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Equilibria Starfinder – 2

Following the events of Equilibria Starfinder – 1, the Androids Xenon and Fluorine found themselves attacked on sight by a group of hobgoblin troopers

Scene 4

We are raising Chaos to 5. One pending question on Scene 3, was whether there were any clues pointing out to the possibility that the Android’s contact, Yitir, could be betraying them. (No way: No).

ProposalXenon and Fluorine arrive to Helion-Z, where they are supposed to meet Yitir, finally.
AlterationInterrupted: Move away from Thread: Smuggle Super Computer (Refuse|Dreams)
DesignPlot progress – Craft – Scene relevant
InterpretationThey will learn information indicating that smuggling into the city is now harder than expected. PCs may learn that one of the broadcasting nodes emit from this station.

The androids approach the entrance to Helion-Z, but on their way they see on some Big Screens of the hallways, new about tightening measures taken in controlling entrance and exit of goods, as well as tightening the controls of Android manifestations, as one Android protest was squashed out by the enforcement forces.

How do they learn that the broadcasting node for local communication happens from this station? → (Adversity|Home) – Because in Xenon and Fluorine’s home systems, it is a known fact that space stations in orbit around moons are the ones broadcasting (will need a knowledge test)

Outcome: Fluorine brings the fact topic (Culture 23 vs DC 18) that these kinds of Space Stations usually have a powerful broadcasting center, bringing the idea that broadcasting of general news can be hindered if they found it. Xenon failed an Engineering test (8 vs DC 14) to try to identify the sources. Maybe they can ask Yitir? Things are looking bad at Fargate-32 for the Androids…

New Thread Added: Intercept or hinder space station communication broadcasting.

Scene 5

ProposalXenon and Fluorine enter Helion-Z and start looking for Yitir inside
AlterationAltered. How? (Twists and Complications) Ally – Arrived/Recent/New
DesignWorld building – Combat! – Requires assistance
InterpretationAn Ally (roll NPC table → Yitir) arrives… But, he’s being attacked!

The Androids fail a perception roll, so it is only too late when they see Yitir being punched and kicked and thrown out of one of the private rooms of the bar. Can they see who is attacking? → No. As the Bar Guards approach, do the attackers leave? → Yes. Is Yitir unconscious? → Yes.

Xenon infiltrates stealthily through the crowds (Stealth: Success), as fast as he can without calling attention. Fluorine sees some Bar guards approaching at high speeds towards the center of the problem, where Yitir is being punched and kicked in the face. Fluorine tries to buy Xenon some time, as Xenon looks for a way to pull Yitir off trouble.

As the guards approach, the attackers run to disperse away and leave a small window for Xenon to drag Yitir out of the scene, he looks for somewhere safe (Perception: Success) and finds a secure spot not reachable by the cameras. Yitir lies unconscious. Fluorine fails to buy enough time, but she runs to the bar to order a room for the night, as they will need it and also to take Yitir too. He is their smuggler contact, after all.

Scene Alteration (To check if something happens as Xenon waits and hides Yitir away): Interrupted (NPC Positive: Hobgoblins → Starting|Intrigues).

“Well, well… what have we here… isn’t this fella the cable-droid we saw earlier… it played smart didn’t it…?” – Xenon decides to put them down, as he cannot risk them seeing he is with Yitir. Fluorine may come a few rounds later. “I am he, and I am getting tired of you…”, whispers Xenon.

Outcome: After dragging Yitir to a safe room within the range of Helion-Z, two wandering Hobgoblins spot Xenon, and he decides to finish them off as otherwise they would have spot them with Yitir, a human in the station. Too much risk. With the help of Fluorine, they defeat the Hobgoblins thugs and finally move towards a private room, with a barely conscious Yitir…

To be continued…


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