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Heralds of Akkadia – 3

Following the events of Heralds of Akkadia – 2, young Sargon assessed the situation of his father, Urzababa, breaking the siege of Kish, going to war with disadvantage against a powerful Sumer of Lugal-Zage-Si. With no hopes of achieving victory, and his hometown Kish about to fall, he decides to follow the suggestions of the priestess and follow his own path, away from battle.

Instead of joining battle, Sargon takes his small battalion of men towards East, killing one of his own father’s scouts in order to not risk anyone knowing about his plans. He intends to reunite nomadic forces of the East and protect his land. Will he succeed?

Sargon’s dreams of messages from Inanna
Find the bit-dakkuri tribesmen
Find the bit-amukkani tribesmen
The envy of the Igigi is hunting Sargon
Jealousy of Igigi
Men of Urzababa
Inanna apparitions
Eshai – Royal Master of Weapons
Batnaya of Sargon – Craftsman Builder

Gameplay Notes: I am using my latest JV’s Scene Designer to build up the scenes. On top of that, using the Twists and Complications random table for coming up with source of challenges. I am pretty happy with the setup. The rest is pure Mythic!

Scene 1 – Twisted nights

Next Scene: Plot Progress – Specialist test – Long or Staged task
Specialist task is needed, is it Sargon’s? Fate Check: No
Proposal: Sargon and his men are going to transit the desert in the night and set up camp.
Complication: Unknown – Corrupted/Twisted/Insane
Scene Check: Proceeds normally!

The sound of a distant battle in the middle of the night, keeping Sargon and his travelling men completely silent. Some of them whispering and doubting, whether they should be fighting to defend their homeland, and whether Sargon is worthy of this incredible weight on their soul, not knowing whether their families are safe and sound, and able to see them ever again.

Sargon Carefully thinks through his words.

Brave men of Kish, do not perish, thus Inanna is here to protect us and guide us. Kish may fall tonight, I am not going to lie, and our beloved, despite sadness, lost to us. I share grief with you, together, but I, Sargon of Kish, know with full heart and soul, that the Gods are guiding us through a lengthy, painful but worthy path: The path of the rising sun. We will return to Kish, strong in forces and morale, and will punish our enemies, and give our land golden times.

Overcome: Careful +2 (2) -> Roll 4d6: 2+2+2+2 = -4 (-2) FAIL!

Despite the brave and inspiring words, some soldiers and auxiliary units look at each other. Some cheer in favor, but others remain in silent, uninspired or worried. They still follow the instructions, but not yet had Sargon shown worthiness in deeds.

After walking a few hours, farther away from Kish, a swirl and gust of wind gathers. Dancing at first, dangerous a few instants later and suddenly calm afterwards, Sargon gives the instruction to halt, and set up camp. They are too tired of a long day already. The silence Betnaya gives his men instructions to prepare the terrain, raise tents and construct wall shaped fortifications to cover from the direction of the winds.

Create advantage: Careful +3 (3) (Increased difficulty because of bad morale) → Roll 4d6: 3+1+5+6 = +1 (4) Success!

Sargon and Eshai scout the surroundings.

Is there anything strange? (Very unlikely) Fate Check: Exceptional No

Aside from the hitting hammers and the sound of rocks and whispers, pure silence.

The scene proposal mentioned a complication, something unknown of Corrupted or Twisted form. How does it look like? Description: Enthusiastically Weak
The focus was Plot Progress, which plot? Roll d4: 2 → Find the bit-dakkuri tribesmen

Winds of supernatural appearance, coming from all directions, hit the camp, a cold weather gets mixed up with hot air, and the soldiers feel unease. Yet, the camp stands true, as Sargon and Eshai help the Auxiliary unit stand in the sandy environment.

Sargon tries to understand the winds’ direction while looking for clarifying sight in the horizon, to identify whether they are lost or not, based on Inanna’s instructions to find the tribesmen Bit-Dakkuri.

Overcome: Clever +3 Using “Knowledge of the Lands” Stunt .vs (2) -> Roll 4d6: 6+3+3+2 = +0 (3) Success!

Sargon can feel the god’s will in the wind, as if they were made of Cuneiform or some sort of cyphered hieroglyphics. He goes to rest. The morning will start a new era.

Scene 2 – Twisted Minds

Next Scene: Plot complication or twist – Athletic test – Regular challenge
Complication: Ally – Prepared/Armed/Expecting
Is someone betraying Sargon? (Likely) → Fate Check: Yes
Scene Check: Proceeds normally!
Did Sargon sleep well? Fate Check: Yes

Sargon opens his eyes after sorrows of dust and wind interrupt his deep breathing dreams. Somebody steps on his tent, accidentally pushing one of the hanging candles and making noise, Sargon pushes himself from the ground, as a flying Javelin comes directly towards his chest.

Conflict: Forceful Attack +2 Roll 4d6: 4+1+1+1 = -3 (-1). Defender Quick +1 Roll 4d6: 1+6+2+6 = 0 (1) Defender Wins!
Does anyone come to aid? (Likely) Fate Check: Exceptional Yes
Is it his Royal Guard, Eshai? (Very Likely) Fate Check: Yes

Sargon rolls to his right side with his bedroll, quickly raises the table as a shield, and a bearded man screaming in anger prepares a second Javelin, as Eshai tackles the light Spearman disabling him and reducing him, and looking at Sargon, he waits for the command to kill him.

Do not. Bring him outside. – Orders Sargon

Says Sargon with a calming voice. Eshai arrests the attacking soldier and ties him up in hands, hitting him a few times until the man gives up.

Sargon walks out of the tent, and cries out loud to the attention of the camp. His men, most of them still sleeping in the very early dawn, gather themselves up and come out of their tent.

– Battalion the 2nd, stand up! Immediately. Eshai, tie the man up in a pole, Batnaya, prepare a bonfire, 8 steps away to the South-East of the pole.
– Yes, my lord Sargon.
– I was dreaming, as the gods granted me peace in my soul. I was dreaming, of a rebuilt Kish, a powerful land of Akkad, a destroyed Sumer. I was dreaming of you, working and fighting by my side. Fear not, is it the goddess himself who is guiding us, and is the goddess herself the one who warned me of a deviated soul. A confused spirit. A misaligned intention.

I am not to choose, whether the fires of Inonna decide to burn this soul, but you shall see, how I, Sargon of Akkad, Son of Urzababa of Kish, read the winds of dust. Let the fire, decide whether I am right or wrong. Time shall tell.

Sargon spends a FATE Point to have the Winds burn the traitor, invoking Inanna’s Will.
How fast does this happen (1 Slow, 6 Fast)? Roll d6: 6 Fast!

Batnaya does not even finish lighting up the fire on the distant bonfire, that the fire already, and almost immediately, is pushed towards the direction of the tied up traitor. The burning flames touch the skin of the man, which ignite his leathers and slowly burn his outer skin as he screams in pain, Sargon’s men silent, astonished by the reading of the wind direction, in this chaotic valley…

To be continued…


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