Friday May 17, 2024

Storyteller’s Prompty Questions – Release!

Empower your stories, world building ideas, adventures, and solo RPGs using the power of questions.

I have been playing with a crazy idea lately, which is to ask myself random questions at random times during my games. Storyteller’s Prompty Questions is a set of random tables with creative questions that you may throw to yourself, in the middle of your game scenes; be it a solo RPG adventure, a group game, collaborative storytelling, or a journaling game.

These questions prompted at random may trigger you to think of things you could have overlooked, or not explicitly described, such as the state of the building your characters are in, or the presence of insects annoying them; who knows where such questions lead you to!

Imagine if your players asked you these questions when you least expected them! Forever GMs will probably spot these questions as opportunities to move their game forward, and this is exactly what it is. Fill the silence gaps in your narrative with them!

There are two editions: Standard (Free, pay what you want), and extended (donating 5 EUR or more, and appreciating my work).

Extended version features:

  • Increases all tables from d66 (36 entries) to d100 (50 entries)
  • Backstory questions: challenge your characters with backstory questions that may extend your knowledge about them and their mysterious past.
  • World questions: defy your own knowledge of the world by prompting yourself to think about geopolitics, culture, society, and more.
  • Three 1d100 multi-word tables for Action – Descriptor – Subject, to help yourself answer some of those tricky questions

Rules are extremely lightweight, and includes triggers for playing them with Mythic GM Emulator, Plot Unfolding Machine, Game Unfolding Machine, or other emulators.

Have fun, and please leave a comment with your thoughts and feedback. I hope this tool empowers your storytelling journey as much as it does for me.



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