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Symbiotic Fission – 3

Emil went out in the Forest of Candia, as he separated from the group to swipe the area and find other survivors, scout for Aliens roaming around, to en sure the area.

🎲 Anything relevant to be found? β†’ 1d20: [12] = 12 β†’ Yes
🎲 Exploration 3d20: [3, 8, 2] = 13 β†’
1. Vision difficulties
2. Setting-specific
3. Hazards, radiation

Emil enters a foggy section of the forest, somewhere south-east of their camp. At first, he thinks it is smoke from a fire, but then it begins smelling something very strange, like a form of ectoplasm. His head begins to hurt, and he starts feeling uncomfortable. He wears his gas mask to continue a bit further, and uses his magnified scope to keep an eye on what is going on.

🎲 Discovery clue type β†’ 1d20: [5] = 5 β†’ Recording, whispering, eavesdropping
🎲 Is it an enemy? β†’ 1d20: [18] = 18 (Extreme yes). An Alien? (bias-yes) β†’ 1d20: [5] = 5 (No)
🎲 Enemy activity β†’ 1d20: [12] = 12 β†’ (they) Found or secured a key location
🎲 Location by feature β†’ :1d20: [11] = 11 β†’ Destroyed, ruined, difficult to traverse

A (🎲 1d6: [1] = 1) fully armored soldier, with gas mask and a large assault rifle on his back, seems to be walking over a ruined stone and bricks tower, the smell or toxin is definitely coming from there. The man appears to be communicating through some hand-held comms, despite the known risk of interception, unless…

Mysterious man: “Yes, I found it. Yes, the location is confirmed Sir, it is a perfect match.”
Mysterious man: “No, there is nobody, Sir. And yes, the eggs are well-preserved, I believe they are about to break out Sir. Should I allow it?”
Mysterious man: “Then I will take two with me, and destroy the rest. Understood”

Emil wants to get closer to see what is he talking about, but that will require a stealth check.

Emil 🎲 Stealth (opposed) (+) (+) (-) (+) + (2) = 4
The man🎲 Notice (opposed) ( ) (+) (-) (+) + (2) = 3
Emil succeeds. He remains unnoticed.
Emil places an advantage “I’ve got the drop on him”

Emil notices there is an armored vehicle near the man, it is extremely tempting to assault this man. But it is unclear whether he is on the good side, or not. Who is he talking to? The man is currently holding a knife, and he is cutting through some horrible, large putrid eggs, surrounded with black and purple liquids. They emanate a horrid sound and wither within as he cuts through.

Emil doesn’t want to kill the man right away, needs to know more, he readies his assault rifle.

Emil: “Stop right where you are, hands up, and no sudden moves.”

🎲 Does the man has any tricks ready for this kind of drop? (bias to no) β†’ 1d20: [16] = 16 β†’ Yes, he is ready for such a drop.

The armored, stealth vehicle, as it seems to have an AI, unlocks a turret which projects out of its roof, brings a mount LMG and immediately targets Emil with a laser.

Man: “If you shoot me, the APC is going to fill you with 50. Caliber rounds”
Emil: “I am aware of that, shut up. What are you doing? Who are you?”

Need some time to think, and figure this out. I am going to make this man, part of a faction that is actually supporting the Aliens, against the Human Federation and other pro-humanity factions.
🎲 Evil intentions 1d100: [11] = 11 β†’ Sabotage own faction operations.
Hot-damn, this man is actually sabotaging the aliens. Ends up being good guy. But he is definitely being watched or something, can’t publicly show it.
🎲 Attitude 1d20: [15] = 15 β†’ Remains respectful

Man: “You escaped Candia…”
Emil: “Who are you?”
Man: “Not what you think, stop aiming at men, or the turret is going to open fire. Let’s talk.”
Emil: (thinks about it, and slowly lowers the weapon)

Right after Emil lowers his weapon, the man quickly turns and opens fire at the ACP’s mounted turret’s antenna, and it explodes.

Emil: “What the f*cking f*ck?”
Man: “Good. I was waiting for an opportunity for that antenna to expose itself… We’ve got to hurry. The name is Jean Garnier. And I am working for the Alien Syndicate. Kind of.”
Emil: “What do you mean?”
Jean: “I am an Agent, covert agent. But our headquarters was shot down. I intend to keep on the fight”
Jean: “And now… I’ve got to take these two pieces of shit back to them”
Emil: “What are they?”
Jean: “I am not sure. I think these are human symbiotes, psions, to fight against us. But I don’t think they look like human. At this stage, they are putrid liquids anyway”.
Emil: “How did you get to work for the Alien Syndicate?”
Jean: “I had to do some serious bad shit. You don’t want to know. Now help me with these.”
Emil: “We could use your help. This vehicle. We are intending to go up to Fortmire for further orders”

🎲 Is Fortmire still a safe place? β†’ 1d20: [10] = 10 β†’ Weak no
🎲 This is an intervention! 1d20: [2] = 2 β†’ A strange sound can be heard.

Jean: “I haven’t heard back from Fortmire headquarters. I would expect the worst has happened.”
Emil: “What do you suggest we do, then?”

A squeezing sound can be heard from the eggs.

🎲 Does he have a plan? 1d20: [2] = 2 β†’ Extreme no

Jean: “No idea, but I have hurry up, and to stick to my orders, stay on low-profile. Hit me in the face.”
Emil: “What?”
Jean: “Hit me. I need to explain why is the APC damaged…”

Emil punches him in the eye. Then in the mouth. It gets swollen a few seconds after. Spits blood.

Jean: “Listen, I can’t stay. But I’ll gather all the intel I can. In the meantime, I need you to find the next operational Human Federation headquarters, can call me in when it is safe enough. I can’t go roaming about right now. They’re watching me. Here, take these, these are my radio frequency channels. If you find a Major, Colonel, or Commander, they’ll know which codes to send over.”
Emil: “Fine. Can you give us some time to escape? There are Alien roamers around”
Jean: “Yes. I’ll post an update to indicate this area is secure, but I can’t buy more than a day. Now go”
Emil: “You’ll hear again from us. Good luck”
Jean: “You need the luck more than I do”
Emil: “Anything we should know?”
Jean: “Don’t go back to Candia, ever.”

🎲 Discovery, enemy activity 1d20: [7] = 7 β†’ Confront to talk, place demands

Jean: “The Alien Syndicate is placing all of their effort to find traitors, enemies from within, as they are starting to enforce their demands to multiple pro-human factions. Be ready to find enemies in humanity, not everyone is like me. The Aliens will sweep South England in the next few months, go as North as you can.”
Emil: “Is there a way you can keep me informed?”
Jean: “It is too risky. Find a safe headquarters first or next line of command, then we’ll talk again”.

Jean proceeds now to cut the eggs, which emanate a horrid smell. And with the help of Emil, they place two specimens on the APC.

Emil: “Wait, I could take one of these. I’ve got a biologist in my squad.”
Jean: “That’s too much risk. If the Aliens find out… I am dead”
Emil: “Please. It can give us a chance, to take the fight with them. Do you know how to preserve them?”
Jean: “Don’t expose them to extreme heat, nor cold. They must remain humid, and in darkness. They’re about to give birth in about a week. If anyone asks, if something ever happens, you don’t know me. Now go, I think I’ve seen a wagon over there behind a barn. Farewell”
Emil: “You didn’t ask for my name”
Jean: “I don’t want to. Take care.”

To be continued…


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