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Symbiotic Fission – 4

Emil heads back… with an egg in a wagon. An Alien egg. Or is it Alien?

(Some background music for the reader)
Is it all good back at the camp and on the way there?
🎲 Proposal check 1d20: [5] = 5 → It is true, but there is someone you didn’t count with.
🎲 Damn, who? Is it the traitor sergeant Harris? 1d20: [12] = 12 → Yes
🎲 With a bunch of Aliens? (if not, humans) → 1d20: [8] = 8 → No, then with some humans.
🎲 Bad intentions (yes-bias) → 1d20: [18] = 18 (Extreme yes)

There’s some screaming as Emil heads back to the camp. Something seems bad, awful. The first thing he does, is put the Alien Egg in the safest position he can find, as hidden as possible, behind a huge Rock blended in with the trees. He quickly marks the rock, with a small cross. He approaches carefully and trying to get an assessment of the situation.

Stealth (2) (-) (+) (+) ( ) + (2) = 3 → Success

Emil is careful with his steps, and as he approaches, he notices Sergeant Harris (once fighting for the human federation) giving orders to his men to take everybody captive and secure the location. Vittoria has been blinded and muted with a cap and ropes, Sarah has been reduced and disarmed.

🎲 How many men are with Harris? → 2d4: [1, 2] = 3 (Four in total)

One of the guards is asking Sarah about Emil. She resists. He hits her with the back of his shotgun.

Sarah: “F*ck you” (she spits on the guard)

The guard points at her face with the shotgun.

Harris: “Don’t. She’s valuable.”

Harris takes wields his gun, and he shoots Thomas in the head. Thomas dies (he was one of the rescued middle-aged men of the group). Screaming in fear can be heard.

Harris: “Do we need any more examples before getting our answer? Where… is… Emil Stolar?”

Emil takes a look around, trying to figure out more about Harris and where their men came from.

🎲 Did they come up in a vehicle? → 1d20: [13] = 13 (Yes)
🎲 Does the vehicle have any mounted weapons? → 1d20: [4] = 4 (No)
🎲 Is the vehicle currently defended? → 1d20: [1] = 1 (Extreme no + Random event)
🎲 Random intervention :1d20: [17] = 17 → Something’s wrong, or wrongly placed

The bastards have taken the captive Alien that Sarah had taken alive. The bastards probable had a way to track the Alien down! Emil proceeds to carefully make eye contact with Sarah, and prepare an attack. He does, Sarah nodes back. Emil gets behind the undefended vehicle, and targets the man targeting at Sarah first. He knows this can have serious consequences, but doesn’t see any alternative. They would kill them all anyway, so it is a matter of being furiously fast, and release Vittoria as fast as possible.

Round 1

With the time advantage, Emil calls “Group tactical leader” stunt to place an advantage, (I am stretching rapport to eye contact within the team).

Rapport (2) ( ) (-) (+) ( ) + (5) = 5 (Success with style)
“We have the drop” which has two free invocations.

Emil aims carefully, and opens fire (Shoot (2)🎲 (+) (-) (-) (-) + (4) = 2. Spends a FATE point as a volunteer militia of Candia to re-roll that Shoot (2) 🎲 (+) ( ) ( ) (-) + (4) = 4. Success with two shifts).

Emil opens fire at the guard aiming at Sarah and knocks him down, Sarah rolls to the side and tries to tackle the guard aiming at Vittoria as fast as she can. Sarah is no acrobat or fighter, so this is out of pure strength of willpower, her intention is mainly to give a chance for Vittoria to release herself, or both.

🎲 Athletics (2) (+) ( ) (-) (+) + (2) (makes use of the free invocation) = 3 → Success

Now that Vittoria has a small timeframe, she focuses on following Sarah along (she is blinded) and take cover, by just her sense of intuition.

Vittoria: “Sarah? Sarah!?”
Sarah: “Over here! This way” (She is looking for a sharp edge to untie herself in the meantime)

Sergeant Harris turns around

🎲 Enemy NPC imminent intention → 1d2: [1] = 1 → Capture, or trap you
Sergeant Harris will focus on paralyzing Emil. He’s got a super-powerful taser rifle.

Harris Shoot (opposed) 🎲 (-) (+) ( ) (-) + (4) = 3
Emil Athletics (opposed) 🎲 ( ) (-) (+) ( ) + (1) = 1

Harris places a mild consequence (from Harris’ stunt), “Electrocuted, real bad”. And takes 2 stress.

The other two guard take positions to fight.

🎲 Do they take any hostages? (or just fight) → 1d20: [4] = 4 → No, they just fight.

🎲 Guard 1 Shoot (Opposed) targets Sarah → (+) ( ) (+) (-) + (2) = 3
🎲 Sarah Athletics to defend → (+) (-) (-) ( ) + (0) = -1 (Fails, with style for the guard, he places a boost “Sarah is out of cover now”). Sarah takes 4 Stress boxes right away, one mild consequence: “Shot in the leg”, as he doesn’t aim to kill.

Sarah: “Ughhhh! Son of a…”

🎲 The other guard aims at Vittoria → (+) (-) ( ) (+) + (2) = 3
🎲 Vittoria is still tied up, in a way, but taking cover. Athletics → (+) ( ) ( ) ( ) + (1) = 2

She is being shot at, but she manages to stay behind one of the medium-sized rocks over there.
She unties herself next with the rock, but she doesn’t act now.

Round 2

Harris approaches Emil, with the intention of knocking him unconscious. He intends to hit hard with the back of his rifle.

🎲 Fight (opposed) → (+) ( ) ( ) (+) + (3) = 5 + 2 = 7 by invoking the Mild Consequence of Emil electrocuted
🎲 Athletics (opposed) → (+) (-) (+) ( ) + (1) = 2 (5 shifts!) and takes a boost (“it hurts!”), as he takes another Moderate consequence “Broken and bleeding nose. Stunned”

Sarah crawls to pick up the dead guard’s to improvise herself and Vittoria some cover. The man was heavily armored in the torso with Kevlar. But Sarah’s leg hurts.

🎲 Advantage with Crafts (opposed) → (-) (-) (+) (-) + (3) = 1
🎲 Guard’s Notice to find a spot across cover (opposed) → (+) (+) (+) (-) + (1) = 3

The cover will not be enough to make a difference. Sarah was a tad too slow.

The guard will aim lethally to Sarah. I think they’ve won the fight. Players will concede.

Sarah: “FINE. FINE. We surrender”
Vittoria: “Sarah, no…”

Emil on the other hand is being punched over and over by Sergeant Harris. Vittoria can finally see, now that she could (a bit late) untie her face. But rapidly soon after, the guard covers her face again. No one wants a Psyker set loose.

Guard: “Stay put or I’ll tear your psychic powers out of your brain”

To be continued…


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