Tuesday Feb 20, 2024

Mythic GME Tools 2.7.0 Released

Dear Foundry and Mythic users!

Mythic GME Tools 2.7.0: Support for Mythic 2nd Edition is live! – For Foundry VTT

Big thank you for the amazing, supportive, patient solo community, and @Tana | Word Mill Games (Word Mill Games) for the encouragement, and @vulpzor for pushing a pull request to get 2nd edition going in the first place.

* Enhancement: Support for Mythic GM Emulator 2nd Edition
* Enhancement: Included all meaning tables from Mythic 2nd Edition at one click reach
* Enhancement: Support for Mythic 2nd Edition Weighted Lists
* Enhancement: New setting to make all oracle roles private
* Bugfix: Characters and Threads list now automatically set the roll formula
* Bugfix: When switching rulebook settings, defaults adjust automatically
* Community: Thank you so much @vulpzor for submitting a PR with Mythic 2nd Edition Oracle Logic and Focus Tables!

Full documentation here

My Ko-Fi page if you’d like to support my contributions!

Have fun! – JV


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