Monday Dec 04, 2023

Scene Unfolding Machine released!

The Scene Unfolding Machine (SUM) is a GM Emulator that helps you come up with content during your scenes. Ask the virtual GM their next actions and reaction, after our characters took their actions. Figure out what happens next when we get stuck, and are no longer sure how our GM-less games move forward.

This toolkit is meant to expand and play together with  Plot Unfolding Machine – SUM does NOT include main oracles from PUM, such as yes/no oracles.

RECOMMENDED withMythic GME Tools on Foundry or Play by the Writing for playing as you write (Might not yet be available)

What will you find inside?

  • One page with GM and NPC actions
  • One page with a d100 subject prompts table
  • One page with a d100 action prompts table
  • One page with a d100 adjective prompts table

Join me and let me know how this works for you 🙂

Find the Scene Unfolding Machine here!


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