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Cybershade Networks – 2

Scene 4

ContextDelbiot and Zed rush away from the Digital shop, the car drives them through the highway to the next district. They travel to make a stop by a friend’s shop: Lucia. They need supplies
Prompt🎲 Any issues on that expectation? β†’ Happens as expected
Refine🎲 Describe area β†’ Incredibly Unusual. 🎲 Why? β†’ Need Justice or Rights. 🎲 What for? β†’ Oppose Surprising Business 🎲 Inspiration (SUM) β†’ Magical, mystical, wondrous, strange, wizardry

The district they approach is calledΒ Ion-Trix, an artificial, nature grown district that is known for being not receiving state protection from enforcement parties, which turns it extremely dangerous… and recognized due to its psychedelic Ionic-Trees (hence the name).

Delbiot and Zed approach Lucia’s shop (🎲 Describe shop β†’ Strongly Empty. 🎲 Describe immediate surroundings β†’ Knowingly Empty), which is located on an incredibly silent back alley, approachable only by foot. The car is parked around the corner.

Lucia’s shop, “Directrix”, seems too quiet. (🎲 Is it closed? β†’ Don’t know, unless…)
Delbiot: “Hello…?”

🎲 GM Action (Chill) β†’ Places a thread element behind a challenge
🎲 Interaction β†’ Strength or good stamina can help

The door appears closed, the datapad is shutdown.
🎲 Is it broken or forced? β†’ No.
Simply turned off.

Zed wants to evaluate if it’s hacked
🎲 Notice β†’ :1d6x: [3] or 1d4x: [3]
🎲 Delbiot’s Notice to hear anything β†’ 1d8x: [8, 4] = 12 or 1d4x: [1] SUCCESS
🎲 Any noises or sounds from the inside? β†’ Yes. 🎲 Is it voices? β†’ Don’t know.

Zed: “Maybe she’s just not working tonight” (🎲 can that be? β†’ Yes.)
Delbiot triggers his TAP and reaches out to Lucia (🎲 She picks up? β†’ Yes, obviously.)
Lucia: “Yes?”
Delbiot: “Hey, you in the shop?” (🎲 Is she? (unlikely? β†’ Yes.))
Lucia: “Yeah, why? What’s up?”
Delbiot: “Well… I’m knocking at the door. I’m here with a Friend. Everything looks closed”
Lucia: “is it important?”
Delbiot: “Yeah…”
Lucia: “K, hold on. Opening now… Don’t mind the mess…”

🎲 Time for GM Action (+10) β†’ Further explains sensorial elements to characters
🎲 Inspiration 1 β†’ Known, familiar, renowned, predictable, stable
🎲 Inspiration 2 β†’ Open, airy, flowed, accessible, reachable, elevated

The characters feel the silence of the location, and the hot air coming from the shop’s airflow, which is familiar to Delbiot already, as he’s been here already a few times.

The shop is empty, and dark.
🎲 Delbiot wants to associate the noise, is there an explanation? β†’ Yes, at first.
🎲 What was making the noise that he heard before? (describe object) β†’ Legally Broken

After a while Lucia shows up (🎲 Describe β†’ Specially Rich 🎲 Inspiration β†’ Essential, important, key, relevant, strategic)

Lucia: “Hey, what’s up, Droid”

Delbiot: “Don’t call me like that. Hey, Lucia here’s Zed, Zed, Lucia”
Zed: “Nice to meet you”
Lucia: “Sure… you don’t look weird”
Zed: “Hm?”
Lucia: “Never mind. So, what are you looking for, boys?”
Delbiot: “We need premium equipment, the time has come. I guess Helbrok made some arrangements with you”
Lucia: “Well… he just made sure the stocks arrive safely. The price is yours to pay for…”
Delbiot: “K, show us what have you got…”

🎲 1d10: [6] = 6 β†’ Armor. 1d3: 3 Heavy β†’ 1d3: 2 β†’ ME Enviro Suit9000
🎲 1d10: 2 = Electronics β†’ 1d3: 3 β†’ TAP Display400
🎲 1d10: 3 = Explosives β†’ 1d2: 1 β†’ Typical Explosives + Detonator250
🎲 1d10: 9 = Weapons β†’ 1d30: 25 β†’ PD Noir COnfident Shotgun500
🎲 1d10: 1 = Comms Gear β†’ 1d4: 2 β†’ Tactical Radio500

Delbiot: “The armor is out of our pay grade for now, maybe later. The rest, we take everything with us”
Lucia: “Sure thing, let me know when you’ve got the bucks for the armor. I can get it delivered to you. Wherever you are.”
Zed: “Hey, got any programs?”
Lucia: “Sure babe” (1d4: [1] = 1) “But just one’s left for now”
Zed: “Sure, I’ll take it.”

🎲 1d17: 1 Autodoc (Helps with repairing electronic damage)200

Delbiot: “Alright, thanks, Lucia. We’ll stay in touch”
🎲 Will she be a helpful contact during missions? β†’ Hard to say, obviously.
Lucia: “Sure, take care. Let me know if you need anything. And hey, you owe me one for waking me up”

To be continued…


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