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Chromed Metal – 7 – Fireworks

Updated to PUM v5.4

Scene 16 (Irina)

ContextIrina drives with her motorcycle back to the Aldecaldos camp, East of Night City, out in the desert smog. She intents to recruit a few brothers for a base assault and save a Voodoo cargo. Weird job to say the least, but justifying kicking Maelstrom assess might be worth a shot, plus the fact that Voodoo cargos is in wasteland territory.
Prompt🎲 Expectation check for arriving at the camp β†’ Even better than what expected
InterpretationThe Aldecaldos went on a wild hunt, and things are going well. A deal is closed with StormTech. The clan is cheering.

Play the song above, and imagine a slow motion introduction of the 2045’s Nomad Clans claiming victory on several regions outside Night City. Alcohol, shooting up in the sky, heavy motorcycles roaring engines, and some grand custom tuned trucks evoking heavy, black smoke, loud music.

Irina, an Aldecaldos elite scout

Irina β†’ Hell, did I miss the party launch?
Jonas (Friend) β†’ Hey, beauty. Well, join us. It is not late.
Irina β†’ Jonas, what’s going on?
Jonas β†’ Ha, the clan gained the routes of whole northeast, StormTech is supporting the Aldecaldos to build up safe trade routes and benefits for both parties. We smashed the Harness Clans, it was hell of a firework.
Irina β†’ Happy to hear. Well enjoy yourself, but I might need you bright and kicking. Got a job.
Jonas β†’ Say what?
Irina β†’ Where is boss?
Jonas β†’ Down the road, working on the truck.
Irina β†’ Alright. Lock n’ Load, we’ve got some Maelstrom butt to kick ass.

Irina crosses out the camp, kisses her Boyfriend on the way out to her boss’ location, Frank Loyd. Frank is working on his workshop, fixing some sort of truck carburetor, or the kind of replacement.

Irina β†’ Boss
Frank β†’ Hey Irina, good to see you.
Irina β†’ Thanks. Glad to see you finally closed the deal with StormTech. Still think it’s a good idea?
Frank β†’ Well, I think it is a terrible idea, but one of the best we’ve got. We have the green light on controlling the east now. Making a hell of a safe Night City harbor.

Let’s roll for a contribution Frank makes to the game
🎲 SUM NPC Contribution β†’ Has done something that the PCs won’t like

Frank β†’ By the way, I need you to report to Brandt, he’s planning a scavenge strike.
Irina β†’ What? Since when, I have to report to Brandt? What do you mean?
Frank β†’ You too should get along better with each other, don’t make it hard.
Irina β†’ You must be kidding. I actually came to pick up Jonas and Ryan, got a job.

Let’s play a resisting boss.
🎲 SUM NPC Opinion (negative) β†’ Stay neutral about it, nothing to add or say
Irina does a terrible job at convincing Frank

Frank β†’ Alright, you still have to report to Ryan for the scavenge run. Then you can do whatever you want, without the boys. Clear?
Irina β†’ Come on, Boss. Got a heated run here. I’ve got a weak spot for Maelstrom, and the Voodoo Boys might owe us in return.
Frank β†’ The Voodoo? Let the other clans mess up with them. Don’t want us to be involved with those guys.

Irina is going to play it nice, but she won’t give up. She turns around and leaves. Nodding to the busy Frank. She goes out to look for Brandt, the Aldecaldo she doesn’t want to work with (🎲 What is Brandt doing right now? β†’ Preparing Business. It was kinda obvious, we said he’s preparing a run. Anyway…)

Irina β†’ Hey Brandt, look. I’m not going to go for that run of yours.
Brandt β†’ Fine.
Irina β†’ Fine?
Brandt β†’ Yeah, I don’t care. I still gonna tell Boss that you are acting like a child again.
Irina β†’ Come on, look. Let’s make a deal. I’ve got a run, there’s a radar the Voodoo want to recover. They’re gonna pay tons. And we get to deal weapons with them in exchange. We can do you run after, better equipped, better prepared.

Time to test SUM’s NPC Opinion, although odds are against Irina
🎲 SUM NPC Opinion (unfavorable) β†’ Going to do something about it too

Brandt β†’ If you talk to Voodoo gang, I’m telling Boss. He ain’t like that.
Irina β†’ Hmm. Have it your way, Brandt. Do you know where’s that run of yours? And when do we go?

