Thursday May 16, 2024

Plot Unfolding Machine v7 and Scene Unfolding Machine v5 release!

Dear solo RPG community, I am happy to announce my solo RPG homebrews have made it far from 2021 to 2023, with new, revamped and reviewed releases.

This new version of PUM gives focus to plot structure and plot progression, using the plot nodes introduced in v6 to unleash the transition of a game to its conclusion.

Additionally, the oracles have been revamped, in favor of more concrete outcomes, to make PUM a bit more self-contained in case of not having other supplements around at hand.

Further guidance and instructions to play PUM has been introduced, along with alternative play sheets that give you different forms of a plot to unfold. Below is the detailed list of changes:

The outdated SUM was beloved to the community, and for this reason, even the updated version with a totally new layout, reviewed gameplay and prompts, is available for FREE 🙂

This awesome oracle helps with roleplaying NPCs and simulating random events that occur around your characters. And on top of that, give you essential oracles to expand your scenes and take them to the next level.

Check out your NPCs opinions and reactions using SUM, and figure out what happens while your PCs are taking a break in a location where they shouldn’t be! While staying to the abstract prompting principle, you’ll come up with ideas you’d have never thought of. Enjoy the scene unfolding machine!

For the fellow Spanish speakers, I had to make it justice and publish these two new editions of PUM and SUM totally hand-translated into Spanish!

That’s all for now, stay tuned, and if interested in a lengthy and somewhat boring to watch game session, take a look at my YouTube channel, or my written actual plays around here.



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