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Delicate Business – 1

Starting a Genesys RPG game on Shadows of the Beanstalk within a homebrew region sub-setting. No prep here, going on the fly with Plot Unfolding Machine Simple Sheet (no prep, no plot nodes). Let see what comes out of it.

I pulled some ideas and inspiration using Game Unfolding Machine, to gather some context. The game takes place during a smuggle operation in the frontier of future Switzerland and Lichteinstein, and the idea is to keep this game violence-less if possible (i.e. no shooting or combats, unless really necessary).

The game will begin with three protagonists, and will be written in prose to the best of my ability, without any AI help, so bear with me. Character sheets are available in the side panel of each episode. Enjoy!
Edit: This has been edited using Grammar Correction tools, in some sections, AI was used to help me with English.

Unload Area #61 – Brandbaum Forest (somewhere in Switzerland) – Midday

A shadow flickered briefly. Leqqya craned her cumbersome head upwards.

“It’s time,” she murmured to herself, scanning the area.

Around 50 individuals bustled about, tending to various duties within the camp. Known formally as ‘Unload Area #61’, this smuggling camp had only been operational for a few days, yet there was no shortage of tasks to complete.

The mercenaries of ‘Shithole 37’ were assigned to install sonars and radars to monitor the perimeter. It seemed some of their equipment had vanished during setup.

“Shithole 37, what a laughable name, ha, idiots,” she muttered, observing the Foothold 37th Company of Lockdown Mercenaries. The group, composed mainly of engineers and infantry, engaged in heated discussions about operating the equipment sans the missing components.

Setting down the hefty cargo box she was hoisting, Leqqya gave it another glance. Packed with raw materials, wires, electronic parts, and camping gear—plus assorted items of no immediate use—she called out, “Hey, Ralf, the first delivery’s arrived, check the sky. I’ll inform the boss; meanwhile, this box might contain what you’re missing.”

Two sizable metal containers descended from above, secured to parachutes, swaying in their descent. Their shadow was likely cast by one of the silent ghost aircraft favored by the smugglers.

With swift strides, Leqqya made her way to the main intelligence tent, catching the attention of the two sentinels stationed there.

“It’s business time, is the boss around?” They nodded, and as one of them stepped aside, she made her way into the tent.

Lisa Wissenhatch, the boss, oversees the operation at Area #61. Our team consists of approximately 100 people, half of whom belong to two Mercenary Companies. This is a standard precaution; in the event one company considers betrayal, it’s improbable that both would, as one can typically be swayed with a promotion to thwart the other.

Leqqya is a member of the Gorilla Cyborgs Mercenary Company, the second mercenary group involved in this operation. A tall, blonde woman in her late twenties, she possesses a robust physique enhanced by sub-dermal armor implants. Her attire blends civilian and military styles, and she is tasked with Computer SysOps engineering for the mission, while the 37th specializes in Compound Engineering.

The remaining personnel comprise a diverse group, including government agents, impersonated media reporters, scientists, and a few representatives of investors.

Oracle Roll
Modified ProposalMake the location more favorable
Plot TrackX

The temperature inside the tent was ideal. At its center stood a large table, laden with maps, notes, two portable computers, and an antenna attached to one of them. The aroma of incense was remarkably enticing.

“Chief Wissenhatch, the initial cargo has landed. It appears to be descending northwest of our position, as anticipated,” Leqqya reported, yet she found herself distracted by the potent and alluring scent of incense.

Oracle Roll
SUM ImpressionWear clothes that define a clear culture or religion
SUM PersonalityUnpredictable, independent, don’t like rules much

Lisa Wissenhatch, what a woman, Liqqya mused. She was resilient, in peak condition, and almost invariably clad in the Crimson Adlers’ Red Robes. To the public, they’re the Red Falcons, but the network insiders know their true moniker. The Adlers have ties to governments, political factions, and major corporations. They—now ‘we’—are involved in smuggling drugs, weapons, chemical substances, medical equipment, and most critically, intelligence and counterintelligence apparatus. There might be more the Adlers traffic in, but only a select few are privy to that information, likely excluding even Lisa.

The Crimson Adlers’ encampments are nomadic, their locations a mystery, but based on Unload Area #61, they seem to be set up near war zones, conflict areas, red zones, or sites of radiological disasters, like forsaken labs. With the world as tumultuous as it is, smuggling opportunities abound. Liqqya ponders whether the 61st is truly their ordinal encampment. She doubts it.

“Shall we proceed with the scan, extraction, and transport to the camp, Miss?”

Oracle Roll
PUM QuestionNo, I think not

“No, I don’t think that’s a good idea,” I said.
“I’ll send someone else.”
“…” Leqqya stood in silence, her confusion evident as she had typically expected this task to be hers.
“Help yourself to a drink, Leqqya, right there behind you. I’ve just opened that liquor; it’s a perfect match for the air’s fragrance, Sakura with Ylang-Ylang.”

