Thursday Jun 20, 2024

Jeansen’s Guide to SOLO RPG

Suggestions welcome. Find me in Mythic Discord Server or reach out to me at Reddit for ideas!

Most of this guide applies to either playing solo or with friends without a GM.

STATUS: Still in Progress! Bookmark this page and come back soon 🙂

Table of Contents

  • SOLO RPG Basics Start here!
    • → What is Solo RPG?
    • → Why play?
    • → What can I play?
    • → How can I play?
    • → Popular Solo RPGs and Players
    • → Can I play Solo but with Friends?
    • → How do I know if I am playing it right?
  • SOLO RPG Advice Got stuck?
    • → How do I prepare a Solo adventure?
    • → How can I play this or that RPG in Solo?
    • → Playing premade adventures in Solo
    • → Got the setup but I don’t know how to start
    • → Got started but then I got stuck
    • → Come up with adventure ideas
  • COOP RPG GMLessNo dungeon masters
    • → Does it really work?
    • → What does it require?
    • → How to get going?
    • → Differences with Solo or Group games
  • SOLO RPG Setup Tools, tables, apps
    • → Space matters
    • → Playing pen and paper
    • → Playing on PC
    • → Playing on Mobile
    • → Other cool software
  • SOLO RPG Formatting Organize, Present→ Taking good notes
    • → Playing in prose or narrative writing?
    • → Playing in theater of the mind
    • → Recording your games
    • → How to play for Podcasts or YouTube audience?
  • SOLO Advanced Next level Solo!
    • → Player vs GM Mindset
    • → The Mythic Magazines
    • → The Crafter Series
    • → Oracles and Random Tables
    • → Campaign types and playstyle
    • → Mixing systems and homebrews

Thank you!

I am open and welcome ideas. I usually support the idea of giving credits and authorship. But this page is not about promotion or propaganda. It is for all of you, the community! For me, this is a hobby.

You can still support me with a donation if you like my content in general and also help with costs.

You can find me on the Mythic Game Master Emulator Discord or Reddit

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