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The Rise of the Ancient Rulers – 6


Pink color represents me as a solo Player, making interpretations

Yellow color, and tables, represent GM Emulator (PUM+SUM) mechanics

White color represents game text and RPG mechanics


Following the events of The Rise of the Ancient Rulers – 5 Laura and Diego followed the lead of the Opiateans, native people of this region, as they made an agreement with Chief Maltzcoa to take them to the temple of Tzontemoc, in exchange for finding Tzontemoc’s puzzle box. On the way there, the natives performed a strange ritual, and fought an old demon hound, in a one to one battle with the Chief. Laura intervened and convinced Numea, a tribeswoman to perform a spell and interrupt the fight to rescue the Chief.

Question #1 answered: The disappeared dog turned out to be a well known by the tribe “Demon Hound”
Question #2 answered: The amulet of Tzontemoc served Numea to banish the “Demon Hound”, and it no longer serves a purpose.

Main threadLocate the Tomb of Tzontemoc, in the Jungle of Opiateh
Question #1Why is there no longer phone signal?
Note #1Jack and Robbie are waiting at the camp, near the cliff

Scene 8

ContextAfter Numea intercepted the ritual fight, the tribes wrapped up the ritual. But now they look to her for breaking a tradition, and I expect them to punish her by death.
PromptDoes it happen like that? 🎲 Expectation Checker → Happens as expected.
InterpretationNumea is sentenced to death. Laura and Diego will try to stop them, but it is going to be hard

Laura: “You cannot do this to her…”
Maltzcoa: “Stay out of the way, outsider. This is none of your business”
Laura: “But it is, you were going to get KILLED by the Demon”
Maltzcoa: “And what do you know now of death? It was destiny”

🎲 Laura attempts to be persuasive (hard: 6) → 1d4x: [1] or 1d4x: [3] (FAIL)

Maltzcoa: “One last time, outsider. Stand aside”

Laura moves out of the Chief’s way, and his men follow behind, carrying Numea behind, tied up.
Diego: “You want to do this, Laura?” (Diego is asking if to take the risk of running a way with Numea)
Laura nods (things are about to get real)

Diego will attempt to knockdown the one carrying Numea, and Laura will keep a distraction and knock the one to the right.
🎲 Diego Athletics → 1d8x: [4] or 1d4x: [2] (SUCCESS)
🎲 Laura attempts to distract with her Knowledge (Hard 5) → 1d6x: [5] or 1d4x: [3] (SUCCESS)
Diego quickly proceeds to get Numea (🎲 Does she resist? (unlikely) → No, but… she wants to go by herself), she punches Diego and unties herself. Laura already starts running.

Chief Maltzcoa: GET THEM!!!

🎲 Diego Run roll 1d6x: [1] or 1d4x: [4, 4, 1] = 9
🎲 Laura Run roll 1d6x: [5] or 1d4x: [4, 2] = 6
🎲 Numena Run roll 1d8x: [7] or 1d4x: [1] = 7
🎲 Native 1 Run roll 1d6x: [2] = 2
🎲 Native 2 Run roll 1d6x: [3] = 3

The PCs manage to escape and lose track of the natives, and even escape with Numea. Guess they have a new enemy then…

Scene 9

ContextLaura and Diego escape with Numea into the Jungle. Despite what they are going to discuss, I am not sure what will happen from here on.
Prompt🎲 Scene → a strange Ally wants to… Need Location. 🎲 Is that Numea? (Likely) → Yes.
InterpretationNumea well panic, and simultaneously ask for a safe place, she is lost in this state, and Laura and Diego need to soothe her down.

Numea: “No, no, no, no, what I done? Get off me!. Gods will want me dead and burn. No!”
Laura: “Listen, hey, hey!”
🎲 Laura (Persuade) → 1d4x: [4, 2] = 6 or 1d4x: [2] SUCCESS
Numea: “What you want of me? You manipulative son of the fire! I done what you asked and betrayed my people”
Diego: “We are on your side…”
Laura: “Listen, what done is done. I am not here to lie, we need your help. You have seen it in my eyes when I asked you to help the Chief… We have to stop Tzontemoc‘s curse. Your tribe is blinded right now, but you can see.”
Numea: “Perhaps… you are right”
Laura: (gives her some water from the cantine) “…we have to get inside the Temple, do you know a route?”
Numea: (🎲 Does she know? (likely) → Yes, but…) Yes, but it is difficult to get in without being seen
Diego: “There has to be an alternative entry”
Numea: (🎲 Is there? (likely) → Yes.) “There is… But I don’t know what lies within. We have to stay low… my people will be looking for you”

🎲 GM Action (+10) → Places a thread element behind a challenge
🎲 Interaction → Presence of guards, watch or alarms

Diego: “Laura, they are making a perimeter around us, we’ve got to move”
Laura: “Alright, Numea, we need you to take a breath. Which direction?”
Numea: “That way!”

🎲 Numea leads the way with Stealth → 1d8x: [1] or 1d4x: [4, 3] = 7
🎲 Natives opposed Notice roll → 1d6x: [2] (Fail to spot)

And so it is… Numea leads them out across the jungle, using the lower areas of an old, small lake. Where will this new direction take them…?
JV –


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