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Tales of Ferville – 1

Scene 1

Scene Setup

ContextQuelia and Eoras have been selected by Lady Ozella to investigate three factions (the orcs, the lizardfolk and the bandits) to figure out who was involved in Lord Renwick’s blackmailing.
Design🎲 Scene Designer → Character edges or traits essential
Content🎲 Challenge Designer → Test of faith, magic, or belief – needs a plan
InterpretationAfter receiving a secret letter from Lady Ozella, king’s daughter, Eoras and Quelia need to sign it and return it back, by making a promise and commitment to Lady Ozella, and stay loyal to Lord Renwick no matter what.

Scene Play

Quelia → Don’t look at me, you know I cannot read. I don’t deal with Lords and Kings… and Ladies. I deal with trouble and problems.
Eoras → I am aware of that, but I still need you to sign, concentrate. I will teach you how.
Quelia → Hmmmpf…

🎲 Describe Lady Ozella’s secret emissary → Knowingly Injured
Bellario, the emissary, was standing still, waiting for Quelia and Eoras to finish and sign the letter back, accepting their mission.
🎲 Does Eoras notice that Bellario is injured? (DC12) → Success (17)

Eoras → You are injured, sir.
Bellario → I am aware of that. Don’t worry about me.
Eoras → What happened to you? I can help
🎲 Does he tell (Unlikely) → No, obviously.
Eoras → You can trust me, sir. We are on the same side.
🎲 Diplomacy attempt (DC12) → Success (15)
Bellario → I guess… appreciated
🎲 How bad does it look? → Alright
Eoras → It is not so bad… I can help (takes bandages)
🎲 Heal (DC10) → Success (10)
Bellario → Much better… I will tell lady Ozella of this.
Quelia → Ozella? We want a reward!
Eoras → No, that won’t be necessary. Quelia, please behave. Did you finish the signature?
🎲 Did she? → Don’t know, possibly.
Quelia → I guess…? Does this count as finished? (she shows some weird drawings)
🎲 Does it count? → Yes, and…
Bellario → I believe that will be just fine. Thank you, Miss Quelia.
Quelia → Hmpf.

Eoras and Quelia sign up a very important contract, with the Queen Ozella. They know this might mean them to be traitors to the kingdom, and a gruesome fate would find them were they to be discovered…

Scene 2

Scene Setup

ContextQuelia and Eoras depart to the north. They will start their investigation with the Lizardfolk. 🎲 Is the precise location known? → No. They will start travelling north looking for the Lizardfolk.
DesignNo idea what can happen next 🎲 Scene Designer → Past world event consequences
Content🎲 What happened? → Found Trouble. 🎲 Who? → an angry Ally. What was he trying to do? 🎲 Intent → They Explain Situation.
InterpretationThere was once a Lord supporting Renwick (Lord Adrac) in Ferville. He tried to explain the people and the king’s men that Renwick was innocent. 🎲 Was he executed then? → Yes , but… (they say his spirit still remains in vengeance). The characters will discover this story in this scene.

Scene Play

🎲 Describe the Location → Mostly Ancient
Quelia and Eoras start their travel towards north, and after a few hours, they will find an old ruin, in which a platform where an execution had happened. 🎲 Is there anyone around? → Yes, unless… (PCs show their weapons). An old woman is sitting on a bench, not far away from the wooden, burned platform.

Eoras → Excuse me, miss…?
🎲 Does she respond? → Yes.
Old Lady → Yes… ah… Hello my darlings. I didn’t see you coming.
Eoras → We were… wondering what happened here?
🎲 Does she open up to the entire story? → No.
Old Lady → Ah… injustice, to the world. The spirits angry. Men are evil.
Eoras → Did someone die here?
Old Lady → Yes… unrightfully. Misjudged. Misunderstood…
Eoras → Who was it?
🎲 Diplomacy (DC12) → Failed (2)
Old Lady → Some things are better not to be told, my dear… dangerous times. I am sorry. Please leave me alone now. I need some rest.

The old lady stands up, and walks slowly away.

Quelia → We are here to make things right! Ma’m
🎲 Diplomacy (DC14) → Failed (11)
Old Lady → If only such thing existed… goodbye my darlings. Be safe.

