Saturday Jul 13, 2024

My Foundry VTT modules now ready for V10

Hey everyone! As you know, I am a proud module developer for Foundry VTT. Despite having ups and downs with it, it is one of the best things out there, in my opinion, when it comes to community support and integration capable VTTs, and if not also the highest value for the buck.

Foundry is a pay-once-yours-forever self-hosting Virtual Tabletop that can be played with hundreds of community made RPG systems, with both paid and free modules that take it to the next level. Feature-wise I would say is the most advanced as well, supporting token vision, dynamic lightning, journals, playlist, rollable tables, playlists and much more.

As I played on Foundry with friends, both as GM and as a Player, I found it necessary from time to time to add tiny bits of features I needed, or that my GMs or players needed, and ended up sharing them. Some of my modules exceeded 100k downloads, so that was indeed a wow-factor for me.

Here is the list of modules I am currently maintaining, and now are ready with the latest release of Foundry VTT, V10. Have fun with them, and let me know if you face any issues. I try to work on them from time to time, within possibilities.

Actor Link IndicatorEasily identify which tokens are linked to an actor (characters and important NPCs), or which are unlinked grunts (generic monsters)Link
Clipboard ImageCopy and Paste images directly into your Foundry canvas, such as directly from Reddit or PinterestLink
Drag Anything to HotbarDrag actors, journals and even songs to your Hotbar. Now in danger of deprecation because Foundry V10 is now doing some of it officiallyLink
Excalidraw JournalsSet up free hand-drawn journals or character sheets with an embedded whiteboard app in FoundryLink
Minimal UIIf you are running on a laptop or a small resolution monitor, Foundry UI may be too bloated and large. This module makes things snappier.Link
Mythic GME ToolsIf you have read any of my solo actual plays, then this is what I have been using in the background. Play Mythic GME or my PUM easily with it.Link
Roll Table from Sidebar and JournalRoll from random tables directly from your list of tables, or by right-clicking on their journal linkLink
Scene PreviewHover on your scene and quickly look how the map beneath looks like, before switching to it.Link
Sidebar and Windows ResizerMake the chat sidebar thinner or taller, and resize any of the other Foundry core windows easilyLink
Super SelectMove around Tokens, tiles and drawings at the same time without having to switch across layersLink
Terrain RandomizerA system that helps you coming up with quick (for theater of the mind, FATE like games) maps by using 3D diceLink
Window ControlsConveniently minimize and pin floating windows, and organize them within a bottom or top taskbarLink

All of this together is quite some work, but I am happy to share it! Do consider inviting a Ko-Fi for getting me a smile and recovering some caffeine in the meantime 🙂

Best of all! JV.


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