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Heralds of Akkadia – 1


Sargon exits the cave he dreamed about. After encountering An-Aenlilda, he confirmed that he might not be feverish. The cave was out in the steppes, in the middle of nowhere, and regardless he managed to find it, just based on landmarks and dreams.

It is late, and the King father, Urzubaba is going to expect Sargon to be there for dinner. Sargon is, after all, his cup bearer, and Urzubaba wouldn’t start any dinner without his cup of wine filled. But Sargon has yet to cross the deserted steppes, and he only counts on his thirsty slave, who was carrying some supplies for the trip, and an old donkey, pushing the Chariot. Sargon wasn’t allowed to move outside the city on his own, without at least some servants to watch for him.

Steppes of Dark Shades

Mythic Writer Notes (Click to Expand)

Scene proposed: Sargon needs to cross the steppes and make it to his King, in time, before dinner, as unknown forces of evil will try to stop him.
Alteration Check: Proceeds normally.

“We are late, young Sargon. The King will be waiting for us” – said the Slave, nervous.
“I know. But I bring him good news. Let us go.” – Said Sargon
The Slave approached slowly and offered himself to carry Sargon’s swords, but this only gave the Torch. The Servant didn’t even think of asking what did Sargon find on that place. It is just the way it is.
“The sword stays with me.” – And Sargon refuses to give any other explanation

Mythic Writer Notes (Click to Expand)

Someone will be hunting Sargon down, but I have no idea who or why, yet. I’ll draw a TAC card to figure it out.
TAC: Characters 14. Most Logical. I don’t have anyone in position 14.
Fate Check: Is it a divine intervention? (Unsure) -> Yes. Then they will be the enemies of the Divine. The Igigi. Probably Monsters
Creature Crafter: Metallic Weapon, Beautiful Colors
Added the Igigi on Characters 14.

Chariots of Sargon’s Slave driven by Donkeys

Sargon and the Slave get themselves ready, Sargon allows for both to drink some water left, and throw the pottery to be lighter, and they get on the Chariot. As the sun is coming down, the weather is getting very cold, and light fading away.

Despite the sun still visible in the horizon, about to sunset, its light was dimmer, the fog stronger, and its red color was turning blue, with shades of darkness. Mist. Silence. Sargon tried to concentrate, so he could listen again the wheels crackling on the earth of these arid steppes.

Traversing the Steppes of Kish

Sargon and the slave on the Donkey driven Chariot, traversing the curves of the passage through the steppes towards Kish, start feeling worried because of the extreme silence. Not even the wind was to be heard.

Sargon spots movement on the sandy ground and decides to take a left turn, avoiding a possible trap. From the distance, a shade emerges from the ground. Targeting the donkey of the Chariot, it induces a scream from which its eyes open wide projecting blinding colorful lights towards the innocent animal.

The Donkey screams in panic and hits itself against the rock on the side, falling unconscious. The Chariot makes an unexpected twist sideways and Sargon and the Slave jump off right in time, however parts of the Chariot already seem to be broken because of the impact. Another figure emerges from the ground, the slave spasms in terror.

Sargon, with sword in hand, charges against the attacking shades, and prays to the divine, while striking hard. The shade, fast moving, manages to dodge and pushes him back in between two uncomfortable rocks. Sargon fights back against such disadvantage and eventually pushes the Shade back with the help of his torch.

The Shades of Igigi

The other shade, rushes in behind the Slave, who was throwing javelins at the emerging monster from the south, with little to no success. The poor servant retreats in defense and stumbles upon broken wooden pieces of the Chariot and falls on his back, the shade phases forward and strikes its poisonous metallic blade into the poor’s servant, life leaving his body.

Sargon defeats the shade by thrusting his sword exactly after hitting with the torch, and looks at the other Shade, angry, screaming in despair.

Mythic Game Master (Click to Expand)

The battle rolls on the table, with the Slave attempting to throw Javelins at the shades without success. Sargon’s mighty God Favors allowed him spend some FATE points to extend his chances, and managed to use the Torch to place advantages on the enemies. They on the other hand, manage to push him into a corner between rocks and try to hold him there. The Servant falls unconscious, if not dead…

I rolled on my table Combat Circumstances to inspire myself on a battle twist. I’ve got Physical Effort Required, which reminds me the Shadows can alter the environment, and will actually try to prevent Sargon from continuing his mission. They will cast him on the sands. I roll a Create an Advantage for them “Moving Sands” with difficulty 3 and succeed with style. Afterwards, the shade will flee.

Sargon will have to fight against the moving sands to pull himself up, as he sees from the distance, the laughing, screaming and horrifying sound of the Igigi Shades, monsters he had only seen on his worst nightmares. Will Sargon make it out alive?. To be continued.


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