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Equilibria Starfinder – 1

Find the setup of this game here: Equilibria Starfinder – 0

Xenon and Fluorine, two androids who are looking to smuggle a Super Computer into Fargate-32, into a moon city of the gaseous planet Liavara, in order to support the cause of the Android Abolitionist Front (AAF). The androids in Fargate-32 are being enslaved to support the political and economic growth of the planet.

Some say, the planetary governors are blaming the Androids for various atmospheric and natural disasters that have been occurring, while others rumor that the true intention is to strike several strategic points of Android Foundries around the system.

Xenon and Fluorine will take a shuttle from their stealth cruiser starship, to board Minea-S19, one of the space stations in Fargate-32’s moon orbit, where supposedly one of the main contacts to support the smuggling operation resides. Meanwhile, their Cruiser Spaceship will remain in stealth mode on a safe distant.

Scene 1

Proposal: The Shuttle will board under a merchant flag, with intentions of simple private business.
Alteration: Proceeds Normally
What is going on there? (Activity|Fears): A quarantine has been set which tightens the controls, because of the exterior gas storm that is causing trouble in certain life support systems.
Scene Designer: Plot progress – Endurance – Provides advantage
Interpretation: The space station is afraid of natural strikes, just like the one that just impacted the PCs shuttle. For this reason, they are applying stricter boarding procedures.

A strong magnetic-wave hits the shuttle, just before boarding into the space station. 🎲 One of the Bulkhead doors opens itself, and it seems it won’t close again until repaired (Scifi Mechanical Problems random table). The magnetic-wave could have affected Xenon and Fluorine, but their healthy systems barely noticed it (🎲 Fortitude. Success.).

Upon boarding, Xenon tries to keep the shuttle under control but hits some control canisters and the landing assistant, a human, comes screaming in anger demanding for payment. Fluorine manages to calm down the man, and offers giving him an outstanding positive feedback at the human resources department (🎲 Diplomacy: success).

Outcome: After an initial struggle and stress, the two androids proceed to Space Station boarding migrations line.

Scene 2

Proposal: The androids had a plan, the contact would be preparing migrations for them, otherwise it wouldn’t be so easy to enter an anti-android world.
Alteration: 🎲 Altered! – How? (Twists and Complications – Ally – Erratic/Unreliable/Failing/Insufficient)
Scene Designer: 🎲 World building – Intelligence – Scene relevant
Interpretation: He is not there yet! He’s probably late or something happened to him. Since we need to do World Building here, I take the chance to describe and imagine the migrations process. Mythic said the process is (Fortunately|Familiar) giving the chance for the androids to be able to outsmart the process and pick up the longest line, cause delays, and if lucky, the contact should come up, eventually.

🎲 Is it heavily bureaucratic? No. Is there heavy security? No. is it crowded? No. (It’s Mythic ‘No’ day)

Fluorine (🎲 Intelligence Roll: 26 vs DC16): Given there were not so many people coming to this space station, the androids would be pretty remarkable. So Fluorine thought best to make up for some time acting busy unloading the ship, at least until they spot the contact, who should have been here already.

Eventually, the ship guard started pushing them to hurry up and leave the boarding area, and move to migrations. Fluorine acted as if she had lost track of some important merchandise, so requested for additional time.

🎲 Does the contact show up then? (Unlikely): Yes

Outcome: The contact eventually showed up, Yitir, a Kasathas, four-armed humanoid race, with long foreheads and formal posture. Dressed in Space Station employee rogues, he approached the androids to welcome them, indicating he was late. He leads the way and takes them to certain alternate routes, which were even emptier than the ones in the main lobbies.

Scene 3

Proposal: Yitir helps the Androids with migrations process and tells them to meet him 2 hours later in a space station bar, where they can talk privately. Xenon and Fluorine go there at the arranged time.
Alteration: 🎲 Scene interrupted! Assist Animals
Scene Designer: 🎲 Flaw or weakness exposed – Combat! – Provides advantage
Interpretation: Obviously someone is attacking the Androids because… they are Androids, and they think they come to assist the Android slaves (which, in fact, is what they are doing).

A group of armed Hobgoblins approach the PCs on a hallway, on their way to the Helion-Z Bar. They noticed that the PCs are androids, and they happened to be… anti-android folk. Fortunately, Yitir helped the PCs smuggle their small weapons, so they could defend themselves.

Outcome: As the Hobgoblins opened fire, Xenon took cover and started firing back with his Laser Pistol (Azimuth). After certain tension built up, Fluorine charged herself with Solar Manifestation, and triggered a Supernova discharge as she was being flanked, Xenon got seriously injured. Eventually, the Androids stood up to the challenge and the Hobgoblins ran away, with one of them getting killed. The androids hid them, and looted him. Taking a Laser Rifle Azimuth, a Grenade, some ammo and an access card…

To be continued…


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