Saturday Jul 13, 2024

It is stronger than me.

You know, I always had a weakness for this thing. Somehow with the Plot Unfolding Machine, there was always something, not sure what exactly, that felt off to me. As opposed to the Scene Unfolding Machine (SUM) which was to me an immediate hit, this one took 25 Revisions before I considered it final.

But even know as I continue playing, I know that it is not final, something felt strange with some of those Scene Designer options, and there were some conceptual conflicts in what scene designing from a player point of view means.

Anyway, I’d love it if you take a look at V2, it is quite revamped. Scene Designer options are narrower, but more precise while remaining abstract. Colorful elements were shifted to a component called Scene Catalyst, which is optional. Challenge Designer or Challenge Type is now called Helpful Skills, because it represents traits that can be helpful in a scene, not something that your characters are forced to do. Challenge outcomes are now Scene Resolution, and is now much more precise, showing different ways your characters figure out things. Overall, most Scene Setup tables have been re-written. Feedback is welcome.

I’ll keep V2 downloads along the previous Final Version of PUM, as I continue testing it. Spanish version should come soon.

Looking forward to some thoughts. V2 is in parallel with previous “V1 final” version.

Download it here!


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