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Chromed Metal – 8 – Bloody Fridge

Scene 18 (Dan)

ContextDan arrives the 3rd floor, the Motel was overrun by mercenaries. He assumes they are looking for Vitrix. Or were they looking for him?
Prompt🎲 Scene Prompt for entering the 3rd floor hallway → There is a complication: Faction + Sabotaged, Captured, Taken
🎲 Is this about another gang? → No.
InterpretationThe Mercs have the Motel’s employees opening all doors, guards are hands-tied against the wall of the hallway. Dan will try to talk this out.

Dan → (Without showing himself) Hey, can we talk this out? I’m here, you’ve got me

Need to figure out more about what these Mercs are looking for
🎲 Intent → Oppose Enemies
🎲 Are they looking for Vitrix? (likely) → Yes, and… (they know who Dan is)
🎲 Are they sent by 6th Street and Harley’s killers? (likely) → Yes.
It was kind of obvious, but it was worth it to confirm, hehe.

Merc → Well, well. Give us the Vitrix, Dan. Or they die. Simple business.
Dan → Fine, I’m coming out (🎲 How many mercs are visible? → 1d6: [3] = 3)

At this point in time, we need to check what were they doing
🎲 Did they already open Dan’s room? → Yes, for now. (just now)
Dan convinces the Mercs to let the people go

Dan → My door is the 3rd to the right, I am coming. If you make any move, the lock is tied to my biohealth. You are going to let them go, or else I am blowing it up, got a detonator. Your choice. We can deal with this among us, but let the people go.

The leader nods, with weapons high.

Leader → Fine, but you are letting your rifle here. (Then refers to the Motel people) Get out, your network is sabotaged, if you do anything stupid, call the cops, we’ll blow your heads off. Understood?
Dan → The liquid is kept hold on very low temperatures, only one of you may come with me when I open the door. Too much body temperature will probably spoil the liquid (bluff. Do they have any clue how Vitrix works? Unlikely → Don’t know.).

They seem to buy it, but Dan couldn’t read whether they know anything about it yet. Dan enters the room (🎲 Was there another Merc inside yet? → Yes.), another Merc was looking through his stuff, apparently didn’t find, yet, the hidden room Dan specially booked for.

Dan → Only one man, either you or your boss.

(🎲 Does the Boss stay, or the other thug? → No. the thug) The boss stays out of the room and nods to the scavenger to follow Dan’s instruction. The thug aims at Dan’s head with a Heavy Pistol. Dan is thinking of a plan. (🎲 Is there a Window out from the room? → No, but… there’s an Air tome) If Dan unlocks the lock, he might be well shot at, and the Vitrix taken from him. He’s got to act before he unlocks it. The people are out, though that is not certain. His only chance is to grapple and disarm the Merc before he unlocks it. However, he opens the door to the secret, freezing room, with the air conditioners set to freezing conditions, probably made by the Motel to allow Cyberjacked people and Netrunners. Dan enters with the Merc and lock the door behind them, immediately attempts a surprise turn to brawl his way out. Should be silent here.

Dan is faster and can act first, thanks to his Sandevistan implants

Dan attempts to punch and disarm the Merc, but the guy is tough as metal, his face turns because of the punch, but his body remains still. Dan’s injuries don’t help either. Turns back (🎲 Will he shoot to kill? → Yes.) and points with his heavy pistol towards Dan, but misses the shot, as Dan moves to the side and pushes his arm. Dan will try again (this time using LUCK).

Even pushing his Luck, Dan fails to disarm the Merc. Will he make it?
Dan continues to fail attempting to disarm the Merc… Guess we should have made a plan

The Merc fires a second bullet against Dan, which hits on his Chest, hurts a lot. Dan is heavily injured now. He’s still going to rush a last time (spending all of his remaining LUCK) to disarm the Merc.

Dan takes another shot, blood splashes against the wall of the freezing room. He staggers back, and raises his hands, gives up. Playing hero didn’t go so well…

Merc → Open it. Or you die. Your choice.
Dan → You… don’t even know what it is…
Merc → Neither do you, open it.

Dan proceeds to open the locked down fridge, which was in Sync with his Agent. He is bleeding. If he opens it, he’s dead anyway. No choice at this point, he opens it, and moves to the side.

The Merc takes the box-locked Vitrix, he looks again at Dan… (🎲 Does he kill Dan? → Yes.) and as expected, the Merc points his Heavy Pistol at Dan, with the Vitrix in his other hand.

Dan is dead. Vitrix is gone.

To be continued…


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