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Heralds of Akkadia – 2

It’s dark, in the year 2330BC, somewhere near Kish, in the old Mesopotamian region. Sargon ended up half-buried in sand, coughing dust. He looks around, the Ghosts of the Igigi seem to be gone. It is quiet again. No more laughing. No apparent danger. Sargon’s slave companion, a Slave assigned by his King-Father to protect him, was dead. The chariot, laying sideways against the rocks.

Sargon manages to pull himself off, by tying a rope to the cart. Looks at his companion: “May the gods smile at you, my friend”. He then proceeds to pull over the chariot, the donkeys are still there, catching their breath. He soothes them, gets on the cart and proceeds forward, towards his Kings-Father’s Palace.

The Empty Palace of Kish

Sargon approaches the entrance of the Palace, it’s late. “Let me pass!” yells at the doors at the guards, they look at him with a torch and move to the sides.

The Palace itself had better times, it had been sieged two times already, although successfully defended, there were never enough resources to rebuild it, since the last siege of the Sumerians.

Mythic Game Master (click to expand)

Scene Proposal: Sargon to go to the Dinner Room, and approach his father to tell him about his deeds and findings. Make a favorable divine support for his war.
Scene Check: Altered! – Is father there? No, and Plot Point Event – Plot Point: Heavily Guarded

Sargon enters the main hall, it is quite silent for the usual dinner time, proceeds to the inner corridors, just to find out there is no one. Sargon runs towards the inner court door, in there, he finds a group of soldiers, armed with spears, shields and short swords, standing in formation. They salute Sargon with a hand military reverence.

⇒ “What is the meaning of this? Where is King-Father?” – Says Sargon in anger
⇒ “My lord Sargon, our King left in a hurry, to defend Kish. Lugal-Zage-Si’s army is attacking from the South-West, tonight.”
⇒ “What? They refused our terms? The emissaries were supposed to be here tomorrow!
⇒ “Their emissaries are in the form of an angry army, my Lord”

Sargon had arrived too late, and his desperate feelings of guilt and remorse are tearing him down, but he holds to his composure. He has a plan.

“How many of you have been assigned to my Command?, and what is your name, Soldier?”
“I am Eshai, Quartermaster, and Master of Weapons, Royal Guard, my Lord. We have Two assemblies of light infantry, spears and shield, and one assembly of archers, my Lord. With me, here Batnaya is our craftsman, Master of the Stone. He has 6 workers with him at your command, my Lord.”
“And the civilians?”
“The King has sent a battalion of Light Infantry and Watchmen to move them towards the north door, they are rising inner palisades and blockades, in case the enemy makes it inside. The noble families have been escorted throughout the tunnels and will go to Akkad at first light.
“Good. Then we’ll take the East Door, and move South-East. Batnaya, send your men to setup camp in the Woods of Lahamia, give no notice of this to anyone else. We three are going to scout the Hills of Dunna, I want to make sure this left flank is not taken, since Father is probably going to fight them in the Valley of Alakko. Eshai, your men are to come with us but stand ready behind, bring one man to give them signal.

Mythic Game Master (click to expand)

Sargon will have to check Clever on his command. His men were probably not expecting such rash orders from a young kid, protected by his father. But he will use the stunt Divine Voice of Command to use Forceful instead. Difficulty 3. Success.

⇒ “At your command, Sir. Will send my men to set up camp in the Woods. And have them ready for instructions.”
⇒ “Good. Leave your heavy equipment with your men. We’ll be moving fast and swiftly, to scout the area. Get ready, I’ll get ready, wait for me outside”
⇒ “Yes, my lord” – finalized Eshai.

Eshai was a sturdy man, well-trained, short hair and a shaved face. Among his men, he is a figure of Discipline and Leadership. Sargon’s Father, Urzubaba, would have left him one of the best of his men. Batnaya, on the other hand, has a long bear, wears no armor and his belt is filled of tools. He is more the quiet type, but one of the must trusted non-military servants of the Army.

The Lost Battle of Alakko

Sargon, Eshai and Batnaya climbed up the rocky hill at night, while their small battalion would take camp southeast of Kish. They can feel the cold, deadly breeze of war, and could hear the marching army in the horizon. King Urzubaba is rallying his men, with tight time. The enemy, King Lugal-Zage-Si has a favorable advantage of at least 3-1 in force numbers.

