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Chromed Metal – 9 – Dirty Mercs

Scene 19 (Josh)

ContextDan is dead. Mercenaries took over Motel M3, looking for the Vitrix. A Netrunner hijacked the defenses, configured Demons and cracked in the rooms. Now they have the Vitrix.
PromptMercenary Josh Anderman is dragging Dan’s body out of his room, with the Vitrix cold-box on his left hand. 🎲 Expectation Check → Almost as expected. The Vitrix seems to be heavier than originally thought.
InterpretationLet’s figure out some things about these mercenaries.
Josh Anderman

Josh → Had to kill him, commander. Tried to resist, as expected.
Cmdr. Kherman → A fool, indeed. Is that electronically refrigerated box, the so called Vitrix?
Josh → Everything points to be it. It’s a blue, electrically charged liquid.
Kherman → Good. Wake Mira up. I am going to make a call for further instructions.
Josh → Yes, commander. What should I do with the body?
Kherman → Put him in Mira’s cold water shower, crack the biomonitor. Eventually will Traumateam find him.
Josh → Will do.

Commande Kherman, the mercenary leader, walks out of the Motel with 2 of his other heavily armed men. He instructs letting Motel people go, and pays a big sum of credstick cash to the Motel Administrator. Not a word to be said, the cops not to be called, everyone to be paid a sweet bonus. Josh Anderman, the mercenary who killed Dan Beletti, walks in the next Room, where the Netrunner Mira was operating the Motel’s demons.

Mira Helford

Josh → Mira, wake up. Job is done.
Mira → I know, silly. Been unplugged for a while. Did we order Pizza yet? Who is that friend of yours whose corpse you’re dragging around? Not nice of you.
Josh → A fool. Didn’t stick along. Played hero.
Mira → Ah, Night City, what a city of nights…
Josh → And Reds… Radiation. I’m sick of it.
Mira → We all are, my love. We all are. What did the Commander say?
Josh → He’s going to call (🎲 is it known? → No, but…) the contact. I am pretty sure he is dealing with (🎲 Is it straight away 6th Street? Unlikely → Don’t know) someone else. I am not buying the 6th Street story. Those gangs only care of guns. Not medicine.
Mira → Not our business, Josh.
Josh → Something doesn’t smell good. I tell you.
Mira → Let’s go, I’m starving…

Josh and Mira finish the job. He puts Dan’s body on the bathroom, Mira helps crack the biomonitor, distresses the signal Trauma team coordinates, and they meet with their group outside.

As they go out, their boss will be on a call. Let’s see what is he talking about.
🎲 SUM NPC’s contribution → Connect you or present you someone they know
🎲 SUM Inspiration → intimidate honorable orders
🎲 Does it lead by chance to Scavange Field Irina is going to? Northwest Watson? → No, possibly.
🎲 Do they want to use Vitrix? → Yes. 🎲 Reason? → Recover Knowledge or interest

Kherman → Josh, Mira. Got a follow-up for you. Need you to go to talk to Ryan McCoy, from the 6th Street. Before they do anything stupid, you’re going to capture his car, figure a tidy place to shut him up. Give him a good warning, to stop looking for Vitrix, and to forget out their contract. If he resists, try his face to see how much his face can resist. Understood?
Josh → Yes, commander. My I ask what are the plans with the Vitrix?
Kherman → (🎲 Does he reveal now? → Hard to say, unless…) This is hardly the moment for such a discussion, we’re running out of time. Someone is going to come looking for the bastard we’ve gotten. I’ll take care of it, you take care of Ryan. I bet he was behind Dan’s Beletti job
Josh → Sir, I don’t think our man was working for 6th Street.
Kherman → Well, figure it out then. If it is not Ryan, I am sure he will know. Either way, I want 6th street out of the business. Of Archemica Corporations, I will care of it. No one will bother you. Any other gangs you might find on your way, deal with them.
Josh → Yes, commander.
Kherman → Mira will help you trace his Car. Will send you his plate. Make sure you intercept him before he enters Night City, you might need to deal with the Aldecaldos that cover that route. Good luck.

Kherman calls for an AI-automated, extremely expensive black Humvee, that comes pick them up. The other mercenaries jump in their own cars. They part to different ways, it seems. The Vitrix, goes on the Humvee.

Mira → “Yes, Commander” (Mira makes ridiculous of Josh), how long are you going to keep feeding his ego and licking his ass
Josh → You know I respect the commander, it’s none of your business.
Mira → Ooooh, so much mystery. Well, he doesn’t mind I call him Boss. It’s less licking than “Commander”
Josh → He’s paying well, we’re loyal to him. Night City isn’t a place to mess around without good cover. We’ll be eventually free and get the hell out of here.
Mira → Can’t wait… I hope this is the last job.
Josh → Me too… Let’s go

I really like the idea of playing bad boys side here. After all, these mercenaries have a job to do, and we might find more answers about Dan’s people, The voodoo, 6th Street and most importantly… the Vitrix from the “Commander” point of view. He seems to be dealing with Archemica, the corporation who mainly knows about the Vitrix, it’s formula, and wants it bad… real bad.

To be continued…


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