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Does it really work?

Yes! And it is a lot of fun. Apply the same rules of a SOLO RPG. They work perfectly fine. Just be open-minded and play with people you feel comfortable with.

Here is an example of my own: Running Mythic with Two Players and no GM – Jeansen Vaars’ Fiction House (

What does it require?

  • Like-minded individuals: Playing coop without a GM requires more synergy. There is no final say or word
  • Smaller Groups: Two or Three players work best. But I have seen groups of five playing without GM!
  • SOLO RPG Rules: The ground rules are the same
  • Personality: Good, Positive and Collaborative energy. Being forgiving and accepting of different ideas.
  • Common Sense: I don’t have to explain this one, right? 🙂

How to get going?

Pick up any Solo system or Solo RPG. Mythic Game Master Emulator. Game Master’s Apprentice. Ironsworn. Scarlet Heroes.

  • Take turns when interpreting abstract tables or proposing ideas. If you discuss and look to agree at every single step, you will take forever and not make progress
  • Accept and cheer other players ideas, even if they are not what you would like to happen
  • Collaborative world building is great
  • Ask questions together to the oracles
  • Play around the idea of setting a time limit for deciding what happens, to not overthink it
  • Experiment different things, try rotating GM “hats”
  • Rule of Cool! (Unless your game is gritty, harsh old school)

Differences with Solo or GM’d games

  • There is no final say or judgment. Equal voice
  • Deciding how an NPC behaves or what they do is quite some challenge
  • Coming up with what happens next is up to the players
  • Zero prep is needed! Get together and play. No one takes the responsibility, but everyone makes it fun.
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