🎲 Is there any opportunity for further learning about what happened here? → Yes, but… (it will be difficult). 🎲 Challenge Designer → Combat, confront, struggle, Only one attempt.
A lonely man is standing on his knees, praying towards the wooden platform. A large sword on his back.

Quelia → Hello? We wanted to ask about this place
🎲 Describe Person → Mostly Dangerous
A Soldier → Don’t you even think of stepping in here. This is holy ground. You step in, I kill you.
Quelia → What did you just say?
A Soldier → Get out. This is peaceful ground. Leave us alone.
Quelia: We don’t want trouble!
A Soldier → I don’t care.
Eoras → Quelia, let’s just go.
🎲 Does Quelia give in? → No.
Quelia → No way. Listen up, you bag of rust, you better tell that again to my face.
🎲 Intimidate (DC16) → Success! (15)
Eoras → Oh no… Quelia control yourself!

The soldier stands up, looks at the giant half-orc Quelia, and while showing a stone face, he does move away from the place and give up.

Eoras → Listen, sir. We just need to know what happened here. Who died here?
🎲 Diplomacy (DC14) → Failed (10)
Soldier → Here was Lord Adrac executed, after telling the truth. Now just leave me alone.

This scene didn’t go well. I am pulling back the Lizardfolk Plot Score from 3 to 2.

Scene 3

Scene Setup

Context🎲 Is there anyone else to ask to? (Unlikely) → No , and… (in fact it starts to rain and feels deserted). Quelia and Eoras enter the North Hills, looking for traces of the Lizardfolk.
Design🎲 Expectation Checker → As expected
ContentNothing special, will search and explore.
InterpretationThe PCs will start roaming around across the hills looking for leads towards the Lizardfolk.

Scene Play

🎲 Survival (Quelia, DC14) → Success (20)
🎲 Search (Eoras, DC14) → Success (15)
🎲 Describe the place they find → Strongly Dangerous
Quelia and Eoras eventually find a swamp area, with warning signs. Heads on a spike and deeper forest entrances. Following certain footsteps 🎲 Is there recent activity? → Don’t know, but…. (someone’s base is living here for sure). 🎲 Any proof of it being specifically Lizardfolk? → No.

That exploration check went well. Drawing back the Plot Score from 2 to 3.

Scene 4

Scene Setup

ContextQuelia and Eoras enter a dangerous area, which may or may not be Lizardfolk
DesignNo idea what happens. 🎲 → Characters edges or traits essential
ContentNotice, intuition, perceive – Specific to this location
InterpretationIt is extremely easy to get lost in this swamp. The deep and tall trees make the area dark, and it is hard to spot deeper areas of water or signs of trace and any direction. 🎲 What can be spotted? → New Information. If they succeed, they might find further direction signs or proof of the Lizardfolk.

Scene Play

Eoras → This has to be the place… what do you think Quelia?
Quelia → I don’t know. If we don’t find the Lizardfolk, I hope we find something bigger and more dangerous.
Eoras → Very funny…
Quelia → Heh. Heh.

🎲 Survival (Quelia, DC12) → Success (13)
🎲 Spot (Eoras, DC12) → Sucess (17, 19 vs Humanoid)
🎲 Are there any humanoids to be seen? Yes, unless… (a stealth check is failed!)
🎲 Move Silently (Eoras, Opposed Check. 🎲 Is it Lizardfolk? No, possibly) → Failed (4)

Something moves away…

Eoras → Dammit!
🎲 Expectation Checker (in case of Danger) → Something is different
🎲 Complication Designer → Location Delayed/Timed/Wait
Quelia → It is getting late… we better find a spot to camp Eoras.
Eoras → I thought I heard something… but I scared it off
Quelia → Well, you are stepping on branches over and over again…

🎲 What is learned from the investigation so far? → Dangerous Solution. 🎲 Is it traps? → Yes, unless… (it can be something else too). 🎲 Does it belong to Orcs? → No. 🎲 Can it be human bandits? → Yes.

Eoras and Quelia explore further, and discover human set traps around the swamp. Eoras could have promised he heard some strange noises, but the traps are certainly humans. Could they be hunting Lizardfolk? Perhaps. But definitely not a Lizardfolk common practice to set this kind of traps.

Experience gained: 300

To be continued…

Exploration went well, but the results did not yield any discoveries regarding Lizardfolk. Will move Lizardfolk plot score from 3 to 4 for regular progress.


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