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Surviving the Odds (Legacy) – 2

Who are we?

I am so sorry, I talked so much about these exciting plans about recovering the Nucleus, or helping Leon spy on his grandfather to see what he is doing with the Machines, but I have not talked about ourselves.

I am Kyle, 16 years old, and seen about 163 full moons so far, if I wrote it down correctly. I am quite thin, pale skin, wearing large boots that don’t get pierced by the typical junk we find around, and dark jeans with a dark brown leather jacket my father gave me. I carry on with me a thick bag, but the heavy tools I usually carry on my lap, so my back doesn’t take that part of the pain.

Ida, she’s beautiful, but she says we’re just friends. Anyway, she’s blond, also thin, a bit more tan than I am. She’s more like the artist, I am more the mechanic kind of guy. She’s 17. Furthermore, she’s wearing super cool loose clothing, and got some mountain hiking shoes. Her bag… good question. I have no idea what she carries on, but for sure some graffiti sprays.

Her brother, Leo. I think he doesn’t like me, or trust me. Can’t tell the difference for sure. He’s like ancient, 23 years old, I think. He’s got curly light-brown hair and blue eyes, and some tattoos. Not only that, but he’s kind of the rebel of their family, always getting in trouble with his father. They fight a lot. It gets bad, real bad sometimes. Leon is great at breaking into stuff, and general power-node control. He understands some of the electronics from the Before, too.

Meeting at the Junkrawler, outside the Enclave of Code

Leon: “Kyle, where’s the backup power node”
Kyle: “Sorry, what?”
Leon: “The power node, the backup one, where is it?”
Kyle: “What backup node…?”
Leon: “Great… just great” (Leon gives a terrible ill look at Ida)
Ida: “What? I gave it to him, I think…”
Leon: “You think? YOU THINK?”
Ida: “Chill down Leon, we have more important things to do right now”
Leon: “Well YES. We have to go to the Dawn of Sorrows, and IDEALLY, just ideally, we have to come back alive. For THAT, the Power Node would help”
Kyle: “Alright, alright, I am sorry. I’m going to find another one, alright?”
Leon: “You bet you are! Charged power nodes don’t grow up on rainwater!”


Last step of the Game Setup Guide: What kind of trouble will we face in the Dawn of Sorrows?
🎲 Opposition, consider that… → 1d20 = 10 → They are aware of you, or are expecting you

We all knew that the raiders outside the conclave would be waiting for us. They can’t wait we get out of the valley. They always wait… The question is where. Outside the enclaves’ region, the junklands are wild. We call them, ‘The Cargo Cultists’, because they are mad, but smart.

The Cargo Cultists

Black-hooded scavengers, that can survive anywhere. They can design extremely dangerous ambushes, and coordinate with each other in distance wildlands. How they organize themselves is unknown to us, and the reason they don’t get in our enclaves? I’ve got the feeling they have too many open flanks already, and they know we aren’t aggressive either. So they focus on the hunt and scavenge operations they run elsewhere.

Yet, one of the biggest reasons they don’t bother the Enclave of Code, is that they hate the Machines, and Ida and Leon’s grandfather has an arrangement with the machines. We theorize that the machines kind of defend the fronts for us. My dad thinks the Machines are taking all the power we could use to power our enclave, and this is the issue between our families.

On our way to the Dawn of Sorrows

WASTELAND SURVIVAL → When you navigate through the wasteland outside of settled lands
🎲 2+Steel 2d6: [4, 4] + 2 = 10
An obstacle or threat is blocking your way
You discover a secret path you can use to take this route without triggering this move

We did this road once. Here there’s a bridge that can avoid us going through the whole junk hill. But there’s a barricade in it.

Kyle: “Hey, the bridge is barricaded, I don’t remember seeing it barricaded”
Ida: “What do we do now?”
Kyle: “I know another path, I found it on a Cultist’s map, but I never traversed it. Supposedly it gets us further south. Leon, if we get past the Satellite Array, that would get us directly to the Dawn of Sorrows, right?”

🎲 Right, Leon??? → 1d20: [3] = 3 – “No, something’s missing”

Leon: “Not exactly, no. If we get past the satellites, we could miss my grandfather. I think he could enter any of the … (🎲 I need a location (Urban) → 1d20: 11 = Laboratories. 🎲 Purpose → 1d20: 17 = Business) … old coin exchange building in the avenues before the satellites”
Kyle: “Well… we have two options, either we clear out this barricade somehow, or we take the secret route from below it, through the long tunnels, and take the exit I’ve got marked down here”

Ida is taking a look at the barricades, she wants to recognize whether they have any logic in their setup, or if it is just an accidental blockade.

🎲 Does it look like a relatively complex barricade? (in character) → 1d20: 1 = “No, in fact”

Ida: “I don’t think we should risk the tunnels… this barricade looks like a mess made up of junk that fell through… we should clear it out instead”
Leon: “Getting out of the car may not be a good idea…”
Kyle: “What if we push the barricade with the Junkrawler?”
Leon: “Forget it”
Ida: “Hey, you said it would be ours if we helped you!”
Leon: “Well, you haven’t finished the helping part yet!”
Kyle: “Guys, we have to decide… now. And that is not a small blockade. It’s a half kilometers long big junk… Hold on, how does your grandfather traverse this?”

🎲 By foot? → 1d20: 14 = Yes

Leon: “He walks his way out, he’s travels for various days until he comes back. I guess he has some sort of ‘immunity'”
Ida: “Or privilege…”
Leon: “…”
Kyle: “Okay, let’s vote. I vote the underground tunnels”
Ida: “I vote clearing the barricade with the Junkrawler, we just need to attach a bulldozer like junk”
Kyle: “Hm… that could work”
Leon: “Ok, but you Ida have to make watch for us, Kyle and I are going to find and attach a bulldozer to the front of the car”
Ida: “Sure”

To be continued…


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