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Heralds of Akkadia – 5

Sargon found a troop of Suttinu Deserters about to raid the outskirts of the city of Marad, rescued from their hopeless attempt, they joined Sargon, nothing less but three hundred and fifty Suttinu Skirmishers. The next step would be to take the city of Marad, which would enable him with resources to build a bridge to cross the Tigris, towards the tribes of the East.

Diplomats of Sumer

Next Scene: Plot Progress – Athletic – Needs help
Scene Check: Proceeds normally!

Sargon needs to find the renegades of Marad, but without any clue about where, he gave up the search quickly thereafter. His next best idea is to approach the city, in disguise as a Sumerian diplomat, with a critical message right from his enemy, Lugal-Zage-Si, who he knew he was besieging the city of Kish right now.

Since he learned the city of Marad was under the domain of the Sumer, although unwillingly and with deep political conflicts, his knowings about politics would allow him to speak the right words.

– I bring a message to the ruler of Marad, respectful and mighty, with the blessing of Ninurta. I demand to be heard, with immediate attention.

The guards of the city doors, would look at each other, and the senior guard would afterwards nod, to open the door. Another guard, down there, would guide the disguised Sargon to a waiting area, until further notification was received.

The ruler of Marad at the time, Urash Zua came moments later, with his wife and his young thirteen years old son to greet Sargon, who was not with Eshai, since he was too tough for such a meeting, but rather one of the elegant soldiers of Suttinu, capable of running if the situation deemed necessary, to deliver any message to his hidden troops outside.

– Who are you? (Demanded the ruler of Marad, Urash Zua Accompanied by two Royal Guards)
– I am Eshkar (bluffing), representative of Lugal-Zage-Si, and come with a high important request of the King himself, to the ruler of Marad. Would that be you?
– (Urash acts with suspicioun) You do not come with a foreseen invitation nor notice of the lord, do you have a legal entitlement? I have not heard of your name, nor I recognize your dialect.
– I come directly from the Siege of Kish. It is not an entitled mission, and we are not to waste time. I withhold orders of the King directly from the camp. We shall not waste any time. Is there any safer place to discuss matters?

The ruler of Marad sends his family with one of his guard, while the other royal guard, a bigger man, comes with him, and they guide Sargon and his fake scribe towards the palace. Other guards, make room on the streets, as people nervously start pushing the guards insulting the ruler here and there. Most of them taking a hard beating afterwards.

– Word has reached the King, that renegades of your city, both civilians and military are deserting your city, with high unrest. The King is highly unsatisfied about this.
– But… how? What does the King request of me? Why does the King even care?
– He demands immediate action of your troops, to capture and reduce the renegades, and send them to him at once. He is in need of labor force and reinforcements for his army. Since he has taken the city of Kish, he needs replenishment, and a sign of commitment to his cause.
– Has he taken the city of Kish? The last reports said significant losses on both sides, but no successful results have been registered, nor most of the army I delivered has yet returned with such answers!

Sargon noticed that what the Suttinu had said, about Urzababa losing the city of Kish, was not a confirmed report, since they had fled the battle before finishing. Almost making a big mistake, Sargon proceeds to correct himself.

– No, no. The city has not been taken, I apologize. I meant in the attempts of the assault, as he is almost victorious.
– How dare he ask even more troops of me, then! (Said the angry ruler)
– They are not your troops anymore if they are renegades of your city. They now belong to the King, and he expects you to hold control of your realm, or else severe consequences are to be applied. He does not tolerate renegades and rebellious, unpredictable forces within his realm. Not during dire circumstances.

Does the ruler have enough reserve troops to commit to this demand? Fate Check: No

– I have no more troops other than my royal guard and the civil guards! I cannot spare anymore to
capture rebel forces! This is Outrageous! The King should send support if he is to set such demands!
– He did send support with me, I have a battalion of Skirmishers at my disposal, but will only assist if you provide me precise details on your current reserves, as a proof. This shall be written by my scribe and informed to the King. Yet, you will have to send your royal reserve to accompany such mission. The renegades are to be captured, not killed.