Irina is going to try to silently sabotage that mission, she’s going to check how carefully did Brandt brief himself to the mission. Might bring future trouble though.
🎲 Does Brandt carefully know about the mission? β†’ No, but… (he’s got some idea. Good)

Brandt β†’ It’s a scavenge run northeast, get yourself ready, we’ll go in next hour.
Irina β†’ Anyone else coming with us? (🎲 Anyone else? β†’ No.)
Brandt β†’ No. Just the two of us. Boss said there won’t be any resistance, pick and deliver. Easy-peasy.
Irina β†’ Fine, gonna ready the bike.

Irina is going to use the party context of the camp, to sneak in Brandt’s personal tent. Boss usually leaves some data pad with the runs over there.

Scene 17 (Irina)

ContextIrina is going to sneak into Brandt’s tent, I guess they met close to it.
Prompt🎲 Expectation check to approach β†’ Happens as expected
InterpretationAlright, it will be up to Irina’s stealth abilities now, timing and luck.
The Aldecaldos Camp

Irina is going to casually take a walk, looking at Brandt’s tent to see if he ever goes anywhere else. (🎲 Does that ever happen? β†’ No, and…) But Brandt stays consistently close to it, even positioned so to see the tent’s entrance. Irina’s got to work something out, she will need some time to crack his computer and change the coordinates of their scavange run, to where Irina wants it to be.

Irina heads to the Camp’s NetRunner, Liam. She will negotiate for a breaching program, justifying it is needed for their scavage run. She haggles with Liam to get an in-place jack to crack passwords.

DV12 to get the program for free

Liam β†’ What do you need the jack for, Irina?
Irina β†’ Boss said we might find some intel in still operating nodes, if any. If the nodes are within the fallen vehicles, we might have a chance.
Liam β†’ Alright, gonna trace this purchase
Irina β†’ Boss said not to. I’ll return it to you if we don’t use it. Easier to keep the records clean. Will let you know if I do use it, so we count the inventory (kind of bluff).
Liam β†’ Mhm.

Irina walks back toward Brandt’s tent, she’s gonna look for Brandt’s motorcycle to sabotage it, making a cut on one of the wheels/

Irina β†’ Hey Brandt, was checking the motorcycles on my way out, your rear tire is out of business.
Brandt β†’ What? I’ve literally checked it out this morning.
Irina β†’ Maybe the dogs playing again? Not sure, but you should check it out. My Bike is ready. By the way, how did Boss send you the coordinates? I haven’t got them.
Brandt β†’ They’re in a compress file, like always. Let’s take a look at them.
Irina β†’ Don’t worry, go figure out your bike. I’ll follow you on the coordinates later.
Brandt β†’ As you prefer…

Brandt will walk away to check out his bike around the tent, Irina sneaks in as fast as she can, making sure no one else is watching, and the rotating camp cameras are away of it.

Irina succeeds to sneak in

The computer node is turned off, she turns it on after she plugs the cracker program (🎲 Does it load fast enough? β†’ Hard to say.). A progress bar gets stuck on 19%.

Irina β†’ F%#K. Come on.

Let’s check for a GM Action πŸ™‚ Intensity
🎲 SUM GM Action (neutral) β†’ Someone else gets in trouble and needs help
🎲 Who? β†’ an unimportant Person

Some fire can be heard, after an explosion is triggered on the party. (🎲 Does the program finish? β†’ Yes, unless… Irina fails to understand certain procedures. Rolling Science)

DV14 science roll to deduce certain cracking instructions on the program

Irina looks to see if there are any fire extinguishers inside (🎲 Are there any? β†’ No.). Irina replaces the coordinates file with the Voodoo’s Cargo coordinates. They should be indistinguishable, as both are outdoors.

Brandt comes back, because of the explosion emergency. Irina is inside.

Brandt β†’ What are you doing on my tent???
Irina β†’ I was looking for a goddamn extinguisher!
Brandt β†’ (🎲 Is there one after all? β†’ Yes.) Get out of the way, there’s one behind the bed you fool!
Irina β†’ Watch your mouth, jerk.
Brandt β†’ Come, we’ve got to turn off the fire!
Irina β†’ Yeah, let’s go. What did the boys do this time?
Brandt β†’ (🎲 What happened? β†’ Personal Decision) Florence decided to spark out the injection to make some fireworks
Irina β†’ Not again…

They leave. Irina pulls off, replacing the coordinates of Frank’s mission with her own, Voodoo Cargo mission. Let’s hope for the best…

To be continued…


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