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Chromed Metal – 1 – Vitrix origins

Scene 0 (Game Setup)

ContextNo context, starting scene 1 without a clue about the game. Cyberpunk. Night City.
Prompt🎲 Scene Prompt → Consequence of your actions o presence. 🎲 Describe location → Curiously Fortified
InterpretationThe game begins on a street-thrown party, in the roofs of suburb area. Dan is chilling on a chair, besides rusty barrels with warming fire, cybertechno music sounding loud, a few choombas, contacts and friends from fixer Harley, now sitting by Dan‘s side.

A guy approaches (🎲 describe → Legally Rich), comes down from a fancy car (🎲 alone? → No, obviously.), together with two bodyguards, full black leather jackets and black sunglasses and stone faces.

Dan: Know the typ?
Harley (🎲 Does he? → No, for now): Don’t think so, no.

They both stand up, while looking at the new presence from the roof. Dan picks up his Specter Assault Rifle, checks carefully if it is properly loaded, and places it on his back under his leather jacket. They go downstairs.

Context: Man with the bodyguards, downstairs, approaches the party guards.

🎲 What does he want? → Fight Enemies (crap)
🎲 Is he looking specifically for Dan? → Don’t know.
🎲 Does he call for anyone? → No.
🎲 That means he basically opens up fire? (likely, by now) → Don’t know, possibly.

The dude with a long, purple jacket and his bodyguards draw a shitload of weapons, holding them tight and ready, intimidating, waiting in silence.

Party guard: F**k. Looking for trouble, boy? (raises weapons)

🎲 How many more guards on our side are there? → 1d4: [2] = 2).

Two other lads take position and raise their weapons. The rest of the people in the party either hideaway or get the hell out of there.

🎲 does the Purple man wait for Dan and Harley to show up? → Don’t know, but…
He is as ready as he and his crew can be

Harley: Hold down your horses, what the hell do you want?

Harley speaks from behind a column, Dan is observing the situation from the stairs coming down to the side of the brick, graffiti-heavy building, now used as a spot for Harley’s gang.

🎲 SUM NPC Interaction → Has done something the PCs won’t like
🎲 And what was that? (what) → Personal Request Discovered
🎲 What does he want now (intent) → Demand Object
🎲 What kind of item? (kind of) → Mystic, Deadly

Purple man: 6th street intercepted your invoice, Harley. Give us the Vitrix now, or everybody here dies.

Need to clarify a few things about the game, what is this Vitrix, and why does Harley want it?

🎲 SUM Inspiration → Serve + Chemical + Building

I am reading Harley got himself in a very big deal for a powerful chemical corp (Archemica), who wants the Vitrix, but didn’t manage to sell it yet.

🎲 Do we know the effects of this Nano-Vitrix? → No.
🎲 Is it all about money? → No, and… 🎲 Catalyst → An opportunity to trade 🎲 What for? → Domain
🎲 Reason → Control Culture or history

So, Harley is on a mission to recover a district called Treux District, lost to the Maelstrom under a new leader. Megacorps may have also taken interest in such an area, as part of the reclaiming zones disputed for Night City, but this is yet unconfirmed. Such a drug may close a deal with the Voodoo Boys who can be strong allies in this matter, so Harley is not going to let this go. Archemica has the actual contract to get it, probably Harley got his hands on it and took it elsewhere. They must be mad.

🎲 Why does this matter to Dan? (Reason) → Eradicate Justice or rights
I am going to make Dan (the protagonist) part of this faction who wants to recover such city
🎲 Cultural Region (Cyberpunk RED) → Sub-Saharan African
I’ve got enough, let’s wrap up the plot hook

Scene 1

ContextSo, I expect this game to start with a battle. Someone wants Harley’s Nano-Vitrix drug.
Prompt🎲 Expectation check → Happens as expected (A fight it is)
InterpretationOnly 🎲 1d4+2: 3 of them? These idiots underestimate us…
🎲 Combat circumstance → There is elevation or vertical terrain
🎲 Challenge → Room for hidden things or intentions (hmm, they could have a sniper)
🎲 Risk → Harm a relationship (of course)

Harley: Who sends you?
Purple man (🎲 Do they reveal? Unlikely → Yes. 🎲 Who? → a strange Enemy): Ryan McCoy says hi
Harley: What? How the hell is he involved in this? Get back where you come from, save your asses.
Purple man: F**k it (triggers open fire)

A sniper shot can be heard a second later after one of Harley’s gangs is shot dead in the head, with a high caliber long-range gun.

Harley: Sniper!!! Take cover!!!
Party gang: No, Jim! F**k!!

Harley rolls back to a safer position, and approaches towards Dan.

Harley: Dan, my friend, I need you to take the Vitrix and keep it safe, elsewhere! Our position has been spoiled
Dan: Damn it, Harley, take it where? (bullets raining from all side)
Harley: You’ll figure it out, I am sure of it. Look for the Voodoo Boys! Close a deal! They’ll know!
Dan: They’re not easy to find…
Harley: Freaking go! We will give you cover (turns around out of cover), suppressing fire boys!! Don’t try to take the Minigun, roll on smoke grenades! Go Dan, damn you! See you later.

