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Crimson Ravage – 1


Ismark is an envoy of the Fraternity of Leos. He is sent to explore the ruins of Denor, seeking clues for the recent night attacks in the village of Aeren.

I had wrong stats in Persuasion, thanks Ben for pointing it out 😀

Setup: Just having fun with TaleSpire for the graphics. PUM+SUM. The usual, no prep other than the premise above.

Scene 1

ContextIsmark arrives to the entrance of the ruins of Denors. No expectations whatsoever.
PromptAn enemy is preventing you from… Learn about current or new location
InterpretationThere’s definitely an enemy at the door, Ismark might have a chance though. 🎲 What kind of enemy? → Defensive, Sneaky. 🎲 Describe → Defensively Injured. I guess some welcoming Goblins for a change. One of them might be injured but let see if Ismark notices.

🎲 NPC Disposition +20 → Holds a safe distance, with concern toward you

Goblin: “Hey, YOU! No one more step! Hush!”
Ismark (Overconfident): “No need to worries. Just came here to talk. Is this a ruin of yours?”
Gobling: (🎲 → Yes.) “Of course it is, pointy ears!”
Ismark: “Huh… how disappointing. The whole thing for a bunch of goblins… So, are you behind the attacks on Aerenfolk?”
Goblin: (🎲 NPC Action +20 → Eagerly waits to know what do you want). “State your business, pointy ears!”
Ismark: “I did… are you behind the attacks at Aerenfolk, yes or no?”
Goblin: (🎲 Unlikely → Hard to say) “Well… Aerenfolk, huh? Maybe?. Hey Grok! What do you say, boss attacked Aerenfolk?”
Goblin 2: (🎲 Even → No, possibly) “Naaah, I don’t think so, maybe some fooooood”

What clues did Ismark have so far pointing to these ruins?
🎲 What? → Find Secretive Backstory
So, apparently, the new Goblin Chief is a candidate “Hergok Mups”

🎲 Does Ismark notice the injury on the Goblin? (Hard 5) → 1d6x: [4] or 1d4x: [2] FAIL
Ismark: “So, is your boss in town? Would like to speak to him”
Goblin 2: (🎲 → Yes, unless…) “He shoooou”
Goblin 1: “Shut up, Grok!. We don’t know, go away, hush!”
🎲 NPC Action +20 → Knows something, but wants something in return
Ismark: “Come on now, 5 copper pieces to each of you if you just let me talk to him”
🎲 Persuade (Hard 5) → 1d6x: [5] or 1d4x: [1] SUCCESS
Goblin 1: “Hmmm, alright, but boss not so friendly, huh. Give now. No sudden moves!”

Scene 2

ContextIsmark bribes the goblins and they let him in through the side entrance he came from. The ruin is quite big, finding the Boss might be trouble.
Prompt🎲 Prompt → Presence of magic, divine or hi-tech, considering… An enemy is supporting from a distance
InterpretationThe goblins watch the steps of Ismark from the distance as he comes in, around the corner he meets a powerful shaman (🎲 Is it goblin? Likely → Yes, and… a powerful one)

Yethkur: (🎲 NPC Disposition +20 → Draws weapons, stands ready to fight)
Ismark: “Relax, I’ve got permission. Have a meeting with Hergok Mups.
Yethkur: (🎲 Does he buy? → Yes) “Is that so… what is your name, elf?”
Ismark: “Ismark, from the Vaeldics. Who are you?”
Yethkur: “I am Yethkur, the Shaman. You better not ask twice, I have limited patience for those who poke their noses around!”
Ismark: “So, is Hergok waiting as he promised? No one seems to know”
🎲 Persuade → 1d6x: [1] or 1d4x: [1] CRITICAL FAILURE (Oops)
🎲 NPC Action +20 → Eagerly waits to know what do you want
Yethkur: “Alright, you messed up now, Elf. SPEAK”
Ismark: “As I said. I need to meet with Hergok Mups. Want to ask him about the attacks on Aerenfolk. You better not be breaking your truce pact, yellow-skins”

🎲 GM Action +20 → Reveals a truth that twists or thickens the plot
🎲 Will the Aerenfolk give an explanation? → No, but… it will be quite obvious they know something
🎲 Does it point towards they had something to do with the attack? (or are they just defensive about it for some other reason?) → No.

Yethkur: “You came looking for trouble at the wrong place at the wrong time, pointy ears. GROK, MUNGO, our guest will be waiting here, until the Chief comes back. NO ONE STEP FURTHER, pointy ears. Don’t make us put you in a cage”

Ismark: “You know I can’t do that…” – Draws weapons…

To be continued…


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