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Cybershade Networks – 1

Hey there! Let’s begin this neat adventure. Check out the setup for this game here: Cybershade Networks – 0 Game Setup

I’ve created the characters, Delbiot (The Android) and Zed (The Vat-Grown Bioroid)

Scene 1

ContextThe game will begin in Delbiot’s current hideout: a digital shop studio that sells some electronics fluff. It’s night, it rains. He is working on “waking up” Zed, the Bioroid

The Goal: Delbiot is to finally wake up Zed, and then to give a call to an “Agent” called Helbrok, who seems to have ties and networks inside Ryantech Ltd., the company whose seeking to stop Delbiot from damaging them.
Prompt🎲 Expectation checker to see if Delbiot works in peace → Happens as expected

Delbiot: “You are almost ready… my friend. I will call you… Zed
🎲 Repair → :1d8x: [7] = 7 or 1d4x: [1] SUCCESS

… one hour goes by

🎲 GM Action (chill) → Last action or decision was a good idea because,…

Delbiot makes progress, the organic body seems to be functioning correctly, tissues at expected temperature, blood levels… as expected.

🎲 Repair → 1d8x: [2] or 1d4x: [1] Oops!
🎲 Complication → :Faction … Concerning, Unsettling, Feared

Delbiot thoughts started getting distracted, he began to think about… the assassination of his old master, Lucas Ryan. Dark thoughts invaded Delbiot’s AI… and interference came to his hands, as he made a cut to Zed’s left hand. “Oh, no”

🎲 GM Action (+10) → Places a thread element behind a challenge
🎲 What challenge? (Interaction) → The location is acting against you

Suddenly, an old 2000’s TV falls behind Delbiot’s, it looks like it is goign to hit him straight, if not fall on top of Zed’s! What a mess of a shop he has…

🎲 Athletics → :1d6x: [5] or 1d4x: [3] (This is just a success, he has to choose whether to take damage or let Zed be damaged! He’ll protect his work, of course)
🎲 Damage → 2d6x: [2, 1] = 3 it’s below his toughness

Delbiot manages to kind of punch the falling TV to the side, his fists are thick, so it was no issue, no serious damage was done, except for some broken merchandise to his left. “Huh.” He resumes working, after taking an electric catch-up moment.

🎲 Repair → 1d8x: [8, 1] = 9 or 1d4x: [2] SUCCESS

“Click!” Finally! Zed slowly wakes up.

Zed: “Hmmh… what is… going on?”
Delbiot: “If your memory is not failing… ehmm I mean hey there, do you remember who you are and this date?”
Zed: “eh… yes. I am Zed. Who are you? Yes, I remember… it’s June 2263. Is this a hospital?”
Delbiot: “No, no… I think a car hit you. I found you on the street. Was not sure if to call the ambulance. Haven’t seen an ID on you”
Zed: “Crap… what do you mean you haven’t seen my ID?” (Checks his pockets, but none to be found)
Delbiot: “Don’t worry about that… I bet it was fake anyway”
Zed: “Hey, how the hell would you know that?”
Delbiot: “You are still in Shade City, my friend.”

🎲 Time for GM Action, yay! (+20) → Nothing else to be revealed here, concludes scene

Delbiot: “Name is Delbiot, I am no human, if you didn’t tell already. But I am here to help you, in fact, we can help each other…”
Zed: “What do you mean? I have to go home”
Delbiot: “No. It’s dangerous. Someone’s looking for me… Heard the name Oxion? The monster is hunting former androids of Ryantech, the new CEO over there, Theressa holds a grudge on us, after her brother died. Zed, I think someone killed Lucas.”
Zed: “What do I have to do with this?”
Delbiot: “I know who you are Zed, you are not only a top-notch hacker… but you are infected with Cybershade virus… a Virus that has corrupted many humans, like you, but I hold a way to find the cure”
Zed: “You seem to know a lot about me, yet I know little about you.”
Delbiot: “I am the last, surviving Android of Ryantech Ltd. and the doom of the company”

There’s a moment of silence.

Delbiot: “Now pull yourself up. Take a shower, your left arm is bleeding by the way. I’m gonna call Helbrok”
Zed: “Helbrok?”
Delbiot: “He’s an Agent working in the shadows. He’s gonna help us…”

(I have no idea how is Helbrok helpful here, let’s roll)
🎲 How is helping? (SUM)

  • Schedule, prepare, organize, arrange, plan, lead
  • Safe, secure, silent, calm, quiet, trustworthy
  • Concealment, privacy, invisibility, transparency
    (He’s planning a hot-damn coup!!!)

