? → Growing and thriving. I guess, despite system crisis.
What is going on? → Heal Disruption (I interpret recovering from atmospheric issues and protests)

The Setup

Mythic Game Master Emulator, Magazine 18 for tables, Magazine 6 for Mystery threads. Foundry. Excalidraw. Starfinder.


Smuggle the Super Computer is the proposed game main plot. The other two represent side quests. I think it is nice to have a few.

Investigate sporadic commlink interceptions will be a Mystery Matrix thread.


Randomized some potentially known NPCs. Also added some possible enemies, will figure out later what they mean and who they are.


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