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Here you will find a bunch of ideas that come across my mind in the world of Tabletop RPGs, Storytelling, Players and Game Mastering advice, Prompts and Inspiration, as well as tools and software for enhancing your experience and productivity.

  • Actual Plays
  • Group Game Journals
  • Systems Playtest
  • Ideas for Solo RPG
  • GM Tips
  • Homebrew of Rules
  • Related books and articles
  • Writing prompts and inspiration
  • RPG tools and Software

Welcome to Jeansen Vaar’s Fiction House!

Who is it targeted to?

  • RPG Game Masters
  • RPG Solo Players
  • Writers and Story Tellers
  • TTRPG Enthusiasts

Who am I?

I go under the nickname of JeansenVaars. Not an introvert, but much more happens inside my head than what happens outside! I love role playing games, mostly because of the challenge they imply in our head. A framework, collaborative story telling, and a lot of worlds to explore.

The way Role Playing Games challenge us, either as Game Masters or as Players, is what attracts me the most. And lately, since I discovered the concept of Oracles and GM Emulators, I could shift it towards the story-telling side of things, where I could help myself with rules and frameworks, to tell a fictional story by my own, or with friends but without a Game Master at all! This is what I call Solo or GM-Less.

During the day, I am a Data Engineer and a Software Developer. When not working, I read, do some sports, checkout Discord (there’s truly awesome people out there), and play some PC Games.

What are my tools?

I developed many Foundry VTT modules, originally for my own games, but openly shared them for free, since I love the concept of Open Source Software, and just enjoy having people out there, liking and using what I create. Some of my modules, like Minimal UI and Window Controls, exceeded 20,000 downloads on certain releases, that is quite a lot more than expected! For another VTT called Astral Tabletop, I also implemented Savage Worlds and Dark Heresy character sheets, both shared with the community.

For the Solo RPG World, I have developed Mythic GME Tools, a module for Foundry VTT that automates all oracles of the Mythic series, by Word Mill Games. Wonderful!

I’ve got a Page in Ko-Fi, for those appreciative souls that like what I did (mostly because of the Foundry VTT modules). I don’t make much money with these, but I do have costs that I pay with my daytime job, so do consider a donation if you’d like pushing forward what I do for fun and joy!

‘You’re cool! (Or not)’ – How can you reach out to me?

I wander on Discord a lot. Ping me: JeansenVaars#2857

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