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Tales of Ferville – 2


Follows the events of Tales of Ferville – 1. Finding the location of the Lizardfolk was not easy for the party. At the same time, people seem scared or on their edges when asking around. What is going on?

Scene 4


ContextThe PCs searched after the Lizardfolks in the northern swamps. But no luck so far. The only lead seems to be related to human set up traps. But hunting what exactly?
DesignPCs are taking a break and setting up camp.
Content🎲 β†’ Unexpected complication. 🎲 Complication β†’ Ally Surprising/Altered/Unexpected.
InterpretationAs Quelia is setting up and Eoras is gathering something to eat, someone is approaching. 🎲 Are they men from Ferville Guard? β†’ Yes.


Eoras β†’ Psst! Someone is coming! (comes running fast)
🎲 is there enough time to hide? β†’ No, obviously.
Guards β†’ Hey! You two!
🎲 what do they intend? β†’ They Help Location.
Guards β†’ You are not supposed to be here! This area is completely off limits.
Eoras β†’ Sir, we are here under loyal duty (bluffs)
Guards β†’ Is that so…? Show me your orders
Eoras β†’ Sir, with all due respect, this is a highly confidential matter. We are to investigate the traces of the death of Lord Adric.
🎲 Bluff (+2. Eoras. DC12) β†’ Fail (1)
Guards β†’ You are going to explain that to the Lord himself, come with us. Now.
🎲 How many are they? β†’ Some (1d4: 3)

Eoras makes a gesture to Qualia, they’ll have to fight… though they will be in heavy trouble.

Arrows fly. The guards engage Eoras. Quaria charges into one of them and knocks him out. Non-lethal damage. The fight is over within a few seconds. One of the guards attempts to run, but Eoras is faster. He gives up. They tie them up, loosely, as they are unconscious. And move elsewhere afterwards.

Scene 5


ContextAfter they find a place to rest. Qualia and Eoras finally make camp and take a break. They wake up in the next morning and continue their search through the swamp.
DesignNo idea what can happen. 🎲 Scene Designer β†’ Dangerous or stress situation
ContentAthletic, force, stunt, acrobat – Only one attempt. On Success: Lead to someone helpful – On Failure: Causes harm
InterpretationThe PCs will encounter a huge tree. On top of it, there seems to be a druid’s hut, amidst the swamp and heavy forest.


Eoras β†’ Oh, woah! Is this…
Quelia β†’ A druid’s safe place.
🎲 How does it look like? β†’ Incredibly Safe
Eoras β†’ Indeed… it seems peaceful. Hello? (tries twice, louder the second)
🎲 Any response? β†’ Yes, obviously.
🎲 Does a Druid show up? β†’ Yes, but… (in the shape of something else!)
🎲 A bear? β†’ No. 🎲 β†’ A Hawk? β†’ Yes, but… (a huge one) 🎲 looks β†’ Mostly Famous
🎲 Knowledge Nature (Eoras, DC12) β†’ Fail
🎲 Will the Hawk attack? (unlikely) β†’ No, but… (he is going to threaten and mark territory)
Eoras β†’ We are not looking for trouble, we are here just to talk
🎲 Diplomacy (Eoras, DC12) β†’ Fail, 9.

The incredibly large Hawk flaps its wings and tries to burst to knockdown Eoras and Quelia with a ghust of wind.
🎲 (Strength, DC14) β†’ Eoras fails (6), Quelia succeeds (19)
The Hawk flies towards Quelia, but Quelia stands firm. Eoras recovering (Takes 🎲 1d6 damage β†’ 1d6: 4). Ouch.

Quelia β†’ We are not going to ask twice… we are friends.
Druid β†’ Hmmm
🎲 disposition? β†’ Mediocre
Druid β†’ You are not welcome here… what are you doing?
Quelia β†’ We do not mean to stay… We just want to learn about the Lizardfolk
🎲 Is the druid helpful? β†’ No, at first.
🎲 Does he react as if he likes them? β†’ No.
Druid β†’ Hm… those savage beasts
🎲 Will he ask something in return? β†’ No, and… (he casts a spell to heal Eoras)
Druid β†’ I am sorry, that I hurt you, friend. I see you are a friend of Nature…
Eoras β†’ I am…
Druid β†’ The Lizardfolks have been extending beyond what they should. They are playing power with humans…
Eoras β†’ How so? We are questioning the same thing.
🎲 Activities β†’ They are Searching Words.
Druid β†’ They have been making politics and schemes with your city lords, making exchanges and trading with your kind. They still are… very open-minded those reptiles, lately.
Eoras β†’ This might be an opportunity to get an exchange with them. Could you point us where they are located?
🎲 Does he know? Can he? β†’ No, but…
Druid β†’ I cannot… they move and change their location very often. They must have a new, smart leader, because usually they only stayed in the caves of Emoira. I don’t think you will find them there any more… But they are for sure in that direction.
Eoras β†’ Any idea how other humans make deal with them, perhaps?
🎲 β†’ No.
Druid β†’ Not my business.
Eoras β†’ Alright. Thank you. Would you have supplies that you would like to trade…?
🎲 β†’ No, at first.
Druid β†’ With you…?
🎲 Diplomacy DC12 β†’ Failed (8)
Druid β†’ No, not now. If you deal with the Lizards, come again, and I may trust you. Particularly if you bring me back what they stole from me.
🎲 what did they steal? β†’ Curiously Mundane
Druid β†’ A simple… wooden staff, with the shape of a branch. You will not find it fancy, but it is mine.
Eoras β†’ Fair enough, we’ll see if we find it. But we’ll be more motivated if you trade with us first.
🎲 Diplomacy, retry, DC14 β†’ Success (20)
Druid β†’ Alright…

🎲 Rolling a bunch of d100 for random merchandise
– Potions (2). Weapons (1). Wands (1)
Weapons: Magic Rapier +1 (400gp)
Potions: Fox Cunning (350). Undetectable alignment (350gp)
Wands: Wand of Burning Hands (750gp)

The PCs cannot afford any of this yet, but may come later.

Scene 6


ContextThe PCs farewell from the druid and follow the druid’s indications to find the Lizardfolk.
DesignNo idea what happens next. 🎲 Scene Designer β†’ An important job or mission is offered. 🎲 By whom? β†’ an angry Ally. On Success: Learn enemy weakness – On Failure: Someone endangered.
Interpretationa 🎲 race β†’ 1d6: 1 Human 🎲 β†’ Legally Dangerous. A guard from from Ferville comes running desperately towards the PCs, asking them for support🎲 who β†’ a powerful Ally (Their captain) who was captive by the 🎲 Lizardolk? β†’ Yes , obviously. (finally!)


Guard β†’ You there! Help, come here.
Qualia β†’ Hm? What’s going on?
Guard β†’ The Lizardfolks. Treacherous bastards. They promised some gems to resell but gave us fewer than promised, and for discussing it they even say we are in their debt! Someone has to stop them.
Eoras β†’ Point us in the right direction, and inform your second captains that we are entitled to work here.
Guard β†’ Yes, yes! They are over there around that hill, follow the swamp line to the right, you’ll find a tree painted in red, that’s the left side of their entrance. But please bring back our captain, or else I’ll be in trouble for not defending him! They outnumbered us, I had to run.
Eoras β†’ Yes, yes.

Looks like the PCs are finally on the trail of the lizardfolk. Upgrading the Plot Score from 4 to 7, because of this discovery.

Earned XP: 300. Earned treasure: 100GP each.

To be continued…


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