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Chromed Metal – 6 – Bloody stairs

NOTE: Using a preview version of an unreleased version of PUM.

Scene 14 (Dan)

ContextDan takes a cab, drives back to the Motel where the Vitrix is located. He keeps overall a low profile. He plans to deliver it to Pacifica afterwards.
Prompt🎲 Scene Prompt → Stressful moment, put up a challenge: Use of magic, divine or special abilities
InterpretationAs Dan returns to the Motel, there will be a NetRunner controlling the Motel Demons. Let’s get some descriptive adjectives for the place:
🎲 Describe area → Specially, Secure
🎲 SUM Adjective → well-presented + renowned (🎲 Renowned for what? → Known Business)

Dan walks down the Cab ($20), walks towards the Motel entrance, some sensors are supposed to detect his ID, but they aren’t triggering any doors. He looks around (🎲 Is there anyone around? Unlikely → No, possibly.), but there seems to be none. Sometimes these things fail, he thinks, and proceeds to enter the code manually, but it doesn’t work.

Let see what a tension GM does
🎲 SUM GM Action tense → Someone is preventing the PCs from proceeding
That was kinda obvious, shouldn’t have asked, but well, now it’s official

Access denied. Dan looks up at the cameras, are they pointing at him? (🎲 if not, they’re just disabled → Hard to say, unless… might need a check to roll on that. DV12).

DV12 to read the camera status

(🎲 So, are they disabled? → No, unless…) Dan figures they are turned on, unless they were breached in that case it would be hard to tell. Dan proceeds to call Customer Service of the Motel. It is no small Motel, after all.

Let’s go for a second Tense GM Action
🎲 SUM GM Action tense → Brings a new or existing NPC to an interaction
🎲 Who? → an angry Person
I’m gonna read a Motel employee was bribed to woosh Dan off
DV12 to detect whether the employee is lying

Employee → Hello Sir, I see you are getting access denied. That would mean your service has been revoked, I’m afraid.
Dan → You must be kidding me
Employee → No sir

Dan → Well, I paid for the room. Why would I have been kicked?
Employee → The Motel reported inappropriate behavior and negligent utilization of the facility.

At this point, I am starting to think someone is infiltrating Dan’s room, with or without knowledge of Vitrix possession. It would totally be 6th Street. The people who killed Harley.
Dan grapples the infiltrated Motel mercenary and begins to choke him for a total of 12 damage!

Dan → I see. Well, I need to pick up my stuff and leave.
Employee → I am afraid I can’t let you do that. Your room has been subject to investigation.
Dan → Screw you.

Dan is going to knock the guy out (🎲 Is the “employee” a smuggled mercenary? → Yes, but… with a good disguise. Basically, he knows how to fight.)

Dan intimidates his victim while grappling, and succeeds

Dan → If you want to hold to your lungs, you better open that Motel for me, now.
Mercenary → Fine, fine!!! Aghhh. Stop.

Dan punches the given up man in the face and knocks him out unconscious. Drags him behind a container, for the moment, taking the original door card codes from him. Dan rushes inside the building.

Scene 15 (Dan)

ContextDan rushes inside the Motel. He readies his assault rifle, knowing there is at least a net-runner inside running demons! Things will get hot, hot. Will let PUM do the rest.
Prompt🎲 Scene Prompt → Outcome of enemy actions considering a risk: Lose or sacrifice an object
InterpretationThe enemy has hacked the motel, so I guess automated systems are against Dan. By the lobby, there is a machine that takes a card, one like Dan has, that might disable the frontal defenses. The card will have to stay there, though.

As soon as Dan gets his card, he runs through the lobby, knowing there might be danger. And indeed there is, a barrage of automated, roof-mounted guns unloads fire on him. He rolls behind the reception desk (🎲 Is there anyone else in there? Unlikely → No).

Motel M6 is where Dan was staying… last time I guess
The roof turret autofires, but the DV is 15 for hitting between 13-25m range, so it misses

The lobby is filled in with bullets, Dan rolls behind the heavy-metallic desk of the front door. Definitely the Motel had been emptied up by now, taken by whoever is doing this, he thinks.

He can figure it out later, there is a security node in there, that accepts the security card he has, so he takes the time when the turret runs heats off and place the card and disable it.

Let see what the GM wants to do next
🎲 SUM GM Action → Something bad happens, bad news, or bad luck
Dan studies the turret movement, to find a blind angle he could walk off too, and with this roll, he does!

But Dan learns the node has been sabotaged, it doesn’t seem to disable the turret, as it takes another chance to fire again against the exposed Dan. The turret opens a second barrage, but Dan manages to roll to the side of a wall column, holding off, for now. He will have to shoot down that thing, or look for another route (🎲 Are there any side doors before the turret? → No, but… there might be a blind spot, if Dan finds it!).

Fortunately, Dan finds that blind mechanical angle the turret cannot reach, which is better than blowing that thing up, as it might alert the NetRunner. That bastard. Dan proceeds to take the stairs, no trust on the elevator (🎲 Is the door to stairs locked? → No, obviously).

Context🎲 Does anything happen on the stairs? → No, unless… (we make noise)
PromptOk, it seems there’s something on the stairs, but it can be avoided. Let’s prompt it:
🎲 Scene Prompt → Dangerous situation under a circumstance: Unexpected help or support is arriving (🎲 Arriving from street side? → No.)
InterpretationAs Dan goes up the stairs, he starts listening some voices, probably guards talking, they are in state of alert. The question is whether they already found the Vitrix or not. But if they did, they would have probably left already.
Dan tries to keep it quiet, but the noisy door spoils him, dang it!

Dan sneaks in, but the sliding door behind him does a squeezing sound, the guards talk to each other, and it can be deduced that they are sending one or more mercs to check the door downstairs, where Dan is.

A fight unleashes as the mercs spot Dan, and he opens fire, with his Assault Rifle, while they have SMGs and Heavy Pistols, a shoot out in the emergency stair ends up in a smoke barrage of bullets.

To be continued…


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