Saturday May 18, 2024

Plot Unfolding Machine

After playing Solo RPGs a while, and even coop with friends, I realized how difficult it was to come up with the next scene. You might have a setting, characters, a quest and some enemies. You might even know what your characters will attempt next. But, what stands between your characters and their goals? Who is opposing them, and how? Does it have to be all up to you? How will the story unfold?

The Plot Unfolding Machine (PUM) is a simple printable ruleset that attempts to answer those questions. Recommended for players already familiar with Solo RPG basics, these rules can expand the possibilities for moving a plot forward without heavy lifting the story.

PUM’s main goal is to bring Solo RPG players back to the player side, lowering the GM authorship effort on the game. By putting conflict in the center of the adventure, and keeping track of the progress of your plotlines, you’ll find your characters having to fight for their goals, and your RPG system to actually matter.

It can be played together with your favorite solo system, like Mythic, MUNE, OPSE, GMA, Tricube Tales, etc. or standalone with built-in included oracles. And it is setting agnostic. Play any kind of game you like.


What will you find inside?

  • One page with an explanation of the system mechanics
  • One page with random tables for scenes, challenges and trouble
  • One page with oracles so you can play PUM standalone
  • One page with 4 scenes game example

Join me and let me know how this works for you 🙂


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