Leqqya hesitated, but eventually, she turned her clunky, thermal-armored skin to take a sip, though she remained wary of the situation.

“Should I inform someone else to retrieve the cargo, Miss?”
“No need to worry. I have a different task for you, Leqqya.”
“Yes, Miss.”

Lisa Wissenhatch paced around the table, leaned back against it, and swiveled the portable computer around.

“I can’t seem to crack this ICE, and I’ve got one attempt left. Could you do me the favor?”

The screen was a blur of text scrolling at a speed that made it impossible to read, with errors flashing continuously as the ICE was repeatedly challenged, and a command prompt awaiting input.

Leqqya eyed Lisa suspiciously, a mix of discomfort and concern evident on her face. Yet, after a few deep breaths, a sense of calm began to wash over her, her heartbeat slowed, and her breathing deepened.

“Is there something in this incense, Miss?”
“Indeed, my dear. It’s essential to relax your muscles, bones, and any metal parts. It has a purpose; you’ll find your focus is much sharper now,” Lisa replied confidently.

Leqqya moved towards the computer. The final layer of ICE needed breaking, not to hack into something, but to counter-hack an intruder. The attacker had not only infiltrated but also fortified their position with ICE, creating a subnetwork within our own. They must have had ample time before detection.

“How did you realize we were under attack?” Leqqya inquired.
“Your watch shows 2:12 PM, correct?”
“Yes, that’s right.”
“Now, look at my mechanical watch. It’s 3:12 PM.”
“Really? Are you certain?”
“Absolutely. Our cargo was intercepted, and a replacement dispatched an hour later. It’s a complete scam. Now, we need to purge them from our system and track down the culprit.”

RPG Roll
Opposed Sysops vs Hacking2 success, but 3 threats
Oracle roll
Where is the attacker hacking from?Is holy, sacred, or somehow cursed
What is he trying to do?Oppose you or your cause
But how, or why?To fulfill a demand or an order

“I’ve located him, or at least his coordinates. What is this place? It looks like some kind of ruin or wreckage…”
“Yes, that’s the source of our raw materials. It seems they reached it before our scouts did.”
“The scouts haven’t returned, I take it?”
“No, they haven’t. However, they’re showing as online, likely a ruse. Their GPS is still active in that area. They’re attempting to deceive us.”
“What’s my course of action? Should I disconnect him? Secure the location?”

Lisa pauses, inhales deeply from the incense, and gazes at Leqqya.

“How would YOU react? If someone attempted to deceive you, would you retaliate directly, or would you play along and outsmart them?”
“I’d choose the latter, unless we’re too slow and they double-cross us…”
“Right, so prepare your equipment. I’ll secure their coordinates. And for heaven’s sake, use mechanical watches and compasses—don’t rely on your tech. Keep this between us, Aeron, and Oliver. Coordinate with them.”
“Do you want us to neutralize this threat?”
“Absolutely not, dear Leqqya. I want them captured, brought before me, then we’ll bleed their accounts dry. Now off you go. We’ll discuss your bonus later. And take the dried incense; it’ll aid you as it just did.”

Aeron is on one of the tent server racks, playing some sort of magic tricks with three girls around him, and another good-looking lad laughing at his jokes. They are supposed to be working and following Medcorps instructions, but here they are, doing nothing useful.

“Out, everybody out!” Leqqya exclaimed loudly. “No, not you, Aeron; you stay.”
“What’s wrong with you?” Aeron grumbled. “Excuse us, madam; we’ll catch up with you later.”

They were supposed to be scientists and engineers, but here were they, acting like school girls and a bunch of fools.

Aeron Valyyin, Generation Y-20, is a 25-year-old with brown hair and blue eyes. A successful outcome of a laboratory experiment, he has been genetically enhanced to become the ideal salesman. Employed by Medcops, his role in this operation is to guarantee that all parties receive what they are here for, to monitor all communication channels, maintain stakeholder engagement, and, if necessary, to buy time. Serving as an on-field agent, it’s likely he despises this particular assignment.

“Don’t abuse your authority, Leqqya, or I’ll have you fired.”
“Your threats are meaningless to me. Now listen, we have to go. Counter-Measure Ops, Lisa sent me.”
“What’s happening?”
“The cargo was sabotaged, yet it’s unknown to all. We were deceived, but we’ll deceive them in return.”
“How so?”
“We have coordinates. We need to bring Oliiver in, detain them, and bring them here.”
“No way, that’s insane. If the cargo was sabotaged, we’re up against serious players here. They won’t let civilians just waltz in for a chat.”
“That’s your role, to call your managers and find out who’s buying from them.”
“And you think they’ll actually know?”
“Everyone knows who’s messing with their business. Once they do, we’ll track the buyer and lure them to us.”
“It’ll take time; I need to make some comm-calls.”
“Understood. I’ll see Oliiver, tell him to prepare the decoy cargo. We’ll have to play along for now. Do your part, and I’ll return in 30 minutes.”


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