Monday Apr 22, 2024

Plot Unfolding Machine V6 Released!

The Plot Unfolding Machine (PUM) is a one-pager GM Emulator that helps you come up with scene proposals, challenges and stakes for your PCs to fight for. What stands between your characters and their goals? Who is opposing them, and how? What happens next?. These are questions PUM tries to help answer, moving your game forward.

By placing conflict at the center of the adventure, you’ll find your characters having to fight for their goals, world building, and your RPG system to actually matter. PUM’s main goal is to bring Solo RPG players back to the player side, lowering the GM authorship effort on the game content.


  • Get Scene Prompt ideas for those times when your PCs open that mysterious door or traverse that mystic forest
    • Inspire yourself with challenge ideas
    • Face problematic complications
    • Reminders about your world building elements
    • Creative triggers in the oracle answers
    • Figure out what is at stake if things go wrong
    • Bring your plots to a satisfying end
  • Play with 8 oracles that can answer any kind of questions you have, what, who, why, how, and more.

V6 new features

  • Fully re-designed from scratch for a more appealing and professional look
  • Plot nodes to let PUM interact with your game as YOU design it to be
  • Incorporate custom elements from your world building into PUM
  • Challenge your scene proposals with emotion based deviations
  • Revisited oracles to come up with ideas for anything
  • Just a one-pager GM emulator!

Quick comparison of * Unfolding Machine products

  • Plot Unfolding Machine: One Page (both sides), compact all-in-one GM emulator to play it on its own, very rules-light, narrative driven. Helps with scene ideas. d10. Non-binary yes/no oracle with caveats.
  • Game Unfolding Machine: 30 Pages of abstract and game creation tables, not really an emulator. “Use what you need” by design. Goes well with any other solo systems, but includes basic oracles. d20.
  • Scene Unfolding Machine: Focuses on emulating NPCs (behavior, responses, opinions), and random events. For experimental purposes or PC emulation.–V6-update

Have fun! – JeansenVaars


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