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Chromed Metal – 3 – Making a plan

This session follows the events of Chromed Metal – 2 – Emotional Rush

Scene 7

ContextDan passed away, after the shock of the escape, and the blood loss from the shoulder. Irina shows up, eventually.
Prompt🎲 Expectation Check → Happens as expected
InterpretationLet’s play the meeting, Irina will probably take care of Dan’s wound. She’s bringing bandages.

Irina → Hey! Wake up (Knocks the door of the pickup truck), Dan!
Dan → Ugh… finally
Irina → You’re injured, let me take a look at that (opens the door of the car, but first looks around)

🎲 Is there anyone around? → No, and… (it is quiet on the back alley, behind the police station)

Irina → What the heck… was this an attempt to patch yourself? (critical failure past session) Man, hold tight, need to disinfect this and take the shrapnel out alright? Will hurt.
Dan → Argh…

After a moment, the worst moment is now past. They take a break, Irina opens a whiskey bottle (Dan is stabilized. HP is only recovered if one day is spent absent stress).

Irina → Here… a drink will make you fill better. Cheers.
Dan → Cheers.
Irina → You don’t have to wait for a red alert to call me, you know.
Dan → Been busy, with Harley. Damn fool, he thought he had won.
Irina → What happened?
Dan → Harley managed to trick some corpos… a night deal for some secret Biotech medicine called “Vitrix”. He faked the formula and gave Archemica a fake unit. They bought it. Then, he wanted to sell it to the Voodoo boys to get help recovering the Treux District, and that’s when he called me. But somehow 6th street, Ryan McCoy, knew about the thing and sent people after it. They overwhelmed us at Harley’s.
Irina → Damn… where’s the Vitrix now?
Dan → Behind, backseat. Harley wanted me to continue the job. Find the Voodoo boys.
Irina → Why not give it back to Archemica, and begone with the case?
Dan → If you want to end up with a bullet in your head, and thrown up in a river, then sure, let’s do that.
Irina → This is a big deal, Dan. I’m risking my skin right now. Not sure if I can do this, but if you commit to throw it away, I’ll help you.

Good time for a GM intervention.
🎲 SUM GM Action (neutral) → Remains silent, what do characters do?

Dan → Look, I’ll pay you. $10,000 if you help me work the thing out and get to the Voodoo boys.
Irina → With which money? Last I remember, you were broke.
Dan → Harley’s. I got his account key. Will even pay you upfront.
Irina → F#%K Dan… How much had he?
Dan → $10,000 plus a few hundred in cash. I’ll keep the cash, tho’.
Irina → (Drinks another whiskey shot) I’ll make a call. Know a fixer, we got to get this thing inside a fridge, first and foremost. By the way, what do you want to do once you get to the Voodoo boys?
Dan → We give them the Vitrix, in return, they are to capture and seize the Treux District from Maelstrom hands, so I can move The Family in, and live under their protection. Prevent Night City from annexing it, if it’s possible.
Irina → Fair enough. Let me arrange some calls.

Scene 8

ContextIrina gets down the car and starts making some calls. She will call her Fixer for a safe cold storage, and info about getting to the Voodoo Boys
Prompt🎲 Expectation Check → Happens as expected
InterpretationIrina is going to figure out something, not going to make her roll for that. The question is the cost. 🎲 Is it money? → Yes. 🎲 How much → 1d4x1000: $2000
🎲 What does she learn? (Discovery) → Learn about a location
🎲 Is it directly Voodoo Boys location? → Yes, obviously.

Irina comes back to the pickup, where Dan is resting. She also took the chance to buy a few snacks.

Irina → Hey, brought something to eat. Got good news too.
Dan → Thanks. What have you got?
Irina → It wasn’t cheap. Fixer pointed out a nest of Voodoo Boys. They are in (🎲 Describe area → Knowingly Unusual. 🎲 Place inspiration SUM → advance + orders) a military forward post north of Weston.
Dan → The Voodoo Boys, on a military outpost?
Irina → Yeah, it’s weird, I know. Must be one of those places left over after the explosion.

Let’s bring some World Building – Gather more about the destination place.
🎲 SUM World Building → What role does this location play in the region?
I guess a military outpost in Night City could have been related to keeping peace where the police couldn’t. Protests were getting heavy in times of the Johnny.

Dan → Imagine being there… days before the explosion… Night City was burning in chaos.
Irina → You could get ready-made Molotov around any corner of the city
Dan → Heh… Who wouldn’t want to roll a Molotov at an Arasaka convoy…

Time for some GM Action! This time I am going for ‘Tense’, as something should happen now
🎲 SUM GM Action (Tense) → Shows a clue or lead that somehow helps a thread

Police sirens begin to scream. Dan and Irina freak out for a moment and lower their head. Once they managed to pay attention to what’s going on, they see a Police Truck getting out of the police station’s garage. At full speed.

Dan → Turn on the radio! I bet the Media are on it already…

🎲 Discovery → Answer an open question
🎲 Question: “Is 6th Street on a Shoot out with the Police since they were looking for us? → Don’t know, possibly.
🎲 Question: “Where, is it near Voodoo Boys location by chance?” (Unlikely) → Hard to say, unless…

Radio Reporter A: A heavy shootout between gangs is going on at Center Weston. Police are intervening, we can see from the cameras… Are those two dead officers? We can see reinforcements coming. We are trying to identify the sides. Ms. Nina, can you get closer?
Radio Reporter B: Based on the brown jackets, I can see on one side is 6th Street, oh my GOSH I have been PFFFFF*#%*#%&@%#
Radio Reporter A: Miss Nina? Alright, we seem to have some Net issues…

Dan and Irina learn that the shootout is occurring not far away from the Voodoo Boy’s given location, and it seems to be 6th Street gang, at least on one of the sides.

Dan → We should move.
Irina → What’s the plan?
Dan → I need some rest, we have no hurry. Let’s wait for the news report to learn what’s going on there tomorrow. Tomorrow we can meet at Chronoss, for some breakfast, then we go to the Voodoo Boys place. Have you got any names to talk to?
Irina → (🎲 Has she? → Yes.) Yes, I have. We’ve got to find “Kakarola”, tell her the password “Zimbabwe”. The rest is up to us, and improvise.

🎲 What’s the catch? (PUM Risk) → Expose weaknesses or plans

Dan → Fair enough. Any catch? Or is it all easy-peasy?
Irina → Fixer just warned me, not to mess around with them, once we’re involved we better finish the deal. Or else our heads end up on a spike as an example. There’s also “eyes” watching who comes in and out of there, so we’ll be exposed.
Dan → Hmm… we’ve got to keep a low profile then.

To be continued…


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