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Equilibria Starfinder – 3

Following the events of Equilibria Starfinder – 2, Xenon and Fluorine managed to find Yitir, who was in dire trouble. They managed barely to remove him from the location and take him to a private room to finally be able to continue their mission of smuggling the Super Computer.

Smuggle the Super Computer into Qwesia CityKrypton – Android (Friend, Cold, Malice Recovery)
Find Yitir and ask him for help to smuggleBeste – Human, Rogue (Search Family), Joy Success
Intercept or hinder space station communication broadcasterYitir – Kasathas, Military Crafter, (Smuggling contact)
Investigate the sporadic commlink interceptionsDerek – Human, Mistakes, Hero, Practical (Mercenary)
Hobgoblin Troopers
Space Station Enforcers
Security Robot
Lion – Kasathas (Hero, tolerant, pursuing smugglers)

Scene 6

ProposalFinally, Xenon and Fluorine can take a break on Helion-Z’s private room in the Space Station. They will help Yitir recover and ask him about how to do the smuggle operation.

Outcome: Yitir revealed he was being beaten up because apparently he was seen with them (Androids), and now his life is kind of in danger. He still revealed he has something to give (🎲 Behavior Designer: Something to Give) how the androids can smuggle their Super Computer, through (🎲 Magic Item: Bestow|Container) a special Container in which they have to store it.

The Androids also ask about the broadcasting system in this space station, as they want to sabotage it, he tells them about a back door which can help them, but he asked payment for this information.

Updated thread list, reduced Chaos.

Scene 7

ProposalAfter a full rest at the lodge, the party goes to the broadcasting center and searches for ways to get inside
AlterationInterrupted! (🎲 Ambiguous|Desert|Intellectual)
InterpretationDunno what to do with this. I guess they watch some news transmission where they show more dictatorial oppression in the City of Qwesia

A new transmission is shared on all hallways of the Space Station, showing how “rebels” and “protestors” are being repressed for misbehavior. With clear propaganda intentions, it is shown in screens how vandals are getting arrested or worse, from all different races, androids, humans and Vesk alike.

Outcome: Xenon and Fluorina stop for a few moments to listen and watch the horrible events of Qwesia, but they need to stay firm to the cause and mission. Sabotaging the broadcast center, without it looking like an intended attack is going to be hard, but even if it does look like an attack, with this mindset the current planetary governor has… it is still likely they are going to hide it.

Scene 8

ProposalThe Androids arrive to one of the rear entrances to the Broadcasting Sector, they will analyze the situation and prepare for an entry.
AlterationAltered! (🎲 Complication: Environment – Missing/Gone/Lost/Forgotten)
Design🎲 Negative setting event – Perception – Long or staged
InterpretationThis is going to get nasty before even starting. Yitir instructions of a (🎲 Foolishly Damaged) a damaged door entrance, that was fixed, does not exist anymore. The negative setting event from the designer is likely another Electromagnetic Planetary Wave strike on the space station, some systems might off during this scene…

The Androids think for a moment, worried about Yitir’s instructions not being valid anymore, even though he was convinced this backdoor was there. Well, it isn’t. Repaired and all new, the only possible alternative is to look around, find a way or an alternate entrance (🎲 Enthusiastically|Exotic) along the exotic state-of-the-art space station hallways, filled with air ducts and ventilation systems, electricity systems, security cameras and some droids that move from here to there.

(🎲 Perception: 15 vs DC14 – Irritatingly|Abnormal) they see, after some analysis of the sector, a droid that consistently every 136 seconds comes out from a small sized automatic door, does something, emits a few weird annoying noises, runs some scans and then goes back inside.

Then, the impact happens. An electromagnetic wave hitting the station… again. But this can be an opportunity. But Androids are Androids (🎲 Fortitude save DC14: Both Succeed). Xenon and Fluorine take a shock, the lights go off and on for a moment, blinking, and some warning alerts can be listened.

Outcome: The shockwave is an opportunity. (🎲 Does the Shock affect the droid? → Yes. 🎲 Does it happen while the droid is outside? → Yes.) The Androids run, taking the chance, and they make it inside the small tunnel the droid was coming and going from…

To be continued…


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