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Heralds of Akkadia – 4

Following the events of Heralds of Akkadia – 3, Sargon was betrayed by one of his men, right before dawn. Despite heavy dreams, dust woke him up and managed to survive, as his Royal Weapon Master Eshai put the man down, and with spiritual leadership, burned to death afterwards.

Next Scene: Circumstance against plot – Specialist test – Needs help
Complication: Environment – Disrupted/Modified/Artificial
Which Plot gets Complicated?: Roll d4: 2 → Finding the bit-dakkuri tribe

Scene 1 – Bridges

Sargon and his men, two battalions of light Spearman, an auxiliary unit, a builders unit and half a unit of javelin throwers approach a river, but to Sargon’s surprise, the river’s flow is much stronger and the water levels higher as he had expected from this region. Sargon looks at craftsman Batnaya.

– The tribe of the bit-dakkuri wander the region south-east, to the other side of the river… The only bridge I know is far to the north, beyond the lines of Lugal-Zage-Si, probably another one located south in the land of the Adab, which is hostile to us.
– Then we will have to build a bridge here, my lord Sargon.
– How long will it take?
– Perhaps three days if we dedicate some of your soldiers. Seven days if you intend to keep it for posterity. The problem is where to get the stones and wood from… Maybe we can take it from Dilbat?
– That is too close from Babylon. What is the next city to further south?
– That would be… Marad. Ask the battalion if anyone is from there.
– Yes, Sargon.

Does Sargon find someone from Marad? Fate Check: No with Random Event!
Focus: PC Negative – Action: Disrupt Outside

None of the men in the battalion come from Marad, but one of the young lads of the Auxiliary units, Amarud heard in a travel, that the council of Marad had expelled civilians and soldiers from their army out of the city, and closed their borders, for rumors of spies and traitors. They are also fortifying their city. Some have fled, and others even joined the renegades.

– Marad sits on the canal of Abga, and they have a temple of Ninurta. As it is facing rebellion from the insides, and afraid of the wrath of the Sumer Lugal-Zage-Si, considering trade is interrupted, they are likely in a poor situation. But the city being closed will leave limited room for us to deal with them.
– Who said anything about dealing with them? Eshai, come with me, we are scouting for the renegades, bring half of the javelin unit with us. The rest of you, make camp, hunt for food and sharpen your weapons, pray to the goddess. We will be back by sunset. Batnaya, start the plans for a bridge. Plan it for a long-lasting golden era in the name of Inanna.

Sargon and Eshai departed South-West, with a unit of lightweight moving 50 javelin soldiers.

Scene 2 – Suttinu Deserters

Next Scene: Plot complication or twist – Athletic – Needs help
Complication: Ally – Leaked/Discovered/Known
Are the allies men of Urzababa from Kish? Fate Check: Yes
Is it a diplomatic unit? Fate Check: No with Random Event!
Focus: NPC Action – Action: Harm Elements

Scene Check: Proceeds normally!

Sargon and the exploration unit travel along the feet of the hills down the path to Marad, the path is deserted. It takes them about two hours until they arrive closer to the city into the first crossroad, where they spot a Skirmishers unit of Sargon’s Father, Urzababa.

Sargon decides to hide and observe them, as he discovers the Skirmishers are his father’s renegades looking for scavenging and disruption. They became raiders. They were deserters.

Sargon quickly realized that these idiots were rushing directly into their deaths, without strong leaders and knowledge of the region, their movement direction was straight into the doors of Marad. This was an opportunity to be seized. But Sargon does not want to simply raid. That is too short-sighted. He wanted the whole city of Marad.

– Halt! (The Skirmishers, surprised by a troop coming down the hill, with Javaliners in ready position to strike). I know you are Skirmishers of the Nin-Dar unit of Kish. I also know you are to be punished to death for your acts of treason. But I, Sargon, am merciful and may be able to bless you with what you don’t have. Food, and intelligence, which you seem lacking after all.
– Is that the King’s son? (Frozen, whisper some skirmishers, others more willing to fight for their lives)
– You are approaching the doors of Marad, and as idiotic as you are, you don’t know that you are running straight to your deaths but approaching the door of death. The Spikes of Marad.
– (A young, leader like Skirmisher comes up to the front) And you, say you have a better idea? We are hungry and are starving, these are the land of the rich enemy, and we shall be forgiven for attacking the enemy of our lord!
– Well, you shall not find food, but death, if you follow that reasoning. Which clan are you from? What is your name?
– I am Bit-Nur of clan Suttinu. We fled the battle of Kish. The city is lost.
– The city might be lost, but your spirit and the kingdom is not. I am the portrayer of the goddess Inanna. Join me and I shall help you, and feed you.

The Suttinu were a clan that provided Kish with one of the fastest, most agile and tallest soldiers of the army. Raised for running fast, they were usually the best scouts and operated in lightning strikes, sabotage or interception. Some could even run faster than horses, they said.

Clever (Using Fierce Leader) +3 (2) – Fate dice: (+) (+) ( ) (+) = +3 (6) Success with Style!
Since the scene proposal suggested an Athletics test, I am going to make this clan request a test of worthiness.

– If you are so enlightened, as you say you are, son of Urzababa, then show that you know the ways of the Suttinu, and demonstrate to be capable of passing the test of our clan.
– I am to challenge your best man to a whip duel? Bring him down with a whip by his feet.
– (Bit-Nur nods and waves his hand)

Despite the surprise and silence of the Suttinu, in such dark moments, they quickly proceed to prepare the terrain for this game. Two long whips of leather are offered to the contenders, and they are to fight from not less than 10 feet distance, to bring each other down to the floor by using the whips.

Quick: Fate dice: (-) (-) ( ) ( ) = -2 (0)
Quick: Fate dice: ( ) ( ) (-) (-) = -2 (0)

A long contest, slashing whips in a dusty ground, men on both sides cheering and betting, as both Sargon and the Suttinu soldier, hit each with the leather ropes. The Suttinu grabs Sargon’s left leg, and makes Sargon painfully scream, but he manages just in time to stand in a position where his right leg is not at risk. With the distracting time of having the Suttinu think he had won, Sargon cleverly rolls his own Whip around the Suttinu’s whip hand, and will attempt to cleverly trick the Suttinu who is focused on his leg.

Forceful +3: Fate dice: (+) ( ) (+) (-) = 1 (+4)
Quick +2: Fate dice: (+) ( ) (-) (-) = -1 (+1)

Sargon pulls his left leg with the strenght of a bull, and right when he manages to destabilize the Suttinu, he uses the power of his whip to finally bring the Suttinu down to the floor, winning the contest.

This is how Sargon gained the trust of the Suttinu clan out of his father’s army, after they deserted. Next, he will plan to find the renegades of Marad, and claim the city for himself.

To be continued


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