Scene 2

ContextDan will rush inside the building, go to the fridge and pick up a package, with it, he will go to the Pickup vehicle and drive southwest, towards Weston.
PromptA lot can happen in between, so I am going to roll a Scene prompt.
🎲 Prompt → Face active opposition (of course)
InterpretationThe purple man gang probably had a plan, and send someone inside in the meantime. Let’s describe this person. 🎲 Kind of enemy → Artificial Magical
Alright, so they are sending quite an interesting agent. I am picturing a heavily chromed stealth ghost skin with EMP shock emitters.

Dan runs through the side of the building, takes a corner (🎲 is there anyone dead? → No, for now.), sees nobody, opens the back door towards the kitchen, where he finds a strange, monstrous figure opening the fridges, searching around for things (🎲 Has the thing found the Vitrix yet? → Don’t know.)

Dan tries to react fast and hide before he gets noticed 🎲, but he fails to do so (🎲 initiative roll). He readies his Assault Rifle and opens up a barrage of auto-fire. The kitchen metals react and make cranky noises as the bullet smashes many things in there. Dan tries to identify if the agent has found the Vitrix, but he doesn’t know, he can’t risk it. The agent turns around, he raises his SMG as soon as he hears Dan and opens fire, Dan is caught out of cover, some bullets scratch his face.

Dan opens up a second barrage, this time better positioned behind the wall, right at the entrance of the kitchen, the Agent triggers an evasion move clearly powered by reaction boosters, but they don’t seem to be enough, and this time bullets smash the agent’s dermal armor, short-circuits can be felt across his body.

The agent decides to escape, Dan is no joke, pushes for a strong dash outside, smashing the door on his way and takes cover behind barrels and short walls on the back patio of the house. Dan repositions himself enough to see him, takes a careful shot with smashes the Agent’s head. No more agent for today.

Scene 3

ContextDan stays low, the shootout is still on. Can’t see much of what’s going on, but he will approach the dead agent to make sure he was not stealing anything.
Prompt🎲 Expectation check → Happens as expected
InterpretationThe dead agent lies in there, empty of life. Dan doesn’t have much time, he will make sure nothing is hidden.
🎲 Dan checks for hidden signs of Vitrix (Perception) → 21
🎲 Does the Agent have the Vitrix? (unlikely) → Don’t know, for now.
🎲 Any valuable loot? → Yes, unless… (it may be damaged)
🎲 What kind of loot? (item) → Historic Move (some old version of a Grapple Gun and $100)

Dan isn’t sure how the Vitrix looks like, but doesn’t seem to have anything out of the order. On the way, he finds a grapple gun and some Eurodollars, in paper (yes). Too bad there isn’t time to remove those fancy hydraulic legs, could be sold for some value. He then stands up and turns around to go back to the kitchen.

🎲 Tension GM Action (since Dan is wasting time) → Throws something requiring immediate attention
🎲 What’s the challenge? → Magic or superpowers would be helpful
🎲 Circumstance? → Willpower, spirit or faith is needed

The dead bastard liberates a toxin when searched.

As Dan stands up, he begins to cough (I really thought Dan had Nasal Filters, but he doesn’t have any)

Dan: “What the hell…?”

Dan Covers his mouth, holds his breath and moves away as fast as he can. For now, he is safe, as he managed to react in time. Then he catches his breath.

Scene 4

ContextDan goes back to the kitchen, looking for the Vitrix, in order to extract it ASAP
Prompt🎲 Expectation check → Happens as expected
InterpretationHe goes back to the kitchen and looks for the Vitrix, nothing weird on the way there.

Dan enters the kitchen, catching his breath. He decides to look for this cursed thing in the main fridge.

🎲 Is it there? (likely) → Hard to say.

The fridge is full of medicine packages, none of them seem to highlight from the rest. On the outside of the building, still firing and shooting. Dan looks outside, carefully.

🎲 Are the purple gangs winning the fight? → Yes, unless… (Harley is alive?)
🎲 Is Harley alive? (Unlikely!) → No, possibly. (Badly injured)

As Dan sees Harley getting shot by sniper fire, the purple gangs overtake the position and start surrounding the place. Dan has to make a tough decision, but he chooses to identify the Vitrix box as fast as possible and run out.

If Dan manages to find the Vitrix in one roll, he can escape, if not, he will be involved in the fight (DV15 with Perception. DV11 with Science or Paramedic)

Dan concentrates, and looks again in the main fridge. He whispers to sorry about Harley… and hopes this thing is worth it.

Dan finds the Vitrix box, it looks (🎲 Sum Adjective → Selected, Alien) like something he has never seen before, once he recognized the package. The thing needs extreme cold conditions, so he packs it quickly in ice containers and dashes out of the backdoor towards his truck.

Nano Vitrix
🎲 Letting the GM go for an action (SUM) → Remains silent, what do characters do? (phew!)

Dan looks around, the purple gangsters taking over Harley’s spot, he looks at Harley, injured but conscious (🎲 Does Harley give a dramatic consent look? → Don’t know, possibly). Dan desires to think Harley is approving him leaving him behind, look back with a face of…

Forgive me, Harley, forgive me so much. I won’t let this be in vain… will make them pay, bro… real bad.

To be continued…


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