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Symbiotic Fission – 5

Emil, Vittoria, and Sarah conceded the fight. They had no chance against the ambushing forces of Sergeant Harris, one of the possibly many traitors of the siege of Cadia City.

Background music for the situation
Need to figure out what will be the next plans Harris would have with the characters.
🎲 Evil motivations 1d100: [50] = 50 → Hate of everyone (The sergeant is angry, enraged, in fury)
🎲 Evil intentions 1d100: [36] = 36 → Start an unjustified war or conflict

The characters hear screaming, some in pain, some from fear. People appear to be dragged away, here and there. Noises of sliding electronic doors, and guard enforcement voices giving orders to each other. A loudspeaker of commanding instructions giving indications, in a strange language.

🎲 Have the PCs been separated? (likely) → 1d20: [3] = 3 → No.

Sarah wakes up.

Vittoria: “Sarah, Sarah! Can you hear me?”
Sarah: “Vi, is that you? Yes. Where are we?”
Vittoria: “I was hoping you told me, I don’t recognize that language”

🎲 Investigate (3) → ( ) (-) (-) (-) + (3) = 0 (Fail)

Sarah: “For god’s sake… I can barely hear my thoughts… that language, is indeed alien, but I can’t get exactly what they’re saying. Where is Emil?”

🎲 Is Emil awake? → 1d20: [7] = 7 (No)
🎲 Are there any other captives? → 1d20: [10] = 10 Weak No + Intervention
🎲 Intervention 1d20: [7] = 7 → Brings an inconvenient NPC

Some guard: “Shut up woman, how did you remove your tape? Stay quite and I won’t knock you off.”
Sarah: (Tries to figure out anything, in pure darkness) “Where are we???”

🎲 Does the guard reveal? → 1d20: [7] = 7 (No)
🎲 Did the guard speak like human? → 1d20: [1] = 1 (Extreme no + Intervention!)
🎲 Intervention 1d20: [20] = 20 → Enemy presence, unavoidable

Some guard: “Quiet!” (he tapes the mouth of Sarah, but doesn’t notice Vittoria’s uncovered mouth)

Sarah manages to see a little bit of what seems to be very long claws and a dark green brownish skin color. They are not taping her themselves, but rather with a device that does it quite quickly, and effectively.

I am quite stuck here, as a narrator. I’ll roll then a clue type and a finding
Clue type 🎲 1d20: [4] = 4 → Enemy mistake or an overlooked detail
Finding 🎲 1d20: [11] = 11 → Discovery that would cause anger or fury

Not only Vittoria is free to speak, but also her hands are loosely tied. She waits until the guards leave, and carefully unties herself, and makes very subtle moves to figure out herself. It’s still fully dark, however, so she walks slowly touching her surroundings, and careful of not stepping on others.

Vittoria: “I’ll figure something out, alright? We’ll be fine. Don’t make any noises… where are we…?”

🎲 Location by feature 1d20: [9] = 9 → Sacked, raided, destroyed

Vittoria steps on some people on the floor, some respond, some unconscious. There is also some rubble, or trash on the ground.

🎲 Is the place moving? 1d20: [15] = 15 → Yes

But there is vibration, they are being transported, in a train wagon or similar large vehicle in the ground. Vittoria is not strong in a fight, but she can prepare for mind control psionics the next time a guard comes by.

Let’s throw in a scene building prompt as a filler
🎲 Scene prompt 1d20: [7] = 7 → How do people around feel, behave, or interact?

Vittoria can sense others a bit nervous, trying but unable to move, as they are tied up in hands, legs, and mouth, in full darkness. Vittoria can attune, they’re hungry, missing their families, fearing for their lives. Others have given up, and just let time pass by, if they aren’t unconscious ready. Thirst is the worst of all problems at the moment.

Vittoria uses her atunement and empathy to prepare her mind for a strike
Will (2) 🎲 (-) (-) ( ) (-) + (4) = 1 + (2) → Spends a FATE Point to improve the roll, as she has has always been the weird one in class, to succeed. 1 FP left. Places an advantage “Attuned with the psion”

Vittoria: “Guys… I need you to make some noise, move, shake, tap the floor… I’ll get us out of here, we need to call the guard’s attention… now, go!”

They all begin flipping and hitting things with their heads and their legs, Vittoria included, although she is concentrating as much as she can on feeling and attracting a minor alien guard to their chamber. Surprisingly, at this time, Emil seems to be waking up. He doesn’t understand squat.

The guards notice

Vittoria was expecting someone opening the door, instead, she notices a small LED light in the corner of the chamber, it’s beeping as for a manual override. Vittoria rushes and sits down by the floor to remain unnoticed.

Situation aspect is added: ‘you didn’t see that coming!’

Still, eventually, someone opens the door. Vittoria will slam the guard as soon as he steps forward inside, and just as the lights go on in the chamber, soon after, with the armored alien distracted, she unloads a force of psionic power right to override his thoughts.

Untie everyone, open the door, stay inside – Vittoria’s mental message

🎲 Will (opposed) → (+) ( ) (+) (-) + (4) = 5
🎲 Will (opposed) → ( ) (-) (+) (+) + (2) = 3
Vittoria wins, and enforces the instruction
🎲 Proposal check, to check if things just go as planned 1d20: [20] = 20 → They do!

Emil, Sarah, and (🎲 1d6: [6] = 6) six other survivors are untied. Vittoria takes the guard’s batton and laser pistol. Gives one to waking up Emil. They leave the guard in the chamber, along (🎲 1d4: [4] = 4) four unconscious people.

Sarah: “We’re leaving them behind?”
Vittoria: “There’s no time Sarah, it’s us, or nobody…”

Sarah is definitely compelled, she’s got to pay a FATE point to override her ‘I care too much for our species’

Sarah: “Heck no… (sighs, and realizes no other feasible option) at least I am untying them.”

Sarah’s leg was hurting bad, she had taken a bullet in the leg. She was bandaged. Someone kept her alive, but just enough. Sarah reaches to kick the alien guard in the face.

Vittoria: (stops her) No, you are going to break the spell. Let’s go. We can find a way to blow up this place, and we’ll rescue many more if we escape today.

As they go outside, the chamber, they look around. They are indeed in a high speed train, painted in white as if a hospital, clean, modern, sharp. Windows outside indicate it’s night, as it’s fully dark, and for the time being, no one around. This is a hallway that connects to two sliding doors on the extremes, and a thin passage with electronic controls and an emergency stop lever. No cameras in this hall, but very likely at the doors. Now, it is a matter of going left, or right.

To be continued…


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