Friday Jun 21, 2024

Symbiotic Fission – 2

Dealing with the survivors of the warehouse outpost

Emil, Sarah and Vittoria successfully ambushed an assault group of Aliens who had taken a dozen of captives. The shootout was short, but violent, bloody, and on fire. A warehouse outpost was overrun and set on fire, and some of the captives deceased, yet, about seven remain alive and rescued in time.

Sarah: “Freaking sons of their mother… is everybody alright?”

I would need an NPC who talks for the captives
🎲 Attitude 1d20: [11] = 11 → Avoids engagement to minimum necessary
🎲 What did they intend (good)? 1d100: [27] = 27 → Give council to a leader
Name: Thomas

Thomas: “Ah… not exactly. But we are fine.”
Sarah: “Let me take a look, what’s your name?”
Thomas: “Thomas…”
Sarah: “What happened to you?”
Thomas: “It is better we do not talk…”
Sarah: “Why not?”
Vittoria: “They are scared, we could be heard, or watched. We are not safe”
Sarah: “Well, we can’t move in their current state”
Emil: “Vittoria is right, we can’t stay here. Thomas, we have to move, let’s help everybody we can”

Let see if something would happen
🎲 Proposal check → 1d20: [11] = 11 → All seems to be fine, for now.
🎲 Is there anyone who needs serious or immediate attention? → 1d20: [19] = 19 – Extreme yes

A young lady, holding a pistol, starts coughing blood. The warehouse on fire, everyone is currently catching up their breath, as Emil and Vittoria release them from restraints.

Vittoria: “Sarah! Over here! – Hang on, what’s your name?”
Jana: “Jana” (coughs)
Vittoria: “Listen to me Jana, it is going to be alright” (a metallic sheet of metal pierced her abdomen)

Vittoria tries to raise the young lady’s spirit (3)
🎲 Empathy → (+) (-) ( ) ( ) + (0) = 0 – No success

Sarah will act on a haste to apply first aid, remove the sheet and apply bandages (4)
🎲 Crafts (+2 per stunt) (+) (+) ( ) (+) + (5) = 8 → Success with Style

Screams in pain make everyone uncomfortable, Emil is paying attention to the surroundings. Fortunately, the sound of fire is both concealing, but at the same time one of the few sources of light in the area. He remains in overwatch. Sarah acts with surgery precision, she manages to pull off some ready first aid supplies she had, asked for anyone in the surrounds to hold Jana, and if they had antibiotics (🎲 Did they? → 1d20: [9] = 9, Weak no – No, but one of them had some painkillers).

Sarah: “You are a god-damn hero, Jana. The Aliens would be scared of you if they saw you holding up this far, with this amount of willpower”

Jana was, of course, unconscious.

Emil: “Come on, we’ve got to go. Back to the camp. Vittoria, cover Saraha, I’ll be checking the surroundings for safety, or any other survivors”
Vittoria: “Alone?”
Emil: “It will be just in case, I’ll catch up with you, shortly, take everybody to safety”
Vittoria: “What do we do with the alien captive?”
Sarah: “Leave that to me, gotta ask him some questions, later” (She kicks the restrained alien in the belly and spits on him).

To be continued…


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