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Unsolved Identities – 3

Matthew Robins catches one of the saboteurs of their mission after a motorcycle chase. He escapes with a briefcase they were taking after a midnight deal in Prague, and now is going to his hotel to take a break and figure out next steps.

At the same time, his remote Auxiliary Agent, Nicole Stuenz was in trouble at base, in Warsaw. Intelligence Headquarters. She was being tracked and followed.

Scene 5: Escape Route

[Random Scene → Four of Diamonds (Hard Agile Challenge)]
[Disposition of Jenkins → Aloof, arrogant, disdainful. Mannerism → Bites Lip]
[Is there an escape route from the bathroom? (Unlikely) → Yes (6)]

Jenkins started knocking the bathroom door. Nicole was taking way too long to come out already. He would grow impatient, biting himself the excess skin from his lips. He would put a hand on his gun. Jenkins was the kind of big guy from security that would directly talk to the manager for specific instructions. Lately, he has been busier.

Nicole tries to hastily escape the building, her best idea was through the air pipes. She had never thought she would use them that way. With her, she is bringing her laptop and personal phone.

[Quick (2) → Success with Cost (2)]

Nicole manages to open the deck of the pipes and sneak in, before Jenkins makes it inside. She also closes the deck, but she hits the border of the pipe with her bag and makes a metallic noise. Jenkins notices and starts running throughout the building.

The pipes lead her too…
[Dungeon Features → Books/Computers]

She falls into a server’s room, which explains why was it so damn cold. She also started making sense a few things, like her realizing she was lately losing access to certain confidential files. Furthermore, she knows in this room there are extra coats. This place must stay spotless. Wondering why isn’t the intelligence on the cloud? Well, obvious reasons.

[Clever (3) to find and use proper disguise → Uses “Resourceful” Stunt. Success (4)]

Nicole exits the server’s room with the robe and wore mask, despite her looking a bit ridiculous outside the large server room with the robes, it wouldn’t be the first time. Yet she wouldn’t abuse it, and go straight down-stairs through the emergency stairs and get to the garage.

But in the stairs there are some guards, which are…

[Are the guards on her way? (Downstairs) → Yes]
[Upstairs there is an exit… (Dungeon Features) → Stains/Damage (construction area?)]

…on her way downstairs, blocking particularly this. She would have to think fast. Deciding to go upstairs, her next plan is to run fast and make it out through the 6th floor, which is under construction. There are always blind spots there. Though she is being followed. She cleverly tries to block the way behind her.

[Overcome Clever (3). Fail (2)]

But they keep coming after her, as none of the blockades are really effective. She drops her server maintenance disguise. And is running out of resources, escaping from the intelligence premise would be impossible for her. Dust and construction material on the entire floor, in progress doors and walls and cement ground was the area. Nowhere to go from here.

Scene 6: The Plot Thickens

Jenkins, and another guard, approach Nicole, they had 9mm silenced pistols. She had nowhere to go.

[Random Scene → Ten of Spades (Involves a hard, crafty challenge)]

_ “It’s over, Nicole. Give yourself in”
_ “What the hell is going on Jenkins?” Asked Nicole
_ “It’s going to be alright. A few years in Jail, serve your punishment, and it will be over”
_ “What for???”
_ “Well… if you didn’t know, you wouldn’t run, would you?”
_ “The job I was assigned to, Operation Sage, got sabotaged, from the inside”
_ “Exactly…”
_ “Exactly, what?”
_ “We all know you sold the data, Nicole”
_ “I didn’t…”
_ “Then tell that to the judge… now come”
_ “Hey, Jenkins, look!” – Said the guard working with Jenkins

Jenkins turned around, and the guard hit him in the face with a thick, wooden plank. Jenkins falls unconscious.

_ “What the hell did you do? Exclaimed Nicole?” – The man was making sure Jenkins was stable
“Nicole, there is no time” – The guard removes himself the helmet, he was Agent Gonzalez
_ “I’ll explain you in the way, come on, I need you to play the prisoner for a sec…”
_ “This is all bullshit. Tell me know or I won’t go anywhere”
_ “Your intelligence department is all scrambled. Spanish intelligence and the CIA reported interceptions all across the globe. Satellite level. Turn off all your devices and abort all missions. Not only they are scrambled, data files are being replaced in locality intelligence servers, and presidents are receiving immediate overridden orders. We are at war. Questions?”
_ “Shit. So the Frequencer, it does in fact work…”
_ “Yes, and you and Matthew are the main suspects for having it… or dealing with it, for two years now”
_ “Crap.”
_ “Does Matt have it?”
_ “No… I mean, I don’t know. The mission was sabotaged too. Someone else wanted it”
_ “Double Crap, then. Ok, we have to go to Prague with Matthew. Come on. Are you in or out?”
_ “I guess we have no option. Hang on, give me your phone, I’ll scramble quickly our chips. You tie Jenkins up, make sure he’s tight. We need to buy all the time we can get.”

[Clever (3) → Using stunt “Comms Scrambling Specialist” to Create Advantage. Success (4)]
[Placing local Aspect ‘Scrambled Tracers’ and ‘Security Chief Jenkins is tied up’]

To be continued…


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