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Unsolved Identities – 2

Following Unsolved Identities – 1 Agent Matthew Robins jumped off the Manes bridge, escaping from thugs that tried to have him killed, as he was waiting for an exchange at midnight. It was damn cold. He manages to arrive to the coastal line, and catch his breath.

Scene 2 – What was that?

[Random Scene → 2 of Diamonds (Easy agile challenge)]

Matthew climbs up the ladders, looking around, he is freezing cold, but his blood is boiling of adrenaline. He steps up on the huge rocks of the northern bridge, approaches a dark alley corner and looks around. Touches his earbud and tries to open a commlink.

_ “Nicole, are you there?”

Does Nicole Answer? → No.
Is there any Police? → Yes, but…

Nicole is not answering. That is a bad sign. The Czech police is there, but scattered across the area, multiple sirens and fast driving cars. Matthew will look for a vehicle nearby and at the same time he will synchronize his earbuds to the police’s frequency, and enable the translator.

[Clever (2) to Sync → Using FATE on ‘Smartass Street Wisdom’ → Success with Cost (2)]
[Careful (2) to Find Vehicle → Success (4)]
[Is it a Car? → No, And]

Matt finds a Motorcycle, he quickly scrambles the cables to turn it on. The streets wouldn’t be viable for cars around here in the old town. The Police seems to have seen a fast moving vehicle in the old town.

_ “Matt, call me on Signal, here’s my new id” a text message from anonymous sender
_ “Nicole, is that you?”
_ “Yes, Matt. The job is jammed. My lines are monitored”
_ “What the hell does that mean?”
_ “I am not sure, you better go MIA. But I am worried about me. Jenkins is waiting for me outside, I am in the bathroom, right now.”
_ “Play along. You haven’t spoken to me. But stay within them, we’ll need intel later.”
_ “Matt, I think the job was jammed from the beginning”.
_ “Will figure it out. I will intercept them, talk to you later.”

Matt pushes the Motorcycle Jawa 500 he borrowed…

Scene 3 – Get them

[Random Scene → Ten of Hearts (Hard Crafty Challenge)]
[Clever (3) → Using FATE Point for Field Agent to trace the convoy → Success (4)]

Matt pushes the motorcycle at max speed, mapping in his head the coordinates the police are giving. They mention things like “Orders coming from high command” and “Scrambled intelligence Operations”. Though they seem to be receiving inconsistent coordinates, Matt remembers on which side of Prague these guys came from, so he discards a few. Eventually, he finds them…

[1,2 → Enemy Car and Motorcycle Together. 3,4 → Just Motorcycle. 5,6 → Just Car. → 1d6=5]
[Is the rider with the briefcase? (Likely) → Yes, but]
[But…? → Involves an Agreement]

Matt engages the chase, though the streets of old town Prague are really tricky, and they really want to avoid the police right now.

[Opposed Quick (1) vs Quick (2) test → Matthew wins]

Matthew takes a shortcut to the sidewalk and jumps with a construction ramp over a fountain, gaining much of the distance from the enemy raider. The rider, taking one of the briefcases with him, looks behind, but was certainly not expecting this. Matt decides to ram him from the side…

[Quick (2) → Uses ‘Sneaky Bastard’. Success (3)]

The driver rolls to his side, and Matthew as well, their motorcycles just clash, but Matt has the upper hand.

[Enemy Rider Quick (2) → Fail (1)]

The enemy agent takes a very bad hit, loses the briefcase on the fly, while Matthew pulls his acrobatics better. He stands up faster and rushes to him, the agent rolls sideways to take cover and try to flee, but Matt jumps over him.

[Opposed Forceful (1) vs Forceful (1) Check → Using JiuJitsu stunt. Success (1 vs 0)]

Matt takes the helmet from the driver while he tackles him with his legs, punches him once… twice. Matt does not lose sight of the briefcase, about 8 meters away.

_ “Talk! Who sent you?”

We want to learn more from this raider, lets oracle a bit…
[Disposition → 2 (Neutral). Demeanor → Condescending. Attitude → Preaching]
[Motivation involves … → Property]

_ “You were too late” says the rider, while splitting blood, recovering from shock. He manages to smile.

Matt looks around for a second

[Is someone coming? → No]

An explosion can be heard from afar. The biker laughs in fulfillment. Matt punches him again in the face.

_ “Talk.”
_ “You might have the Frequencer, but you have lost your allies. You need us to understand it”
_ “Of that we will see. What is it for?”

[The answer involves… → Punishment]
[Does it want to punish High Tier Technology? (Satellites, Comms, Intel) → Yes, And…]
[The answer involves… → Exposure]

_ a Prototype, to reach an unprecedented level of communication technology never seen before… And to overcharge them, expose, relay and overload them as the interceptor wills it.”
_ “So you tried to kill me to get it, and you failed. Who are you working for?”
_ We didn’t fail, this is just the beginning.”

Matt can hear cars approaching and the police, he will take the briefcase and jump into his motorcycle. As he is leaving, he spots a man with a white mask around the corner, looking at him directly. Matt looks at him back, confused, but there is no time now to think. The man in the corner fades in the alley.

To be continued…


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