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Tales of Ferville – 3

Following the events of Tales of Ferville – 2, Eoras and Quelia finally discover where the Lizardfolks are located, after a guard of Ferville cross them and shared that the Lizardfolks have a captain imprisoned. To remind a bit of our goal, the Lizardfolks are suspected of making deals with some lords of the region, and blackmailing the rightful King now exiled.

Scene 7


ContextThe PCs arrive to the Lizardfolks current location. What seems to be a cave. They will enter it to figure out the activities of the Lizardfolks once and for all, and free the Captain of the Guard.
DesignQuelia and Eoras approach and enter the caves of the Lizardfolk.
🎲 Expectation Checker → Something is different. 🎲 What is? → Hidden Ally. 🎲 Could this be a new PC → No. 🎲 Challenge → Athletic, force, stunt, acrobat – Only one attempt. On Success: New possible solution – On Failure: Combat or captured
InterpretationThere will be a stone door that might be pushed to the side with pure, raw strength. There is also a hidden person in the trees, watching at the entrance. 🎲 Are there guards? (likely) → Yes , but… (they are distracted).


As they are distracted, and without hesitation, to take the surprise factor, Quelia charges and strikes the lizardfolk guard to the right. She lands a critical hit.

Eoras charges, but then the Lizardfolk smashes Eoras with a left-strike that knocks him out, just before Quelia finishes the Lizardfolk off. He falls to the ground, unconscious.

🎲 Do the Lizardfolk have any means of healing? → No.
🎲 Quelia tries to heal (DC15, uses Eoras’ bandages) → Success (17). Eoras is stable. Quelia removes the Lizardfolk guards out of the way and then takes Eoras to a safe place to treat him in the forest.

Scene 8


ContextA few hours later, Quelia sets up camp. They defeated the Lizardfolks but things obviously did not go so well for Eoras. He’s still unconscious.
DesignProposal of a camp, healing situation. 🎲 Expectation Checker → Something is different. But something doesn’t fit in. 🎲 Lizardfolk approaching? → Yes.
InterpretationSomehow the PCs didn’t choose for a peaceful approach, now they have two lizardfolks in the head count and things look bad. 🎲 Will the Lizardfolk attempt to talk first? (Unlikely) → Don’t know , but… (…they are getting closer).


🎲 How many? → Surpassing. 🎲 (3d4) → 3d4: 7.
Lizardfolk come looking for them, Quelia is trying to treat Eoras, but at the same staying low. She will try to hide to survive.
🎲 (Hide +2, opposed) → 6 vs 🎲 (Lizardfolk, Search -1) → 18

Quelia → Grrr… don’t come any closer
Lizardfolk → Ssssst! You have attacked, and killed one of our own. You pay!
Quelia → Come and get me! Aaarghh (Enters Rage)

Quelia takes down the first Lizardvolk that approaches her, but the rest smash her down with clubs and claws. She does not last long.

🎲 Do they take them captive? → No, and… (they kill the PCs)

Game Over


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