With little choice, manipulated, the ruler nods and Sargon gives instructions to his scribe to tell his men to be ready, and wait for the royal reserve on the outside. Sargon would stay with the ruler in the meantime.

The Suttinu, Outside Marad

Scene Check: Scene altered!
Twist: Ally – Disrupted/Modified/Artificial

The Suttinu would be ready to receive the Royal Reserve of Marad’s ruler royal guard, to hunt down the renegades along them. But they are just to find out the actual troop sent were nothing but a large arrangement of City Guards.

Is the ruler plotting something against Sargon? (if not, he just played it dumb with cheaper troops)
Fate Check: Yes
Did the Ruler actually reveal Sargon’s bluff?
Fate Check: No

The mistrustful ruler of Marad, and with reason, send cheap troops first to check out the area, thinking this was a trap. But of course, the troops didn’t expect to see a battalion of 250 Suttinu Skirmishers (enemies) and at least 50 Javaliners, with a studdy-leathered warrior at their command (Eshai, the Royal Weapon Master of Sargon).

– You do not look like Marad’s royal guard to me (said an intimidating Eshai)
– You are… to follow Marad’s law… you are all to bow and knee, evil pagans! (hesitating but firm, the captain of the city guards. He had no chance)
– Are we now… Javelins! (A troop of 50 flanking javelin soldiers taking higher ground position ready their javelins)?

Do the guards surrender? (Very likely)
Fate Check: Yes with Random Event!
Focus: Away from Thread – Action: Oppress Representative

– We are in no conditions to battle… we surrender. Our lord is an imbecile anyway…
– Good.

Eshai was not expecting this answer, and was not expecting this to go this way… he has to think hard now. Whether to go back to the city with the City Guards on his side, following his instinct, now that the rules of the game changed.

Is Eshai clever enough to figure out this was originally a trap and Sargon could be in danger?
Overcome Clever (2) +1 : Fate dice: (-) (-) ( ) (+) = -1 FAIL

– Now put down your weapons and give yourselves in. You are not going to be harmed if you follow what I say.

Marad’s Palace – Sargon

Next Scene: Plot Progress – Combat! – Difficult
Scene Check: Proceeds normally!

While in the waiting, Sargon was following the patterns of the palace, and the location of the ruler’s family, in case he needed hostages. The waiting was keeping him impatience.

Can Sargon carefully (+1) spot the ruler’s family’s location? (2)
Fate dice: (-) (-) (+) (+) = 0 FAIL

As Sargon shows his face around the corner of the palace clay walls… he notices two royal guards coming to him, weapons unsheathed. Short swords and axes. Bronze helmets on.

– Weren’t the Royal Guards going outside to hunt the renegades? What are Urash’s men doing here? For the love of Ninurta!

Sargon turns around, and looks for an alternative exit

Is there any back door exit or similar alternative?
Fate Check: Yes
Are there enemies coming from the other side too? (Likely, because proposed scene said it’s difficult 🙂 )
Fate Check: Yes

Sargon will try to sneak past them and escape.

Sneakily (+2) hide from the guards in the room, before attempting to escape!
Fate dice: (-) ( ) (-) (+) = -1 -> +1
vs Guard’s careful (+2)
Fate dice: ( ) ( ) (-) ( ) = -1 -> +1
Tie! (Success with a minor cost!)

Sargon hides behind some curtains, for a little instant, until he spots the chance to get out of the room from a small open window. On the way out, however, he slightly hits some vessels and the noise calls the attention of the guards inside the room. They start a chase!


Sargon is spending a FATE point and invoke a Small group of men at command to bring up to the battle one of his light Spearman to his aid, which were secretly infiltrating in such a situation.

Tools: Obsidian + Excalidraw

To be continued…


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