Monday Apr 22, 2024

Surviving the Odds (Legacy) – 0

Hi, I got myself a copy of this gorgeous RPG called Legacy: Life Among the Ruins, 2nd edition. A post-apocalyptic PbtA game, with multiple tones, levels of craziness, and both zoomed-in character gameplay, up to a family-level zoomed-out experience. Let’s see how it goes. I am going to use my recently released Game Unfolding Machine, without any expectations whatsoever about the game.

🎲 Starting location archetype: 1d20: 6 = Research facility, station, lab, magic academy
🎲 What is going on there? 1d20: 3 = Something extremely important or valuable got lost, or stolen
🎲 Grand oracle inspiration: 3d100: [23, 60, 14] = Create Native Building

Age of Pangaea

Earth, if earth at all, is unrecognizable. Or are we elsewhere? No one has time to think about that, anyway. We were too busy, building The Emulator. A super-reactor that absorbs light, to replicate and transport it, in the form of energy-burst waves. We were convinced it was going to work. It was almost there. The math made sense. The Micro-emulators worked, of that I am sure. I remember igniting three light bulbs at the same time. At least for a half an hour, or so.

It’s gone.

A few days ago, I think? We were about to plug it to the Replicators we had been building, and connecting together, during the last 3 years, or so. But, well, it’s gone.

The core of The Emulator, the Nucleus, is gone.

What do you mean it’s gone? How the hell would someone, with access to our family most protected hyperstructure, manage to pull out a Super-charged Nucleus, and get away with it? Beats the hell out of me. The family is devastated anyway. Not only our chance to beat darkness, got stolen, the work of an entire generation was gone. Poof.

As you know me, I say, we can either stay here, and cry, ripping our hairs off. Or I can go out and do something about it. You know what the family said? Stay, and cry. It’s aliens, they say. I don’t really think a bunch of aliens are interested in an old Light Emulator. I mean, if aliens were smart enough, I bet they would have figured out massive light producers already.

The Enclave of Light

At least that’s what my family calls themselves when a bunch of renegades come begging for shelter. That is, after they tried to wipe us all dead. The name, you ask? My father says that despite all darkness, we will never be creatures of dark. The sun is fading out, or is that smog?

Either way, we’ll never be creatures of dark.

By the way, this is how home looks like. I know you are not aliens, and I am not sure how a beautiful city would look like. I don’t have a reference of beauty. But if you ask me, I kind of like it. I wish we gathered enough sheets to cover those holes, though. Even if it rains very seldom, it kind of sucks when it does.

StatsReach 1, Grasp -1, Sleight 1
TraditionPopulace (Close-knit families passing secrets to their children)
LandmarksBefore: A dangerous and unstable power plant
The fall: A redoubt where the miraculous science from Before almost averted the Fall
A threat: A crude tribe of raiders using advanced tech.

The Enclave of Code

I’ve got a friend from there, she’s called Ida, we kind of secretly meet when it rains. It’s kind of our secret. When it rains, everyone is busy, moving stuff around. So we said each time it rains, we’d meet at the Valley of Lights in the evening. Last time we met though, it took so long, that we said we also meet when the moon is visible from now on. It has to be visible enough, though. So, rain, or moon.

We are a team, we call ourselves the Rainmoons, we have graffiti on that too. It’s super cool.

Too bad, our families don’t officially let us talk. My family say the enclave of code are not to be trusted, because they speak to the machines. The enclave of code say that my family is not to be trusted, because we think we can manipulate light. What I think? They just want to do the same thing, but differently. I see them talk to each other, though, from time to time, so it is not that they’re enemies.

Which of you has seen the true power of technology? – The enclave of Code. 2-treaty.

Uplifting Mankind’s Remnants

So long as others heed my family’s advice on a grand project, like The Emulator, they can really bring people together.

Roll with advantage when building a project with my family’s advice

We are settled

Dad says we’re not moving again. I wonder if that will change, now that someone stole our Emulator’s Nucleus?

When we encounter a fragment of pre-Fall culture, you know its cultural significance

We were supposed to thrive

That’s where I think our family thrives, if you ask me: to think we are supposed to thrive, firmly. Our morale is depleted, though. And our defenses? Well, obviously they didn’t work. Otherwise, we’d have light, with the Nucleus.

ResourcesProgress, Leadership
AssetsBattered and half-understood journals from the Before.
WeaponsWeird grenades (area, aberrant)
DefensesHazmat suits (utility, sealed)
TransportRugged PCs (land, transport)
ExpertiseScholars (1 Quality, Researching)
Move #1: Weird ScienceWhen the Family puts together a device powerful enough to shape the local area for generations…
Move #2: Deep KnowledgeThe Family has a well-curated and extensive store of records on a field: Grand Architecture, from Surface to Stars.
Alliance MoveWhen spending time and effort showing another group how to use their technology better: 1-Treaty on them

Me? My name is Kyle. I am a Scavenger

I can’t wait to get out of here. Meeting Ida out in the Valley of Lights is one of my best hobbies. Aside from finding shiny stuff and bringing it to the Family.

🎲 Grand Oracle → 3d100: [84, 24, 63] = Retain Developed Operation

There’s this time, a few weeks ago, before we lost the Nucleus; I found what we call a Super-Node-Orchestrator, or SNO. In total, we found three since I was born. These are small, hand-held devices that can be linked to a Power Node of the Before, and they can automatically re-balance the energy across passing through all their transistors. We could never test it, unfortunately. We don’t have energy to waste. So I secretly took it from home, and showed it to Ida. We plugged it to one of Ida’s family toys, a Thrifter. It blew up. But the best part is, it emanated 12 different tones of pink electricity, and it kind of melted the graffiti we have on the wall. Now our Moonrain graffiti is super-charged! How cool is that? I think the paint we used was carbon-based, we learned that recently.

StatsForce -1, Lore +1, Steel +2 (+1 from Inheritance), Sway 0
LooksGuilty eyes, lithe body
RebelSomeone convinces you that your Family is hoarding resources. Who to alleviate?
Move #1: Architectural EyeWhen taking some time to plan out the exploration of a ruin, roll +Steel.
Move #2 Inheritance – EducatedThe first time you advise someone based on your knowledge of the Before, they gain a fleeting advantage acting on your words.

Now we have only two SNOs left now, though.

To be continued…


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