Thursday Jul 11, 2024

Chromed Metal – 2 – Emotional Rush

This session follows the events of Chromed Metal – 1 – Vitrix origins

Scene 5

ContextDan enters his pickup truck, throws the Nano-Vitrix, wrapped in an ice container, on the back seat. Expects to get the hell out of there. Purple man gang looking for him. The exit is on a side street.
Prompt🎲 Expectation check → Happens as expected
InterpretationPickup engine starts alright, he remotely opens the fence-door, and obviously the gangs will see him coming out.

Dan’s pushes the pedal of the pickup as soon as the fence is halfway open, drifts to the right, taking the side-street of the Harley’s gang building. On the front, Purple-man gangs have won the battle and now are fast moving towards the building. As soon as they see Dan coming out in a pickup, they open fire (🎲 Do they target the car? → Don’t know, unless…), if one of the gangsters manages to very quickly run towards the roof in time. Dan will try to be gone by then… 🎲

The ganger with a chance to catch Dan, stumbles upon some boxes before he manages to get to the stairs, swearing as much as he can. The Sniper, however, has a very convenient shot opportunity (🎲 Will he shoot Dan or the car? → Yes.), aiming at Dan through the vehicle’s windows. Dan takes a very, very painful shot on his left shoulder, if it weren’t because of his reinforced fiber armor jacket… Blood is there, though.

🎲 Will they manage to initiate a chase? → Don’t know.
🎲 SUM GM Action → Remains silent, what do characters do?
I am reading the scene ends here, no imminent chase, although they might show up sooner or later.

Scene 6

ContextDan is going to drive far away, out of that district. He’s going to look for a quiet place, bandage his shoulder and make some calls.
Prompt🎲 Expectation check → Happens as expected
Interpretation🎲 Describe area → Legally Dangerous
🎲 SUM Adjective → Unprotected

Dan decides to hide behind a police station, on the back alley. Not the best place to hide or draw trouble into… but probably the bastards won’t guess that. Dan turns off the engine and the lights, and begins bandaging himself, at least to stop the bleeding.

Dan: F#%K this $H1T!! (realizes he’s too nervous and messes up the bandage).

Proceeds to take a breath, pressing hard on his wound.
🎲 SUM GM Action (Peaceful) Remains silent, what do characters do?

Dan decides to withstand the wound, and focus on solving the problem at hand. The Vitrix. But he needs help. He doesn’t know how to find the Voodoo Boys, and needs some sort of safe refrigerator (a laboratory?), or someone who knows about science enough to keep the thing safe. The Vitrix is more important than his shoulder, otherwise everything would be in vain (🎲 Streetwise DV9). But he doesn’t know squat.

Dan needs a sidekick, a friend, I am going to roll a character, potentially a second PC. Let see.
🎲 Role → 1d10: 10 = Nomad. 🎲 Male? → No.
🎲 Name → Irina
Dan’s current vehicle happens to be borrowed by her! (Motorpool)
🎲 Personality → 1d10: 6 Stable and Serious
🎲 Value the most → 1d10: 7 Love 🎲 Feel about people → 1d10: 5 People are tools. Use and discard.
🎲 Her pack? → 1d10: 5 Migrant Farmers. 🎲 Her role on the pack → 1d6: 2 Outrider (Protection)
🎲 Pack enemy → 1d6: 4 (Dirty politicians)
🎲 What is she up to now? (SUM) → Allow + rich+ People (She’s on some shady business to recruit)
Got enough, added her sheet to the sidebar.

Dan → Hey, Irina, you there? (coughs)
Irina → Yo, Dan. T’sup?
Dan → Got a code red here, need your help
Irina → I’m in the middle of something, how red is your red?
Dan → Blood on my goddamn shoulder red
Irina → Okay, alright. What do you need, Dan?
Dan → Look, I wouldn’t be calling if it wasn’t serious. Harley’s dead. And I’ve got some weird Biotech on the car. Need to go to a Ripper Doc or someone with cold containers. But most importantly, has to be extremely safe, and trustworthy.
Irina → Damn… Harley’s gone? Got to let the boys know. What have you got in there?
Dan → Can’t say on the phone, can we meet? Please don’t tell anybody, yet. Need to make a plan. Will send you the coordinates, bring some bandages.
Irina → Dammit, Dan. Alright, hang on, will need about 30. Stay alive, alright?

Before the scene ends, I give a chance for the GM to bring something up. Danger level, neutral.
🎲 SUM GM Action → Remains silent, what do characters do?
Alright, that’s good. Let’s bring some world building.
🎲 SUM World → Does this area trigger any memories or anecdotes?
Interesting, let’s figure out what do they remind Dan…
🎲 SUM inspiration → evoke + fast + relationship
Outro for today’s session…

Dan chills back, despite the pain, he slides the chair backwards and reclines almost as a bad, takes a final look at the Vitrix box, to make sure it is there, and looks up towards the side walls of the alley. Odd paintings and graffitis spark something on Dan.

Memories (🎲 Was it with Irina? → No.). She was beautiful, (🎲 SUM Adj → Foolish), kind of silly at times, but hell of a company… (🎲 SUM What happened to her? → admire + war) A fighter too, stupid girl, had to fight for her ideals. But that last night, was a crazy farewell. She lives in Dan’s memories.

Trying a new fancy feature here. But Dan decides to chill out in this corridor behind the Police Station, what’s the GM’s feedback?
🎲 SUM GM Feedback → What PCs propose is certainly risky, because…

As Dan fades away, after an emotional rush of adrenaline… the alley remains silent, yet not absent of danger. After all, it is still Night City, in times of the Red…

To be continued…


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