Monday Apr 22, 2024

Cybershade Networks – 0 Game Setup

Hi! I am starting another short campaign set in Interface Zero cyberpunk setting, with homebrew touches. Let’s set up the plot hook, I am starting from complete scratch.


The idea will be to play Interface Zero, on Savage Worlds. That’s all I know at this point.


IZ has 28 origins and 6 Races, let’s choose at random:

🎲 Origin 1d28: 19 β†’ Programmer
🎲 Race 1d6: 2 β†’ Bioroid
This is interesting, biological bodies with a conscious AI as the brain.
Name: Zed

Let’s go for a second character:
🎲 Origin 1d28: 10 β†’ Detective
🎲 Race 1d6: 1 β†’ Android
Name: Delbiot

Alright, so a detective computer, with a human-like computer. Interesting. I am already thinking of the Android rescuing the Bioroid from a vat-growth facility, in order to help her do something. Probably man vs machine scenario.


Let’s use some random table locations for inspiration:

  • 🎲 Cybercity Location β†’ Ryantech Ltd. (regional business office for maker of electronics)
  • 🎲 Digital Cool Studio (Web/Graphics Design Studio)
  • 🎲 Simple Location β†’ a Factory

This is all going to be happening on a Cyberpunk city called Shade City


Finally, let’s look at the main goal, and ask some questions.

🎲 What is it that the characters want to achieve? (SUM) β†’

  • Know, learn, understand, translate, write down, journal
  • Violent, enraged, angry, unstable, hysteric
  • An appointment, a new ruler, coronation, ascension

But, why?

🎲 Why is it important to investigate this ascension? β†’

  • Employ, hire, recruit, enlist, appoint, gather
  • Monstrous, aberration, horrible, disastrous, twisted
  • Carrier, courier, a messenger, a bearer, a runner

Alright, what I am getting from this, is that apparently a new CEO, Theressa Ryan, was appointed after the mysterious death of Lucas Ryan, her elder brother.

Delbiot, the Android, escaped the Ryan mansion and went dark into the shadows, as soon as he learned that Theressa Ryan, one of little love to Androids, would assign no other than Oxion the Ogre to a cleansing of the last generation of Bioroids, created by her brother.

🎲 What was the main motive the Bioroids were created by Lucas Ryan in the first place?

  • Influence, persuade, convince, manipulate, seduce
  • Deadly, dangerous, toxic, decadent, sick, poisonous
  • Consumables, potions, drugs, toxins, alchemy

Alright, this is cool. There is a Cybernetic Virus circulating the city that is capable of causing severe biological damage to humans, and no cure was found to date. The bioroids were created by Lucas in an effort to fight such virus. This is actually a bad sign, considering Lucas Ryan passed away… suspiciously.

So, to wrap up, Delbiot the Android, managed to steal a bioroid vat… which would be our second character, Zed the Bioroid, as the last bastion of the solution to the virus of Shade City, and figuring out the mysterious death of Lucas Ryan, the creator of Delbiot himself.

Let’s end this section with the name of the virus: Cybershade πŸ™‚


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