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The Rise of the Ancient Rulers – 2


In the first episode, the archeologist crew arrived to the jungle of Opiateh, looking for clues and leads towards an old, powerful ruler whose tomb was recently discovered to be in this area. It is told the tomb can only be found under the light of the moon, at night.

Laura and Diego encountered a terrible creature on their path, what it seems to be an undead human, and had to kill it. What was it? They hope to figure that out.

Scene 3

ContextAfter killing the undead creature, the crew will take a break to investigate more about it.
Design🎲Expectation check β†’ As expected

“What is… that?” – Asked Diego
“I think it was dead, already.”

🎲 Laura will relate the corpse to her Occult knowledge β†’ d1d6x: [5] = 5 or 1d4x: [2]
🎲 SUM Inspiration β†’ Hear, listen, pay attention, spot, observe, smell + Isolated, lonely, separated, introvert, alone + Mountains, hills, cliffs, altitude, high

Laura: “These are Betzalcotl, creatures of the damned. Ancient stories tell that they were miners, in the mountains, that refuse to let this world go and in eternity protect the mountains”
🎲 Are there mountains nearby in this region? β†’ No.
“The obvious point is… here are no mountains. So what are they doing here?”
Diego: “Could they have been summoned? Do they respond to any master?”
🎲 Do they? β†’ No.
Laura: “No, not that I know. Lore says they are free spirits and extremely lonely”
Diego: “The lonely part I can get…”

🎲 Diego will take a look around the diameter, to see if there are any footsteps that tell the direction it came from (Hard 5) β†’ 1d6x: [3] or 1d4x: [2] FAIL. It is too hard to spot any clear footsteps in the mud, at night.

🎲 SUM GM Action β†’ Further explains sensorial elements to characters
🎲 SUM Adjective β†’ Negative, harmful, unwanted, undesired, avoided

Diego and Laura feel a soft but sudden drop in the weather’s temperature, and a strange feeling of being unwelcome, observed. It is that silence again, the silence of Opiateh.

🎲 Laura wants to conduct a biological analysis with her cellphone (Science) β†’ 1d6x: [2] or 1d4x: [3] spends bennie 1d6x: [6, 2] = 8 or 1d4x: [2] SUCCESS
🎲 How fresh is the undead body? β†’ Barely. 🎲 Does it have any possessions? β†’ Yes, but… 🎲 SUM Adjective β†’ Inhospitable, inhuman, infested, cursed (of course it is cursed, lol)
🎲 PUM Looks β†’ Legally Antique

Laura is exploring the undead, and discovers a shiny amulet encrusted inside the undead’s chest, but as she approaches with the hand, a sudden eruption of insects and a nasty black liquid emerges and surrounds the amulet. “F#ck!”

🎲 SUM GM Action +10 β†’ Remains silent, what do characters do?

Laura calls Diego, and shows him what is going on, she covers her mouth and tells Diego to do the same. Diego: “Let’s try burning it, it shouldn’t damage the amulet, right?”. Laura nods. Diego prepares his Tommy Gun.

🎲 Expectation check β†’ Even better

The corpse burns, slowly at first, and then it bursts suddenly, leaving the amulet behind, as if the approach was the correct approach, shiny, and clean.

🎲 Once the Fire is off, Laura investigates. Does it have any writing? β†’ No.
🎲 Checks her Academics trait β†’ 1d6x: [2] or 1d4x: [2] spends Bennie 1d6x: [6, 4] = 10 or 1d4x: [4, 1] = 5 Succeeds with raise (two questions to make!)
🎲 Does it belong to a known king? β†’ Don’t know, possibly.
🎲 Does it accomplish any function, if so, which? β†’ Yes, at first. 🎲 SUM Action+Subject β†’ Ride, handle, operate, steer, navigate, mount, drive + Rest, recovery, a safe place, a pause, accommodation.

Laura: “This… I am not sure if it belongs to Tzontemoc, never seen anything like this before, but based on the colors, it could be. I believe this serves as a key, to a place of sanctuary, and rest, because of the carving’s shape, it recalls to a safe place.”
Diego (He is Greedy): “That is great news… Laura, let’s put up the fire and bury the dog. And go. We can’t stay in one place for long, it is not safe”

🎲 SUM GM Action +20 β†’ Introduces a complication or thickens the plot
🎲 PUM Complication β†’ Ally Disrupted/Modified/Artificial
🎲 Is the ally referring to the dog they are going to bury? β†’ Yes, possibly.
🎲 Is the Wild Dog still there? β†’ No, obviously. (LOL)

As Laura and Diego approach the Wild Dog, they realize it is not there anymore.
Diego: “By the mother of god…”

🎲 Will the dog show up now? β†’ No, at first. (Characters might have a chance to leave)

Laura and Diego make silence, they try to notice any signs of the dog.
🎲 Notice (5) β†’ Laura 1d4x: [1] or 1d4x: [2]. Diego 1d6x: [4] or 1d6x: [2] FAIL

Laura: “Diego, let’s go, damn it”
Diego: “Perhaps we should warn the guys”
Laura: “I will call them, but let’s not go to them. We will lure it to them.”

🎲 Does Jack pick up the phone? (Likely) β†’ Hard to say.

Laura: “Damn me… there is no signal!”
Diego: “Just great, ok, stick together, let’s go”

To be continued…


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