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Chromed Metal 11 – Demo never works

Scene 22 (Irina & Brandt)

Exceptionally, this scene will be run by AI (Play by the Writing, GPT-3), instead of PUM

Irina and Brandt are hiding behind a huge rock, in the middle of the desert north of Night City. After Irina stepped over a half-hidden rusted sheet of metal, one of the front guards that belong to a mercenary company approaches. They are currently protecting a super-secret high-tech radar until Militech comes to pick it up (or at least, this is the current hypothesis).

Let’s get us some fancy AI enrich some colors today. Hey AI: What else can you tell us from these mercenaries? How do they look like? What weapons do they carry? And which kind of cybernetic implants do they wear?

The mercenaries are a rag-tag group of individuals with cybernetic implants that grant them enhanced hearing, vision, and reflexes. They also make use of a variety of weapons, ranging from basic firearms such as assault rifles and submachine guns to heavy weaponry such as shotguns and grenade launchers. They have also been known to carry energy weapons, such as plasma guns. They are dressed in desert camo fatigues and combat helmets. Many of the members of the company have cybernetic implants that augment their bodies, from implants that grant them increased strength and durability to those that make them faster and more agile. It is possible that some of the mercenaries may even possess cyberware that grants them the ability to adeptly wield firearms with accuracy and efficiency.
AI Generated (Play by the Writing)

Could you describe anything more specific about the specific guard who is alert, and carefully approaching towards Irina and Brandt, who are hiding behind a rock?

The guard approaching Irina and Brandt is a hardened soldier, his demeanor and body language suggesting a long career in the shadows. He is wearing a sand-colored Kevlar vest, desert camo fatigues, and a dark balaclava that obscures most of his face. He is equipped with an assault rifle and a sidearm, both of which are well-maintained and gleaming. His cybernetic implants augment his eyes, allowing him to quickly scan his surroundings and detect any suspicious activity. He is alert and cautious, his gaze carefully sweeping the area in search of any possible threats.
Brandt and Irina opening fire already!

Irina → Who are these guys?
Brandt → I don’t know! If they work for Militech, they must be the sh1t!
Irina → Ok, There’s no way I can distract him. He’s got glowing eyes. Must be Optics.
Brandt → Ok, then Irina, like family, I love you (takes off his goggles before he finishes)
Irina → I love you too, Brandt (readies her heavy gun).

Irina shows up her self and opens fire from behind the rock, the first heavy pistol bullet hits on the guard’s vest, but it seems to do no meaningful penetration damage. He is thick armored (🎲 Will the guard call for reinforcements immediately? → No, unless… it’s gets bad). He opens fire back.

After an initial exchange of fire, the guard takes distance because of his assault rifle’s optimal range, but Irina closes him down, Brandt takes the left side of the rock and they both manage to knock down the mercenary before he even decides to call reinforcements. Irina’s armor is however quite torn, after an autofire gunning he took.

Brandt → Good job. Drag him over here, I need to get the goggles running and disable their net ASAP
Irina → You take care of that.

Let see what SUM GM does in this middle point. No bias
🎲 SUM GM Action → Remains silent, what do characters do?
Brandt and Irina take a break, reload weapons and proceed to hack the entrance before security notices the missing man

Scene 23 (Irina & Brandt)

ContextBrandt will proceed to jack in the access point he had found earlier, from outside the wall. Irina will cover him, for now at least, or follow his guide. They need to get intel before they assault.
Prompt🎲 Scene check → There is a complication: Being is Concerning, Unsettling, Feared
InterpretationThere seems to be another guard already pinging the knocked down mercenary, they should prioritize that first.

Irina → They’re going to tell he’s missing Brandt. What can we do?
Brandt → Not much, hurry the crap out. I’ll be jacking in. The access point is exactly at the other side of this wall. Can you jump in and clear it out? It’s better if it’s empty.
Irina → What about you?
Brandt → I’ll follow you as soon as you clear out, in the meantime I’ll clear out the most I can from this architecture. Go.

Brandt is going for a Net Run. Irina is going to climb a wall on stealth, and clear out the comms room they found on the side of the fortification.

Brandt spends one Luck, but he fails horrible at his first attempt
Net running architecture – Level 1
Lobby: 🎲 1d6: [2] = Password DV6
Climb a wall? No problem

Brandt struggles a bit to concentrate, as he moves to the sides to check if someone is coming. Irina starts climbing up the thin side of the wall, and she does great, arriving to the other side while dodging the cameras.

Another guard is coming from the outside
🎲 Is there anyone on the comms hatch right now? → No. (lucky)

Irina → Brandt! It’s clear
Brandt → Thank god. I’m coming. Was struggling with this crap.
Irina → Hurry up! (Helps to climb from the other side)

The Aldecaldo crew takes quick shelter in the room, and Irina makes sure no one is coming right now, to this improvised, container-based improvised room with a single control computer in the center.

Irina is going to make guard, buying as much time as possible for Brandt to crack the location, and security of the radar truck, to escape with it. Brandt, will focus on jacking in, this time, with a physical jack, as he is in a control access point.

Brandt Failed the second level TWICE
As granted automatic success to backdoor the lobby, let’s roll the first level Architecture of the Net Run
🎲 3d6: [4, 2, 6] = 12 → Password DV6 (Another one!)
🎲 3d6: [3, 3, 3] = 9 → Password DV9 (Another but harder)
🎲 3d6: [2, 4, 4] = 10 → File DV10 (Target!)
Luckily, no ICE on the principle architecture
Three NET actions per turn is what Brandt has for one turn

Brandt is going to burn LUCK to get this Net Run (which started poorly).

Brandt failed twice to crack the second level’s password, Irina couldn’t help but to hear the buzzing error sounds coming from the low-level main board of that computer, almost as if irritating her too, and whoever might have heard that buzz.

Irina → What the hell, Brandt?
Brandt → I… don’t know!!! sh1t ain’t working
Irina → Come on!!

To be continued…


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