Delbiot: “By getting us some super-cool IDs and getting us inside Ryantech labs. But there’s probably plenty of stuff to get done before we get there.”
Zed: “I’ll right, sounds like things are getting spicy. Lemme’ take a shower”

Scene 2

ContextDelbiot has awakened Zed, the Bioroid (who doesn’t know that), that’s going to help him assault Ryantech labs. He’s now to call his contact, Helbrok to figure out next steps
Prompt🎲 Expectation Check → Consider… Stealth enemies sneaking or watching. 🎲 Are such enemies approaching physically (if not, the call will be tapped)? → Yes.

Ok, so the world is going to spice my game up. Soon. 🎲 What kind of enemies? Magical, Horrible (Ok, translating this into Cyberpunk, I think someone is sending horrible spider-drones to track us)

Delbiot calls Helbrok on the TAP, 🎲 Does she pick up? → No.
Delbiot: “Damn”… keeps trying 🎲 Does she eventually? (unlikely) → Don’t know.

Delbiot hears a noise and cuts off the call before continuing
🎲 Notice → 1d8x: [2] or 1d4x: [2] FAIL
Delbiot: “Hey, Zed, you alright back there?”
(from afar, shower sound in the back alley)
Zed: “YEAH, catching up with my head”
Delbiot: “hmmm”

🎲 Are the Spider bots to peek and listen in? (if not, to attack) → Hard to say.
Ok, I guess we’ll have to wait a bit more before knowing this 🙂

Delbiot calls Helbrok on the TAP, again. (🎲 Does she pick up this time? → Yes, obviously.)
Helbrok: “Hey, sorry ’bout the delay. What’s up, you got him working??”
Delbiot: “Yes, took me the whole night, but he’s fine, and with us. As you said he would”
Helbrok: “Fantastic. Keep an eye on him, I’m not sure who is of more value, if you or him”
Delbiot: “Thanks”
Helbrok: (🎲 How soon does she want to meet? 1 is right now → 1d6: 3) “Meet me in two hours” (🎲 Where? → Actively Dangerous. Inspiration SUM → Deadly, dangerous, toxic, decadent, sick, poisonous) “in the slums, room 571. Coordinates by TAP. Make sure not to be followed.”

🎲 Tension is High, rolling a GM Action +20 → Interrupts whatever the characters were doing. 🎲 What happens? → Control Sensitive Event
I am reading the Spider bots are trying to TAP the network, if they didn’t already.
🎲 How good are the spiders hacking? 6 is best → 1d6: [3] = 3, giving them a d8
🎲 Spiderbot Hacking Delbiot’s TAP (unaware) → 1d8x: [2] FAIL
🎲 IDS of Delbiot’s TAP to notice the attempt of hacking → 1d6x: [3] FAIL

Eventually, Zed returns.

Zed: “So, what’s your plan? We meet your friend?”
Delbiot: “Yes, we’ve got two hours, the place is about 30 minutes away from here. Got something to shop?”
Zed: “Well, if we’re getting into hellfire… better be ready”
Delbiot: “Okay, I’ll call the car.”

🎲 Last GM Action (+20) → Interrupts whatever the characters were doing
There will be a second attempt to TAP the network by the spiders, but this time Zed is around!

🎲 Hacking attempt → 1d8x: [3] FAIL. Enables notice of defender
🎲 Notice of Zed on his Tap (Actively using) → 1d6x: [5] or 1d4x: [2] Success
Zed notices some inconsistencies on his TAP log

Zed: “Wait a second…”
🎲 Do the spiders strike? (if not, they attempt to escape) → Yes.

Scene 3

ContextThis will be straight a combat scene
Prompt🎲 Circumstance → Vehicle or machine is ready to be used

Delbiot’s car, an AI Assisted Honda Civic Rx2200 arrives, but the entrance, facing to the inner street of Delbiot’s shop, is swarmed with 🎲 1d6: [3] = 3 Spiderbots!

Round 1

Zed: “We’re being under attack!”

Summary: The spiders strike hard after their failed TAP network attempt, they charged over Delbiot and pushed him against the wall, he took a hard blow, as his left-side torso started short-circuiting. Zed came in with his Monofilament Katana and split one of the things in two! No kidding, he was needed.

Round 2

Summary: A second spider came in from one of the airflows, attacked Zed this time, as he is definitely the biggest threat, he managed to dodge and with an incredible swing he disabled the second Spider. Delbiot Palm Pistol shooting doesn’t seem to penetrate their armor.

Round 3

Zed and Delbiot rush outside, where they find a third Spider, the thing was crawling on their car!

Summary: Spider jumps from the top down to fall down a strike, Delbiot the target, but he manages to parry. Delbiot steps back and points with the gun at the Spider, Zed manages to deal 12 damage against 9 toughness, but with AP-4 he gets a raise and wounds the spider, meaning it’s dead! Wow, three hits, three down for Zed!

They rush in to the car, as Delbiot ensures to safely close the shop before they leave!

To be continued…


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