Mythic Game Master (click to expand)

Scene Proposal: Sargon wants to assess the situation, learn his father’s position and the enemy status, as well as ensure the flank of this hill, which he deemed important.
Scene Check: Proceeds Normally
Is there anyone on this hill (Very Likely): Yes – Are they enemy scouts? (Likely): Exceptional No!
23 – Choose most logical character: Scouts of King Urzubaba. Are they under attack? (Unlikely): No!

⇒ “Who is there? Show yourselves!” – Whispers Sargon strongly
⇒ “I am Urzubaba’s Men! Don’t attack!”

⇒ “What have you figured?” – Asks Sargon while looking at the horizon’s battle preparations.
⇒ “The enemy has chariots in the rearguard, they are waiting for our Archers to expose themselves to crush them in the Alakko’s South Hill. We have sent a runner to tell the King, but our runner was intercepted! He did not report back, and the King’s Archers are still moving there.” – Said the scout with a worry tone. He was dressed in leather camouflage hides, standing behind large dry rocks in the night.
⇒ “Have you seen the enemy King?”
⇒ “Indeed, he is rallying heavy infantry in the West Flank. He will likely try to take the Bridge in the River to cut off reinforcements. They already captured the North-West crossroad this morning. We did not notice.”
⇒ “Damn. Alright, Eshai fallback your troops, send them back to Camp. Nothing to do here.”
⇒ “Sir? We are not fighting?”
⇒ “No, this battle is lost”
⇒ “But, My Lord”

Mythic Game Master (click to expand)

I will need a Forceful check of Command here. Difficulty 3. Failed (1)

⇒ “No my Lord. I want to attack the Chariots. We cannot let the King’s archer be crushed like that”
⇒ “Ahhh. I see your tactical brilliance, Eshai. Probably my father has kept you too much in the Palace Kitchen, has he?”
– Says a defiant Sargon, while Eshai burns in anger. “Tell me now, you want to go with one light spearman battalion to intercept the chariots. Let’s say you are successful. Guess what, the enemy retreats and the King’s Archer will come further to the front in the Valley, and then, you know what is waiting for them?”
⇒ “No, my Lord”
⇒ “Of course you don’t. See that hill over there? The one with the pointy rock and the tree.
⇒ “Yes, my Lord”
⇒ “That is a forward position, if their Chariots retreat, our King’s Archers will push forward at the Valley’s corner, just to be in range of a higher counter-attack position of enemy javelins. This is exactly how my Dad lost the bowmen in the battle of Zaharia. And he’s not the kind of King that learns, no matter how good-hearted he is.”
– Finished Sargon with a tremendous certainty and a show of excellent tactical capabilities. Eshai is enfuriated, but he holds his tongue.
⇒ “Come, let’s go. We are going back to camp and get ready to move to Susiana at Dawn. We have favors and debts to collect.”

Eshia and the silent Betyana were surprised and confused, baffled by this instruction. What did Sargon have in mind? Would he leave his King alone? But they complied. The Scout stands still and looks at Sargon, he knows he has no word on this, but still manages to speak.

⇒ “Susiana? My Lord? Are you the King’s Son? Why are you leaving us?”
⇒ “I will come back tomorrow, and it shall be a better day, look back at the gods, and smile.”

Sargon swiftly slashes his short sword on the Scout’s throat.

Mythic Game Master (click to expand)

Sargon will strike with Forceful(1), I will invoke a Fate point on “Young Warrior and Cupbearer of Akkad” to get that +2 and make sure the Scout’s death is clean and swift. Success with Style(4).

Eshia and Betyana behold the scout’s death, and stand frozen to Sargon’s impulse.

⇒ “Any other Stupid questions? If you want to see the city of Kish shine once again, then hold them back.”
⇒ “Yes, Lord Sargon.”

Mythic Game Master (click to expand)

Sargon is going to act with a swift autonomy. He found himself encouraged by the gods to do what is right, and to follow the divine’s suggestion to let the King carry on the defense by himself. Sargon will go elsewhere now for support on his cause, and do things that were even condemned by his father, with his father’s men!

Chaos Rank will come below 4 because things were somehow under control. Men of Urzubaba added to the character’s list. We might find more of them later on.


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